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West Midnapore Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under West Midnapore district, West Bengal
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abash B.OWest Midnapore721102
Adasimla B.OWest Midnapore721467
Agar B.OWest Midnapore721222
Agra B.OWest Midnapore721121
Aguibil B.OWest Midnapore721501
Aguiboni B.OWest Midnapore721507
Ajodhya Nagar B.OWest Midnapore721150
Akalpoush B.OWest Midnapore721156
Akan Nischintapur B.OWest Midnapore721507
Akanda B.OWest Midnapore721424
Akchara B.OWest Midnapore721253
Aknageria B.OWest Midnapore721140
Akpura B.OWest Midnapore721457
Alampur B.OWest Midnapore721506
Amjore B.OWest Midnapore721157
Amlagora S.OWest Midnapore721121
Amlasuli B.OWest Midnapore721157
Amlatora B.OWest Midnapore721505
Amrakuchi B.OWest Midnapore721150
Amritpur B.OWest Midnapore721150
Amsole B.OWest Midnapore721201
Amuria B.OWest Midnapore721260
Anandapur S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721122
Andhari B.OWest Midnapore721143
Andhari Maubhandar B.OWest Midnapore721143
Andharia B.OWest Midnapore721507
Andharia Bandri Sole B.OWest Midnapore721128
Andharnayan B.OWest Midnapore721201
Andulia B.OWest Midnapore721144
Angua B.OWest Midnapore721426
Anikola B.OWest Midnapore721457
Antala B.OWest Midnapore721124
Arit B.OWest Midnapore721148
Arjuni B.OWest Midnapore721126
Asanboni B.OWest Midnapore721506
Asda B.OWest Midnapore721445
Ashakanthi B.OWest Midnapore721515
Asui B.OWest Midnapore721506
Athangi B.OWest Midnapore721506
Attrakhi B.OWest Midnapore721149
Babla B.OWest Midnapore721445
Bachhurkhoyar B.OWest Midnapore721143
Badalpur B.OWest Midnapore721166
Baghasti B.OWest Midnapore721133
Baghuasole B.OWest Midnapore721517
Bagnabarh B.OWest Midnapore721155
Bagri Krishnanagar S.OWest Midnapore721123
Baharadari B.OWest Midnapore721143
Bahurupa B.OWest Midnapore721437
Baichakuria B.OWest Midnapore721503
Bakhrabad B.OWest Midnapore721424
Bakra B.OWest Midnapore721506
Bakrachak B.OWest Midnapore721135
Bakurpada B.OWest Midnapore721451
Bala B.OWest Midnapore721201
Balakrouth B.OWest Midnapore721641
Balarampur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Balidanga B.OWest Midnapore721212
Balidiha B.OWest Midnapore721507
Baligeria S.OWest Midnapore721125
Balipal B.OWest Midnapore721507
Ballichak S.OWest Midnapore721124
Balpai B.OWest Midnapore721155
Bamal B.OWest Midnapore721516
Bamanda B.OWest Midnapore721426
Bamundiha B.OWest Midnapore721501
Bandar B.OWest Midnapore721212
Bandgora B.OWest Midnapore721507
Bandhuchak B.OWest Midnapore721443
Bandipur B.OWest Midnapore721260
Banisole B.OWest Midnapore721125
Banjhatia B.OWest Midnapore721426
Banka B.OWest Midnapore721201
Banpatna B.OWest Midnapore721301
Banpukuria B.OWest Midnapore721121
Bansda Palashi B.OWest Midnapore721160
Banskuthi B.OWest Midnapore721125
Banspahari B.OWest Midnapore721501
Barachara B.OWest Midnapore721467
Barachu B.OWest Midnapore721301
Barageria B.OWest Midnapore721140
Barakalankai B.OWest Midnapore721437
Baranegui B.OWest Midnapore721125
Barangi B.OWest Midnapore721457
Barateghari B.OWest Midnapore721122
Barati B.OWest Midnapore721136
Barbasi B.OWest Midnapore721149
Bargokulpur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Barhgobinda B.OWest Midnapore721211
Barjagu B.OWest Midnapore721144
Barkand Ramchandrapur B.OWest Midnapore721507
Barkola B.OWest Midnapore721301
Barpara B.OWest Midnapore721253
Barsahara B.OWest Midnapore721144
Basanda B.OWest Midnapore721506
Basuli Bazar B.OWest Midnapore721425
Bayenda B.OWest Midnapore721425
Begunia B.OWest Midnapore721436
Belatikri B.OWest Midnapore721516
Belda S.OWest Midnapore721424
Belia Bhutkahalia B.OWest Midnapore721517
Beliabera B.OWest Midnapore721517
Belmula B.OWest Midnapore721426
Belpahari S.OWest Midnapore721501
Beluria B.OWest Midnapore721155
Belyamaharajpur B.OWest Midnapore721260
Benachapra B.OWest Midnapore721201
Benadiha B.OWest Midnapore721133
Benai B.OWest Midnapore721212
Benapur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Benasuli B.OWest Midnapore721505
Betjharia B.OWest Midnapore721121
Beuncha B.OWest Midnapore721129
Bhadrakali B.OWest Midnapore721437
Bhadutala B.OWest Midnapore721129
Bhagabantapur B.OWest Midnapore721201
Bhaghadari B.OWest Midnapore721425
Bhagirathpur B.OWest Midnapore721136
Bhandaru B.OWest Midnapore721507
Bhangabandh B.OWest Midnapore721211
Bhangabandh B.OWest Midnapore721515
Bharatpur B.OWest Midnapore721156
Bhasra B.OWest Midnapore721133
Bhaturkadamdiha B.OWest Midnapore721507
Bhelaidiha B.OWest Midnapore721515
Bhemua B.OWest Midnapore721155
Bhila B.OWest Midnapore721506
Bhimpur B.OWest Midnapore721516
Bhoudi B.OWest Midnapore721147
Bhulaveda B.OWest Midnapore721501
Bhuta B.OWest Midnapore721211
Bikrampur B.OWest Midnapore721136
Binandapur B.OWest Midnapore721135
Binpur S.OWest Midnapore721502
Birbira B.OWest Midnapore721437
Birihandi B.OWest Midnapore721507
Birsingha S.OWest Midnapore721256
Bishnupur Bazar B.OWest Midnapore721144
Biswanathpur Patna B.OWest Midnapore721156
Bodhna B.OWest Midnapore721507
Boicha B.OWest Midnapore721301
Bonai B.OWest Midnapore721467
Bonpura B.OWest Midnapore721143
Borah B.OWest Midnapore721133
Borai B.OWest Midnapore721457
Borsole B.OWest Midnapore721501
Boulasini B.OWest Midnapore721156
Boxibazar S.OWest Midnapore721101
Brahamankhalisa B.OWest Midnapore721443
Brahmanbasan B.OWest Midnapore721211
Brahmansasan B.OWest Midnapore721124
Brindaban Chak B.OWest Midnapore721641
Bulanpur B.OWest Midnapore721128
Buriapat B.OWest Midnapore721260
Burimole B.OWest Midnapore721513
Chabukiauttarbarh B.OWest Midnapore721144
Chaipat B.OWest Midnapore721148
Chak Islampur B.OWest Midnapore721457
Chakadoba B.OWest Midnapore721501
Chakbajit B.OWest Midnapore721136
Chakla B.OWest Midnapore721133
Chaklachipur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Chaklahana B.OWest Midnapore721126
Chakmahima B.OWest Midnapore721424
Chakmakrampur B.OWest Midnapore721149
Chaknarsing B.OWest Midnapore721126
Chakpurusottampur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Chakshyampur B.OWest Midnapore721124
Chamarbandh B.OWest Midnapore721506
Chandabila B.OWest Midnapore721125
Chandeabila Khudiasole B.OWest Midnapore721127
Chandkuti-batikati B.OWest Midnapore721467
Chandra B.OWest Midnapore721102
Chandrakona S.OWest Midnapore721201
Chandri B.OWest Midnapore721507
Chandur B.OWest Midnapore721260
Changual B.OWest Midnapore721301
Charakpahari B.OWest Midnapore721501
Charchita B.OWest Midnapore721506
Charkabani B.OWest Midnapore721513
Chaulia B.OWest Midnapore721426
Chaulkuri B.OWest Midnapore721144
Chechua Gobinda Nagar B.OWest Midnapore721146
Chetua Makrampur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Chetua Rajnagar B.OWest Midnapore721211
Chhatinasole B.OWest Midnapore721506
Chhatorkole B.OWest Midnapore721467
Chhatraganj B.OWest Midnapore721201
Chhorda B.OWest Midnapore721135
Chhota Bhagabanpur B.OWest Midnapore721126
Chhoto-chatla B.OWest Midnapore721424
Chhotonakdona B.OWest Midnapore721157
Chhotosukjora B.OWest Midnapore721515
Chichra B.OWest Midnapore721507
Chilkigarh S.OWest Midnapore721503
Chilkipada B.OWest Midnapore721125
Chingurkasa B.OWest Midnapore721513
Chowka B.OWest Midnapore721232
Chunpara B.OWest Midnapore721135
Dadpur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Dahijuri S.OWest Midnapore721504
Dandipur B.OWest Midnapore721222
Dangalsa B.OWest Midnapore721131
Dantan S.OWest Midnapore721426
Darra B.OWest Midnapore721124
Dasagram S.OWest Midnapore721467
Daspur S.OWest Midnapore721211
Debagram B.OWest Midnapore721128
Debra Bazar S.OWest Midnapore721126
Demouli B.OWest Midnapore721145
Deopur Amdan B.OWest Midnapore721242
Deulinekurseni B.OWest Midnapore721451
Dhadangri B.OWest Midnapore721517
Dhadika B.OWest Midnapore721127
Dhalbelun B.OWest Midnapore721424
Dhamcha B.OWest Midnapore721121
Dhamsai B.OWest Midnapore721144
Dhamsole B.OWest Midnapore721506
Dhamtore B.OWest Midnapore721126
Dhaneswarpur B.OWest Midnapore721166
Dhangarpara B.OWest Midnapore721424
Dhanyagachi B.OWest Midnapore721201
Dharampur B.OWest Midnapore721516
Dharampur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Dharenda B.OWest Midnapore721304
Dharsa B.OWest Midnapore721505
Dhekia S.OWest Midnapore721304
Dheko B.OWest Midnapore721507
Dherua B.OWest Midnapore721102
Dhuipada B.OWest Midnapore721457
Dhumsai B.OWest Midnapore721125
Dhuniapara B.OWest Midnapore721513
Dhyamkuria B.OWest Midnapore721201
Dianpur B.OWest Midnapore721242
Diasi B.OWest Midnapore721515
Dihiramnagar B.OWest Midnapore721212
Dingal B.OWest Midnapore721160
Dingal Kamargeria B.OWest Midnapore721232
Dirghagram B.OWest Midnapore721212
Dobaria B.OWest Midnapore721457
Dobati B.OWest Midnapore721121
Dokra B.OWest Midnapore721125
Dolgram B.OWest Midnapore721125
Doriayodhya B.OWest Midnapore721212
Duan B.OWest Midnapore721160
Dubra B.OWest Midnapore721505
Dudhkumrahat S.OWest Midnapore721663
Dudhkundi B.OWest Midnapore721513
Duki B.OWest Midnapore721253
Dumandari B.OWest Midnapore721425
Dumuria B.OWest Midnapore721505
Dumuria Sirisboni B.OWest Midnapore721135
Duria B.OWest Midnapore721467
Duria Radhaballav B.OWest Midnapore721122
Dwarigeria B.OWest Midnapore721253
Ekarukhi B.OWest Midnapore721445
Ellaboni B.OWest Midnapore721102
Ergoda B.OWest Midnapore721505
Eriamara B.OWest Midnapore721157
Fatechak B.OWest Midnapore721144
Fatepur B.OWest Midnapore721146
Fatesingpur B.OWest Midnapore721121
Fulberia B.OWest Midnapore721127
Fulgeria B.OWest Midnapore721437
Gaganeswar B.OWest Midnapore721133
Gaita B.OWest Midnapore721424
Gajasimul B.OWest Midnapore721513
Ganasarisa B.OWest Midnapore721133
Garh Haripur B.OWest Midnapore721443
Garh Radhanagar B.OWest Midnapore721445
Garh Salboni S.OWest Midnapore721518
Garh-monoharpur B.OWest Midnapore721451
Garhbeta S.OWest Midnapore721127
Garhsenapatya B.OWest Midnapore721260
Gazipur B.OWest Midnapore721426
Ghatal Bazar S.OWest Midnapore721212
Ghatal S.OWest Midnapore721212
Ghatiara B.OWest Midnapore721506
Ghatmura B.OWest Midnapore721201
Ghoradaha B.OWest Midnapore721212
Ghoshdiha B.OWest Midnapore721156
Ghoshpur B.OWest Midnapore721150
Ghutia B.OWest Midnapore721507
Gidni S.OWest Midnapore721505
Goaltore S.OWest Midnapore721128
Gobardhanpur B.OWest Midnapore721131
Gochhati B.OWest Midnapore721148
Godapeasal S.OWest Midnapore721129
Gohaldanga B.OWest Midnapore721232
Gohaldihi B.OWest Midnapore721129
Golar B.OWest Midnapore721260
Gole Bazar S.OWest Midnapore721301
Golegram B.OWest Midnapore721136
Gomunda S.OWest Midnapore721457
Gopalsole B.OWest Midnapore721127
Gopi Ballavpur S.OWest Midnapore721506
Gopmahal B.OWest Midnapore721212
Goura B.OWest Midnapore721146
Guiadaha S.OWest Midnapore721258
Gurguripal B.OWest Midnapore721102
Gurmabhamal B.OWest Midnapore721517
Guruganj B.OWest Midnapore721124
Habibpur S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721101
Handlarajgarh B.OWest Midnapore721437
Harda B.OWest Midnapore721507
Harekrishnapur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Hariatara B.OWest Midnapore721304
Hariharpur B.OWest Midnapore721136
Harinagar B.OWest Midnapore721232
Harinarayanpur Dharampur B.OWest Midnapore721507
Harirajpur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Harirampur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Harishpur B.OWest Midnapore721305
Hatsarberia B.OWest Midnapore721146
Hatsultanpur B.OWest Midnapore721149
Hematpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Hijli Co-operative B.OWest Midnapore721306
Hijli S.OWest Midnapore721306
Hiradharpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Hiradihi B.OWest Midnapore721301
Hodal Srirampur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Hoomgarh S.OWest Midnapore721157
Hour S.OWest Midnapore721131
Ibarpanda B.OWest Midnapore721437
Inda S.OWest Midnapore721305
Irpala B.OWest Midnapore721222
Jagardanga B.OWest Midnapore721121
Jagul B.OWest Midnapore721149
Jahalda S.OWest Midnapore721443
Jahanpur B.OWest Midnapore721517
Jakpur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Jalchak S.OWest Midnapore721155
Jamda S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721507
Jamirapalgarh S.OWest Midnapore721460
Jamna B.OWest Midnapore721140
Jamsole B.OWest Midnapore721133
Janaghati B.OWest Midnapore721506
Janardanpur B.OWest Midnapore721149
Jara B.OWest Midnapore721232
Jashorajpur B.OWest Midnapore721160
Jashpur B.OWest Midnapore721504
Jatrabishnupur B.OWest Midnapore721147
Jayantinarayanchak B.OWest Midnapore721150
Jayantipur B.OWest Midnapore721201
Jaynagar B.OWest Midnapore721212
Jenkapur B.OWest Midnapore721435
Jhakra S.OWest Midnapore721254
Jhalka B.OWest Midnapore721150
Jhanjia B.OWest Midnapore721124
Jhanjianankar B.OWest Midnapore721437
Jhantibandh B.OWest Midnapore721513
Jhargram H.OWest Midnapore721507
Jharia B.OWest Midnapore721159
Jhariabandhgora B.OWest Midnapore721517
Jhentla B.OWest Midnapore721150
Jhikuria B.OWest Midnapore721156
Jirapara B.OWest Midnapore721121
Jorakhali B.OWest Midnapore721507
Jorananda B.OWest Midnapore721507
Jotebani B.OWest Midnapore721211
Joteghanashyam S.OWest Midnapore721153
Jotekanuram Garh B.OWest Midnapore721212
Joypur B.OWest Midnapore721513
Jugdiha B.OWest Midnapore721507
June Belda B.OWest Midnapore721133
Kadodiha B.OWest Midnapore721505
Kadra B.OWest Midnapore721253
Kaijuri B.OWest Midnapore721212
Kaima B.OWest Midnapore721517
Kakrajit B.OWest Midnapore721426
Kalagram B.OWest Midnapore721150
Kalaikunda A F S.OWest Midnapore721303
Kalaimuri B.OWest Midnapore721516
Kalakari B.OWest Midnapore721201
Kalara B.OWest Midnapore721146
Kalasbarh B.OWest Midnapore721467
Kalidan B.OWest Midnapore721131
Kalikadihi B.OWest Midnapore721124
Kalikageria B.OWest Midnapore721136
Kalinja B.OWest Midnapore721517
Kalla B.OWest Midnapore721201
Kalmapukhuria B.OWest Midnapore721159
Kalmijore B.OWest Midnapore721211
Kamalpur Sriramnagar B.OWest Midnapore721212
Kamargeria B.OWest Midnapore721122
Kanasole B.OWest Midnapore721122
Kanikha B.OWest Midnapore721149
Kanimohuli B.OWest Midnapore721507
Kankabati B.OWest Midnapore721232
Kankra Atmaram B.OWest Midnapore721136
Kankrajhore B.OWest Midnapore721501
Kanpur B.OWest Midnapore721424
Kanpursalbani B.OWest Midnapore721517
Kantachowki B.OWest Midnapore721140
Kantadaraja B.OWest Midnapore721232
Kantapahari B.OWest Midnapore721121
Kanthalia B.OWest Midnapore721437
Kantore B.OWest Midnapore721157
Kapasda B.OWest Midnapore721144
Kapgari B.OWest Midnapore721505
Karkai B.OWest Midnapore721140
Karnagarh B.OWest Midnapore721129
Kashijora B.OWest Midnapore721129
Kashimpur B.OWest Midnapore721451
Kashinathpur B.OWest Midnapore721641
Kashipur B.OWest Midnapore721424
Kendugari B.OWest Midnapore721506
Keoshi B.OWest Midnapore721126
Kerur B.OWest Midnapore721155
Keshabchak B.OWest Midnapore721212
Keshadal B.OWest Midnapore721201
Keshia B.OWest Midnapore721157
Keshiapada B.OWest Midnapore721135
Keshiary S.OWest Midnapore721133
Keshpur S.OWest Midnapore721150
Keshrambha B.OWest Midnapore721451
Keut Khalisa B.OWest Midnapore721443
Khagrageria B.OWest Midnapore721144
Khakurda S.OWest Midnapore721445
Khalakpur B.OWest Midnapore721260
Khalina B.OWest Midnapore721424
Khalseuli B.OWest Midnapore721513
Khamarbarh B.OWest Midnapore721253
Khanjapur B.OWest Midnapore721212
Khanyadihi B.OWest Midnapore721641
Kharagpur New Settlement S.OWest Midnapore721301
Kharagpur S.OWest Midnapore721301
Kharagpur Technology S.OWest Midnapore721302
Kharagpur Work Shop S.OWest Midnapore721301
Kharar S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721222
Kharbandi B.OWest Midnapore721507
Kharigeria B.OWest Midnapore721260
Kharika B.OWest Midnapore721144
Kharikamathani S.OWest Midnapore721159
Kharikasuli B.OWest Midnapore721516
Kharkusma S.OWest Midnapore721165
Khasbarh B.OWest Midnapore721212
Khatkhura B.OWest Midnapore721505
Khatnagar B.OWest Midnapore721451
Khatranga B.OWest Midnapore721301
Khelna B.OWest Midnapore721166
Khemasuli B.OWest Midnapore721513
Kheput S.OWest Midnapore721148
Khirai B.OWest Midnapore721140
Khirati B.OWest Midnapore721201
Khirpai S.OWest Midnapore721232
Khukurdaha S.OWest Midnapore721641
Khunkhunia B.OWest Midnapore721166
Khurshi B.OWest Midnapore721437
Kiaboni B.OWest Midnapore721253
Kiageria B.OWest Midnapore721201
Kiamacha B.OWest Midnapore721253
Kismat Angua B.OWest Midnapore721150
Kismat Dhangori B.OWest Midnapore721507
Kismatjamboni B.OWest Midnapore721503
Kodapura B.OWest Midnapore721501
Kolanda B.OWest Midnapore721467
Konarpur B.OWest Midnapore721437
Kongarer Ayma B.OWest Midnapore721122
Korasia B.OWest Midnapore721201
Korkora B.OWest Midnapore721507
Kortia B.OWest Midnapore721506
Kotai B.OWest Midnapore721122
Kotaigarh B.OWest Midnapore721437
Kotepada B.OWest Midnapore721426
Krishnanagar B.OWest Midnapore721149
Krishnapriya B.OWest Midnapore721140
Krishnapur B.OWest Midnapore721127
Kuanpur B.OWest Midnapore721201
Kukai B.OWest Midnapore721133
Kukrakhupi B.OWest Midnapore721517
Kuldiha B.OWest Midnapore721125
Kuliara B.OWest Midnapore721149
Kultikri S.OWest Midnapore721135
Kumarda B.OWest Midnapore721457
Kundalpal B.OWest Midnapore721140
Kuran B.OWest Midnapore721222
Kushbasan B.OWest Midnapore721445
Kushgeria B.OWest Midnapore721133
Kuthikonarpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Kutki B.OWest Midnapore721451
Lachipur B.OWest Midnapore721121
Lakhibari B.OWest Midnapore721155
Lakhichak B.OWest Midnapore721301
Lakshmanpur B.OWest Midnapore721222
Lalat B.OWest Midnapore721443
Lalgarh S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721516
Lalitapur B.OWest Midnapore721426
Lalnagar B.OWest Midnapore721424
Laudaha B.OWest Midnapore721135
Laudangri B.OWest Midnapore721445
Laupara B.OWest Midnapore721517
Laxmipur B.OWest Midnapore721242
Lengamara B.OWest Midnapore721133
Lodhasuli B.OWest Midnapore721507
Lohabaranchak B.OWest Midnapore721437
Lokepith Bishnupur B.OWest Midnapore721144
Lowada S.OWest Midnapore721136
Lurka B.OWest Midnapore721507
Lutunia S.OWest Midnapore721166
Madanmohanchak B.OWest Midnapore721166
Madhupur B.OWest Midnapore721516
Madpur S.OWest Midnapore721149
Magra B.OWest Midnapore721156
Maguria B.OWest Midnapore721153
Maharajpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Mahatabnagar B.OWest Midnapore721149
Mahatapur B.OWest Midnapore721516
Mahespur Murakata B.OWest Midnapore721201
Mahim Nischinda B.OWest Midnapore721513
Mahisda B.OWest Midnapore721150
Mahulboni B.OWest Midnapore721506
Makli B.OWest Midnapore721121
Makrampurbazar B.OWest Midnapore721437
Malbandi B.OWest Midnapore721127
Maligram B.OWest Midnapore721140
Malincha B.OWest Midnapore721517
Maljamuna B.OWest Midnapore721451
Mangalbandhi B.OWest Midnapore721253
Manglapur B.OWest Midnapore721121
Mangrul B.OWest Midnapore721232
Manikpara S.OWest Midnapore721513
Manoharpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Mansuka B.OWest Midnapore721212
Marhmaheshpur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Marhtala S.OWest Midnapore721156
Markanda B.OWest Midnapore721133
Mataldanga B.OWest Midnapore721102
Math Bishnupur B.OWest Midnapore721136
Mathurakati S.OWest Midnapore721301
Matibaruan B.OWest Midnapore721457
Matkatpur B.OWest Midnapore721305
Mayta B.OWest Midnapore721121
Menkapur S.OWest Midnapore721435
Midnapore Collectorate S.OWest Midnapore721101
Midnapore Court S.OWest Midnapore721101
Midnapore DSB S.OWest Midnapore721101
Midnapore H.OWest Midnapore721101
Midnapore Police Line S.OWest Midnapore721101
Midnapore Sitala S.OWest Midnapore721101
Mirzapur Belda B.OWest Midnapore721445
Mohanpur Market S.OWest Midnapore721436
Mohanpur S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721436
Mohar S.OWest Midnapore721161
Mohoboni B.OWest Midnapore721260
Molighati B.OWest Midnapore721211
Monidaha B.OWest Midnapore721102
Montipa Mohanpur B.OWest Midnapore721507
Morchi B.OWest Midnapore721125
Moulaparamanandapur B.OWest Midnapore721242
Moupal B.OWest Midnapore721516
Mugbasan B.OWest Midnapore721150
Mukshudpur B.OWest Midnapore721126
Mundumari B.OWest Midnapore721140
Muniada B.OWest Midnapore721507
Murabani B.OWest Midnapore721426
Muraboni B.OWest Midnapore721507
Muramouli B.OWest Midnapore721507
Mustafapur B.OWest Midnapore721443
Nachhipur B.OWest Midnapore721133
Nadasuli B.OWest Midnapore721253
Nagripada B.OWest Midnapore721125
Nalbana B.OWest Midnapore721253
Nankarmaguria B.OWest Midnapore721437
Narajole B.OWest Midnapore721211
Narangadihi B.OWest Midnapore721155
Narasimul B.OWest Midnapore721506
Narayanbarh B.OWest Midnapore721144
Narayangarh S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721437
Narda B.OWest Midnapore721143
Narma B.OWest Midnapore721166
Natuk Jaykrishnapur B.OWest Midnapore721232
Natunbazar S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721101
Naya B.OWest Midnapore721140
Nayabasat S.OWest Midnapore721257
Nayagram Benasuli B.OWest Midnapore721102
Nayagram S.OWest Midnapore721138
Nedhua Bazar B.OWest Midnapore721144
Nekrasole B.OWest Midnapore721159
Nekurseni S.OWest Midnapore721451
Nepura B.OWest Midnapore721121
Neradeul S.OWest Midnapore721260
Netai B.OWest Midnapore721516
Nilda B.OWest Midnapore721457
Nilkunthia B.OWest Midnapore721627
Nimpura S.OWest Midnapore721304
Nimtala B.OWest Midnapore721212
Nischintapur B.OWest Midnapore721148
Nohari B.OWest Midnapore721121
Noharia B.OWest Midnapore721507
Odalchua B.OWest Midnapore721501
Old Kharagpur S.OWest Midnapore721301
Orali B.OWest Midnapore721501
Pachra B.OWest Midnapore721149
Paika B.OWest Midnapore721125
Paikmajita B.OWest Midnapore721242
Pakuria B.OWest Midnapore721126
Palaspai B.OWest Midnapore721146
Palsandapur B.OWest Midnapore721451
Palshya B.OWest Midnapore721301
Panchberia B.OWest Midnapore721146
Panchgechhia B.OWest Midnapore721148
Panchgeria B.OWest Midnapore721156
Panchkhuri B.OWest Midnapore721150
Panchmaro Pratappur B.OWest Midnapore721212
Pandua B.OWest Midnapore721201
Panikotor B.OWest Midnapore721127
Panna B.OWest Midnapore721212
Paparara B.OWest Midnapore721149
Paragana B.OWest Midnapore721426
Parhdaha B.OWest Midnapore721157
Parihati B.OWest Midnapore721505
Paroi B.OWest Midnapore721436
Parsuli B.OWest Midnapore721507
Parsura B.OWest Midnapore721150
Pasang B.OWest Midnapore721124
Paschimbarh B.OWest Midnapore721144
Patharchakri B.OWest Midnapore721501
Patharpara B.OWest Midnapore721121
Pathartoria B.OWest Midnapore721127
Pathra B.OWest Midnapore721135
Patina B.OWest Midnapore721506
Patnabazar B.OWest Midnapore721156
Perua B.OWest Midnapore721155
Petbindi B.OWest Midnapore721517
Phandar B.OWest Midnapore721424
Phulbani B.OWest Midnapore721506
Pindrui B.OWest Midnapore721131
Pingboni B.OWest Midnapore721128
Pingla S.OWest Midnapore721140
Pirakata. B.OWest Midnapore721516
Porolda B.OWest Midnapore721445
Prasadchak B.OWest Midnapore721232
Pratappur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Puichhara B.OWest Midnapore721157
Pukuria B.OWest Midnapore721507
Purnapani B.OWest Midnapore721516
Purunda B.OWest Midnapore721445
Radhachandanpur B.OWest Midnapore721160
Radhakantapur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Radhakrishnapur B.OWest Midnapore721140
Radhamohanpur S.OWest Midnapore721160
Radhanagar B.OWest Midnapore721212
Raghunath Chak B.OWest Midnapore721140
Raghunathpur S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721507
Ragpur B.OWest Midnapore721131
Ragra B.OWest Midnapore721517
Rajabasa B.OWest Midnapore721513
Rajbati B.OWest Midnapore721507
Rajganj B.OWest Midnapore721201
Rajnagar B.OWest Midnapore721436
Rakhajangle B.OWest Midnapore721301
Rambhadrapur B.OWest Midnapore721144
Rambhagawan B.OWest Midnapore721506
Ramgarh S.O (West Midnapore)West Midnapore721141
Ramjibanpur S.OWest Midnapore721242
Ramnagar Gopinathpur B.OWest Midnapore721305
Rampura B.OWest Midnapore721437
Ranarani B.OWest Midnapore721504
Ranbonia B.OWest Midnapore721135
Rangmetia B.OWest Midnapore721145
Ranichak B.OWest Midnapore721212
Ranimadhabpur B.OWest Midnapore721242
Ranir Bazar Simulia B.OWest Midnapore721212
Rantua B.OWest Midnapore721517
Raskundu B.OWest Midnapore721127
Rathipur B.OWest Midnapore721212
Ratneswar Bati B.OWest Midnapore721212
Rautarabari B.OWest Midnapore721467
Rautarapur B.OWest Midnapore721133
Remu B.OWest Midnapore721457
Renjura B.OWest Midnapore721443
Reripur B.OWest Midnapore721424
Reserve Bank Nm Ltd. S.OWest Midnapore721132
Rohini S.OWest Midnapore721143
Routa B.OWest Midnapore721150
Routara B.OWest Midnapore721147
Routmoni B.OWest Midnapore721301
Ruinan B.OWest Midnapore721144
Sabang S.OWest Midnapore721144
Sabong Shyamsundarpur B.OWest Midnapore721155
Sabra B.OWest Midnapore721445
Sagarpur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Sahapur B.OWest Midnapore721641
Saharda B.OWest Midnapore721131
Sahari B.OWest Midnapore721515
Sahaspur B.OWest Midnapore721122
Saidpur B.OWest Midnapore721147
Sainthal B.OWest Midnapore721149
Saiyadbali B.OWest Midnapore721260
Sakpara B.OWest Midnapore721145
Salgeria B.OWest Midnapore721157
Salikotha B.OWest Midnapore721435
Saljora B.OWest Midnapore721424
Salua S.OWest Midnapore721145
Saluka B.OWest Midnapore721437
Samat B.OWest Midnapore721211
Sanatorium Digri S.OWest Midnapore721252
Sandapara B.OWest Midnapore721501
Sandhipur B.OWest Midnapore721127
Sankarpur B.OWest Midnapore721211
Sankoa B.OWest Midnapore721301
Sanmura B.OWest Midnapore721127
Sanpdaha B.OWest Midnapore721127
Sansadgopinathpur B.OWest Midnapore721437
Santrapur B.OWest Midnapore721133
Saorapin B.OWest Midnapore721426
Saria B.OWest Midnapore721506
Sarisakhola B.OWest Midnapore721150
Sarrang B.OWest Midnapore721426
Sarta B.OWest Midnapore721467
Sasra B.OWest Midnapore721506
Satbankura S.OWest Midnapore721253
Satpati B.OWest Midnapore721516
Satpautia B.OWest Midnapore721125
Satpota B.OWest Midnapore721153
Sauri S.OWest Midnapore721466
Sautia B.OWest Midnapore721457
Sekendari S.OWest Midnapore721146
Sevayatan S.OWest Midnapore721514
Shalboni Raghunathpur B.OWest Midnapore721147
Shalboni S.OWest Midnapore721147
Shanrpur B.OWest Midnapore721136
Shaymraipur B.OWest Midnapore721301
Shyamchak B.OWest Midnapore721301
Shyamchandpur B.OWest Midnapore721147
Shyamganj B.OWest Midnapore721153
Sibadumuria B.OWest Midnapore721506
Sijua B.OWest Midnapore721121
Silda S.OWest Midnapore721515
Sindurgoura B.OWest Midnapore721507
Singaijamuna B.OWest Midnapore721133
Sirisdanga B.OWest Midnapore721102
Siromoni B.OWest Midnapore721102
Sirsa B.OWest Midnapore721260
Siyalsai B.OWest Midnapore721436
Sonakhali S.OWest Midnapore721170
Sonakonia S.OWest Midnapore721459
Sreebora B.OWest Midnapore721130
Srinagar B.OWest Midnapore721242
Sukharole B.OWest Midnapore721133
Sultanpur B.OWest Midnapore721222
Sumitrapur B.OWest Midnapore721506
Supaparsuri B.OWest Midnapore721260
Susinda B.OWest Midnapore721445
Swargachira B.OWest Midnapore721506
Taladiha B.OWest Midnapore721144
Talbagicha B.OWest Midnapore721306
Talbandhi B.OWest Midnapore721156
Talda Ratanchak B.OWest Midnapore721435
Tantigeria S.OWest Midnapore721102
Tanua B.OWest Midnapore721436
Tapsia S.OWest Midnapore721517
Tararui B.OWest Midnapore721451
Tarua B.OWest Midnapore721424
Tatarpur B.OWest Midnapore721242
Tenpur B.OWest Midnapore721201
Tentuliabhumjan B.OWest Midnapore721437
Tentulmuriuttar B.OWest Midnapore721149
Thakurchak B.OWest Midnapore721424
Thakurnpahari B.OWest Midnapore721501
Tilaboni B.OWest Midnapore721507
Tilaboni Mahisamunda B.OWest Midnapore721135
Tilantapara B.OWest Midnapore721155
Toria B.OWest Midnapore721260
Tufuria Kamalpur B.OWest Midnapore721159
Tulibarh B.OWest Midnapore721503
Turia B.OWest Midnapore721160
Turka Garh B.OWest Midnapore721445
Turkagarh B.OWest Midnapore721445
Uchitpur B.OWest Midnapore721166
Uchudiha B.OWest Midnapore721451
Uparjagatpur B.OWest Midnapore721424
Uriasai B.OWest Midnapore721260
Uttar Dumurkhola B.OWest Midnapore721133
Uttar Eral B.OWest Midnapore721144
Uttar Ranibarh B.OWest Midnapore721426
Uttarbarh B.OWest Midnapore721140
Uttarbil B.OWest Midnapore721127
Uttardhankhal B.OWest Midnapore721211
Vidyasagar University S.OWest Midnapore721102

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