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North Dinajpur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under North Dinajpur district, West Bengal
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Akhanagar B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Andharia B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Asharubasti B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Asuragarh B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Bagdob B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Baghan B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Bahar B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Baharail B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Bahin B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Baidara B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Baidyanandapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Balihara B.ONorth Dinajpur733125
Bamangram B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Bangalbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Baramajlishpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Barbilla B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Basian B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Bazargaon B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Bekidanga B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Berail B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Betna B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Bhabanbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Bhagnail B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Bhaispitta B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Bhanail B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Bharatpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Bharna B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Bhatolhat B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Bhebra B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Bhelai B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Bhendabari B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Bhitiar B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Bhogram B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Bhupalpur S.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Bilashpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Bindole S.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Birghai B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Burhijagir B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Chainagar B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Chakulia Hat B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Chandanidanga B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Chapore B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Chargharia B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Chavote B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Chhayghara B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Chopra B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Churaman B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Dadhikotbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733130
Dalimgaon B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Dalkhola S.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Daspara B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Debiganj B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Debijhora B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Debinagar S.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Dehar B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Dhankoil Hat B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Dhantala B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Dighabanahat B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Dimrulla B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Doarin B.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Domohana B.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Dulalibhita B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Durgapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733121
Durlavpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Faridpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Fatepur Hat B.ONorth Dinajpur733132
Galia B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Gendabari B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Gendabari B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Gharugachh B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Goagaon B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Goalgoan B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Goalin B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Goalpokher S.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Gohara B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Gorahar B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Goti B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Gulandar B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Gunjaria Bazar B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Haptiagachh B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Harigram B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Hassan B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Hasua Samadhimath B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Hatgachhi B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Hatia B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Hatkholasahapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Hatwar B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Hemtabad B.ONorth Dinajpur733130
Ikarchala B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Industrial Market S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Islampur Court S.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Islampur S.O (North Dinajpur)North Dinajpur733202
Itahar S.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Ital B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Jagadishpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Jagtagaon B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Jharbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Joyhat B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Kaimari B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Kalanagin B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Kaliyaganj Collegepara S.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Kaliyaganj S.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Kamartore B.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Kamlai B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Kaniabhita B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Kanki S.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Kantore B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Kapasia B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Karandighi S.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Karnojora S.ONorth Dinajpur733130
Keotal B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Khagore B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Khalshi B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Khikirtola B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Khokshan B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Khunia B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Khunti B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Khurka B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Kichaktola B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Kodaldaha B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Krishnabati B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Kuchilagoan B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Kunor B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Lakshipur B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Lalganj B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Lalkuri B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Larukhoa Gobindapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Laxmonia B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Lohanda B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Madargachhi B.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Madhabpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Madhupur Barduari B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Magnavita B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Maharajahat B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Mahendraganj S.O (North Dinajpur)North Dinajpur733129
Maheshpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Majhihar B.ONorth Dinajpur733132
Majlishpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Malgaon B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Malkunda B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Manikpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Manoharpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Marnai B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Matikundahat B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Mirual B.ONorth Dinajpur733130
Mohanbati S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Molani B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Monora B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Mudafat B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Nando B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Narayanpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Nizampur B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Nomunia B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Panchbhaya B.ONorth Dinajpur733156
Panchdimthi B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Panishalahat B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Panjipara S.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Paraharipur B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Parbatipur B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Parergram B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Paschim Manoharpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Patirajpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Patnaur B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Pokhoria B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Puria B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Radha Nagar B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Radhanagar B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Raghunathpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Raiganj Bandar S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Raiganj S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Raiganj Town S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Raipur B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Ramganj S.O (North Dinajpur)North Dinajpur733207
Rashbehari Market S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Rashokhowahat B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Runia B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Rupahar B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Sahapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Sakuntala B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Samaspur B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Sandhiya B.ONorth Dinajpur733125
Sasan B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Sawdhan B.ONorth Dinajpur733215
Sayedpur Bhamantali B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Shikarpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
Simalia B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Solpara B.ONorth Dinajpur733210
Sonapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733143
Sonapur Hat B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Srikrishnapur Colony B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Sripur B.ONorth Dinajpur733201
State Farm Colony B.ONorth Dinajpur733202
Subhashganj B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Sudarshanpur S.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Sujali B.ONorth Dinajpur733207
Surjapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733209
Taherpur B.ONorth Dinajpur733134
Tamchari Mathbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Tarangapur B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Tarial B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Tenohari B.ONorth Dinajpur733123
Thakurbari B.ONorth Dinajpur733208
Tilna B.ONorth Dinajpur733128
Tungail Bilpara B.ONorth Dinajpur733129
Tungidighi B.ONorth Dinajpur733215

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