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South Dinajpur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under South Dinajpur district, West Bengal
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajmatpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Aminpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Amrail B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Amritakhanda Hat B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Angina B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Arajipanishalahat B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Ashokegram B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Atrai S.OSouth Dinajpur733158
Badalpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Bagichapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Bairhatta B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Balapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Balurghat H.OSouth Dinajpur733101
Balurghat Market S.OSouth Dinajpur733101
Bandighi B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Banial B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Banshihari B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Baragarm B.OSouth Dinajpur733128
Barakashipur B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
BaraRaghunathpur S.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Bartakigram B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Basoil B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Basuria B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Batun B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Baul B.OSouth Dinajpur733158
Bedoypur B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Belbari B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Beltala Park S.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Beltara B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Berail B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Bhagabatipur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Bharila B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Bhatra B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Bhikahar B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Bholanathpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Bijoyshree B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Birohini B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Biswanathpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Bolla B.OSouth Dinajpur733158
Buniadpur S.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Chakbaliram B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Chakbhabani S.OSouth Dinajpur733101
Chakvrigu S.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Champatali B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Chandganj B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Chenchra B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Cheragipara B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Chingishpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Chousa B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Churail Krishnapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Dakra B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Dakshin Shibrampur B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Danagram B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Dangarhat B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Daralhat B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Daulatpur (South Dinajpur)B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Debipur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Dehaband B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Deor B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Dikul B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
District School Board S.O (South Dinajpur)South Dinajpur733101
Fatepur B.OSouth Dinajpur733126
Fulbari B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Gangarampur S.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Gobindapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Gofanagar B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Gopalbati B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Gopalganj S.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Gurail B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Harirampur S.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Hili Aftair B.OSouth Dinajpur733126
Hili S.OSouth Dinajpur733126
Holidana B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Jahangirpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Jakhirpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Jalalpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Jalghar B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Jamalpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Janchi B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Joredighi B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Joypur B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Kalaibari B.OSouth Dinajpur733128
Kaldighi B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Kalikamora B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Kamarpara B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Kamdebbati B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Kanaipur B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Kantabari B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Karai B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Karaichenchra B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Kardah B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Karkha B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Khadimpur S.OSouth Dinajpur733101
Khanpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Khaspur B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Khidirpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Kuaran B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Kumarganj B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Kuraha B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Kushkari B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Kushmandi S.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Laskarhat B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Laxmitola B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Mahadebpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Mahanaj B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Mahipal B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Mahipur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Maliandighi B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Manikore B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Manohali B.OSouth Dinajpur733142
Nahit B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Nandanpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Narai B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Narayanpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Narayanpur S.O (South Dinajpur)South Dinajpur733101
Nayabazar S.O (South Dinajpur)South Dinajpur733142
Nazirpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Nilgambhir B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Nunail B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Panchagram B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Panitara B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Parameshwarpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Patiram S.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Patkola B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Powrahar B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Pransagar B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Pundari B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Purba Mollapara B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Radhakrishnapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
Radhanagar B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Raghabpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Rajibpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Rajua B.OSouth Dinajpur733102
Ramchandrapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Ramkrishnapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733140
Rampur S.O (South Dinajpur)South Dinajpur733140
Ratanpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
S.N.Pur B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Safanagar B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Sahapur Jharbari B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Samjhia B.OSouth Dinajpur733141
Sarala B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Sarangram B.OSouth Dinajpur733103
Sarbamangala B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Sayedpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733133
School Para S.OSouth Dinajpur733101
Sibkrishnapur B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Sihole B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Singadaha B.OSouth Dinajpur733125
Sudarshannagar B.OSouth Dinajpur733121
Sukdebpur B.OSouth Dinajpur733124
Tapan S.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Telighata B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Teor S.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Thakurpurahat B.OSouth Dinajpur733145
Tilon B.OSouth Dinajpur733127
Trimohini B.OSouth Dinajpur733126
Usha Haranhat B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Uttar Karanji B.OSouth Dinajpur733132
Uttar Para B.OSouth Dinajpur733132

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