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Bidar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Bidar district, Karnataka
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahmadabad B.OBidar585413
Aliember B.OBidar585402
Alura B.OBidar585414
Alwai B.OBidar585416
Ambesangvi B.OBidar585328
Amlapur B.OBidar585403
Andur B.OBidar585402
Astoor B.OBidar585403
Attarga B.OBidar585416
Aurad (B) S.OBidar585326
Aurad (S) B.OBidar585226
Badalgaon B.OBidar585326
Bagdal B.OBidar585226
Bakchowdi B.OBidar585402
Balat (K) B.OBidar585436
Balur B.OBidar585413
Banhalli B.OBidar585412
Baroor B.OBidar585403
Basavakalyan Bazar S.OBidar585327
Basavakalyan Eng College B.OBidar585327
Basavakalyan S.OBidar585327
Bawalgaon B.OBidar585326
Bawgi B.OBidar585226
Bedkunda B.OBidar585436
Beeri (B) B.OBidar585328
Beeri (K) B.OBidar585328
Belkhera B.OBidar585412
Belkoni (M) B.OBidar585443
Belkoni B.OBidar585436
Belura B.OBidar585327
Bemalkhed B.OBidar585227
Bembalgi B.OBidar585227
Benchincholli B.OBidar585414
Bet Balkunda B.OBidar585327
Betgera B.OBidar585419
Bhairnalli B.OBidar585226
Bhalki S.OBidar585328
Bhalki Town B.OBidar585328
Bhandarkumta B.OBidar585326
Bhatambra S.OBidar585411
Bhatasangvi B.OBidar585411
Bhosga B.OBidar585419
Bidar G.N.Jhira S.OBidar585402
Bidar Gandhi Gunj S.OBidar585403
Bidar H.OBidar585401
Bidar Osman Gunj S.OBidar585401
Bidar Shah Gunj S.OBidar585401
Bolegaon B.OBidar585416
Bonthi B.OBidar585326
Budhera B.OBidar585226
Byalhalli B.OBidar585415
C B College S.OBidar585328
Chalakapur B.OBidar585414
Chambol B.OBidar585402
Chandakapur B.OBidar585419
Chandanhalli B.OBidar585418
Chandapur B.OBidar585413
Chandeshwar B.OBidar585417
Chandori B.OBidar585443
Changler B.OBidar585227
Chatnalli B.OBidar585226
Chidri B.OBidar585403
Chikli (J) B.OBidar585421
Chikli (U) B.OBidar585326
Chiknagaon B.OBidar585437
Chillargi B.OBidar585403
Chimegaon B.OBidar585443
Chimkod B.OBidar585402
Chintaki B.OBidar585326
Chintalgera B.OBidar585403
Chitguppa S.OBidar585412
Chitta (K) B.OBidar585419
Chitta B.OBidar585403
Chordapka B.OBidar585326
Dadgi B.OBidar585328
Dakulgi B.OBidar585415
Dawargaon B.OBidar585328
Dhannura (H) B.OBidar585413
Dhannura (R) B.OBidar585330
Dhannura(K) B.OBidar585327
Dhumansur B.OBidar585353
Dhupat Mahagaon B.OBidar585421
Diggi B.OBidar585417
Dongam (M) B.OBidar585417
Dongapur B.OBidar585328
Dubalgundi S.OBidar585418
Ekamba B.OBidar585419
Ekamba B.OBidar585326
Eklera B.OBidar585326
Gadgi B.OBidar585402
Gadlegaon B.OBidar585437
Gadwanti B.OBidar585353
Ghatboral B.OBidar585418
Ghodwadi B.OBidar585418
Ghotala B.OBidar585419
Goonalli B.OBidar585403
Gorchincholli B.OBidar585411
Gorta (B) B.OBidar585327
Goundgaon B.OBidar585416
Gour B.OBidar585327
Gundoor B.OBidar585419
Hajnal B.OBidar585413
Haladkeri B.OBidar585403
Halbarga S.OBidar585413
Halhalli (K) B.OBidar585415
Halhalli B.OBidar585436
Halli B.OBidar585419
Hallikhed (B) S.OBidar585414
Hallikhed (K) B.OBidar585330
Hallikhed SF S.OBidar585415
Halsi (L) B.OBidar585411
Halsi Tugaon B.OBidar585416
Handikera B.OBidar585418
Hangarga(B) B.OBidar585326
Hankuni B.OBidar585330
Harkud B.OBidar585437
Hattarga B.OBidar585419
Hedgapur B.OBidar585436
Hippalgaon(A) B.OBidar585436
Hipparga Bagh B.OBidar585437
Hipparga Ghat B.OBidar585437
Hirenagaon B.OBidar585437
Hokarana B.OBidar585326
Hokrana (K) B.OBidar585403
Holsamunder B.OBidar585417
Honalli B.OBidar585419
Hoodgi S.OBidar585329
Horandi B.OBidar585417
Hulsoor Khed B.OBidar585417
Hulsoor S.OBidar585416
Humnabad Bazar S.OBidar585330
Humnabad Industrial Area B.OBidar585330
Humnabad S.OBidar585330
Hunsgera B.OBidar585353
Hunsnal B.OBidar585418
Hupla B.OBidar585413
IAF Stn S.OBidar585401
Islampur B.OBidar585331
Itga B.OBidar585412
Jaigaon B.OBidar585328
Jajanmugali B.OBidar585419
Jalsangi B.OBidar585418
Jamgi B.OBidar585421
Jamkhandi B.OBidar585416
Janthi B.OBidar585413
Janwada B.OBidar585402
Jojana B.OBidar585421
Joldapka B.OBidar585413
K.H.B. Colony Bidar B.OBidar585402
Kadepur B.OBidar585327
Kadwad B.OBidar585226
Kalgapur B.OBidar585417
Kalkhora B.OBidar585437
Kallur B.OBidar585330
Kalsar Tugaon B.OBidar585411
Kamalnagar S.OBidar585417
Kamthana S.OBidar585226
Kanji B.OBidar585413
Kankatta B.OBidar585353
Kaplapur (A) B.OBidar585402
Kappargaon B.OBidar585329
Karaknalli B.OBidar585227
Kardyal B.OBidar585413
Karkyal B.OBidar585443
Kawadgaon B.OBidar585421
Kesar Jawalga B.OBidar585416
Khanapur (K) B.OBidar585327
Khasampur B.OBidar585226
Khatak Chincholli B.OBidar585328
Khatgaon B.OBidar585417
Kherda (A) B.OBidar585326
Kherda B.OBidar585437
Kinni B.OBidar585437
Kitta B.OBidar585327
Kodambal B.OBidar585412
Kohinoor B.OBidar585419
Kolhar (K) B.OBidar585402
Kollur (A) B.OBidar585326
Kon Melkunda B.OBidar585413
Korekal B.OBidar585443
Kosam B.OBidar585413
Kotgyal B.OBidar585417
Koutha (B) B.OBidar585421
Kumar Chincholli B.OBidar585418
Kurubkhelagi B.OBidar585328
Kushnoor Gadi B.OBidar585421
Ladha (A) B.OBidar585421
Ladha (B) B.OBidar585411
Ladwanti B.OBidar585419
Lakhangaon B.OBidar585411
Madargaon B.OBidar585329
Madargi B.OBidar585227
Madkatti B.OBidar585411
Madnoor B.OBidar585417
Mailoor B.OBidar585403
Maisalga B.OBidar585437
Malchapur B.OBidar585413
Malegaon B.OBidar585403
Malkapur B.OBidar585403
Mandaknalli B.OBidar585226
Mangalgi B.OBidar585329
Mangalpeth S.OBidar585401
Manhalli B.OBidar585403
Maniknagar S.OBidar585353
Mannakhelli S.OBidar585227
Markhal B.OBidar585414
Markhal B.OBidar585402
Markunda B.OBidar585227
Maroor B.OBidar585413
Masimadu B.OBidar585414
Maskal B.OBidar585436
Matala S.OBidar585419
Medpalli B.OBidar585421
Meenkera B.OBidar585227
Mehkar B.OBidar585416
Methi Melkunda B.OBidar585411
Mirkhal B.OBidar585416
Mohmadapur B.OBidar585326
Morambi B.OBidar585328
Morkhandi B.OBidar585327
Muchlam B.OBidar585327
Mudbi S.OBidar585437
Mudhol (B) S.OBidar585443
Mugnal B.OBidar585326
Mugnoor B.OBidar585418
Murki B.OBidar585417
Mustari B.OBidar585412
Muttangi B.OBidar585227
Nagankhera B.OBidar585329
Nagmarpalli B.OBidar585326
Nagora B.OBidar585403
Nandgaon B.OBidar585329
Nandi Bijalgaon B.OBidar585326
Narayanpur B.OBidar585327
Naubad B.OBidar585402
Nidoda B.OBidar585436
Nirgudi B.OBidar585331
Nirna B.OBidar585227
Nittur B.OBidar585413
Othagi B.OBidar585418
Pandargera B.OBidar585331
Partapur B.OBidar585327
Raipalli B.OBidar585326
Rajeshwar S.OBidar585331
Rajgira B.OBidar585403
Rajnal B.OBidar585402
Rajola B.OBidar585331
Ranjol Kheni B.OBidar585329
Rekulgi B.OBidar585227
Rola B.OBidar585331
Rudnoor B.OBidar585413
Saigaon B.OBidar585416
Sangam B.OBidar585417
Sangolgi B.OBidar585226
Santhpur S.OBidar585421
Sastapur B.OBidar585327
Sawali B.OBidar585417
Sawargaon B.OBidar585326
Secundrapur B.OBidar585402
Sedol B.OBidar585353
Shembelli B.OBidar585421
Shivani B.OBidar585411
Siddeshwar B.OBidar585413
Siddharudh Math Area S.OBidar585403
Sinbandgi B.OBidar585415
Sindankera B.OBidar585330
Sindol B.OBidar585403
Sirkatnalli B.OBidar585329
Sirsi (A) B.OBidar585226
Sitalgera B.OBidar585329
Sonala B.OBidar585417
Srimandal B.OBidar585402
Sultanbad B.OBidar585418
Sundal B.OBidar585326
Surhalli B.OBidar585421
Tadola B.OBidar585331
Tadpalli B.OBidar585403
Talmadgi B.OBidar585329
Talwada (K) B.OBidar585413
Talwada (M) B.OBidar585328
Telgaon B.OBidar585328
Thanna Kushnoor S.OBidar585436
Toglur B.OBidar585327
Torna B.OBidar585443
Tugaon (C) Katti B.OBidar585415
Udamnalli B.OBidar585227
Udbal B.OBidar585412
Ujani B.OBidar585421
Ujlam B.OBidar585419
Veterinary Univ. Campus B.OBidar585226
Wadgaon (D) B.OBidar585421
Walkhindi B.OBidar585412
Wanjarkhed B.OBidar585416
Warwatti (B) B.OBidar585328
Yakatpur B.OBidar585403
Yedlapur B.OBidar585226
Yeklera B.OBidar585437
Yelladgundi B.OBidar585419
Yengunda B.OBidar585326
Yenkura B.OBidar585328
Yerandi B.OBidar585437
Yerbagh B.OBidar585331
Yernalli B.OBidar585402

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