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Cooch Behar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Cooch Behar district, West Bengal
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Airani Chitalia B.OCooch Behar736156
Akrarhat Bandar B.OCooch Behar736157
Andaran Fulbari B.OCooch Behar736160
Andaran Pakhihaga B.OCooch Behar736146
Andaranfulbari West B.OCooch Behar736159
Angerkata Paradubi B.OCooch Behar736157
Ashokebari B.OCooch Behar735303
Atpukuria Nayahat B.OCooch Behar735211
Bagdokra B.OCooch Behar735304
Bagribarihat B.OCooch Behar735122
Baikunthapur B.OCooch Behar736156
Bairagirhat B.OCooch Behar735303
Bairati B.OCooch Behar736157
Bajejama Pakhihaga B.OCooch Behar736145
Bakla B.OCooch Behar736131
Bakshirhat S.OCooch Behar736131
Balabhut B.OCooch Behar736159
Balaghat B.OCooch Behar736159
Balairhat B.OCooch Behar736134
Balakandi B.OCooch Behar736135
Balakuthi B.OCooch Behar736131
Balapukuri B.OCooch Behar736159
Bamanhat S.OCooch Behar736168
Bamanpara B.OCooch Behar736158
Bamunia West B.OCooch Behar735303
Baneswar S.OCooch Behar736133
Bangchatra S.OCooch Behar736101
Bara Atiabari B.OCooch Behar736135
Bara Haldibari B.OCooch Behar735122
Baradhaperchatra B.OCooch Behar736172
Baramaricha B.OCooch Behar736158
Baranachina B.OCooch Behar736135
Baranatabari B.OCooch Behar736145
Barasakdal B.OCooch Behar736169
Barashalbari B.OCooch Behar736159
Baravita B.OCooch Behar736135
Barogharia Garkuta B.OCooch Behar736146
Barogodaikhora B.OCooch Behar736172
Barogopalpur B.OCooch Behar735303
Barokodali B.OCooch Behar736159
Begarkhata B.OCooch Behar736159
Bhabani Nagar B.OCooch Behar735122
Bhagni Parti B.OCooch Behar736135
Bhainskuthi B.OCooch Behar736131
Bhalka Putimari B.OCooch Behar736135
Bhandijelash B.OCooch Behar736159
Bhangamore B.OCooch Behar736146
Bhanukumari B.OCooch Behar736131
Bhatlaguri B.OCooch Behar736133
Bhawairthana B.OCooch Behar736172
Bhelakopa B.OCooch Behar736156
Bhelapeta B.OCooch Behar736156
Bhetaguri B.OCooch Behar736134
Bhogmara B.OCooch Behar736157
Bhogramguri B.OCooch Behar735303
Bhotebari B.OCooch Behar735301
Bhulki B.OCooch Behar736134
Bhurkush B.OCooch Behar736159
Bhutkura B.OCooch Behar736135
Bilshi B.OCooch Behar736160
Boalmari B.OCooch Behar735122
Bokalirmath B.OCooch Behar736133
Borodanga B.OCooch Behar736134
Boxiganj B.OCooch Behar735122
Brahamattar Kuchilibari B.OCooch Behar735304
Brahmanir Chauki B.OCooch Behar736134
Brahmottar Chatra B.OCooch Behar736167
Buraburi B.OCooch Behar735303
Chagalber B.OCooch Behar736133
Chakchaka B.OCooch Behar736156
Chamta B.OCooch Behar736167
Chandanchaura B.OCooch Behar736165
Chanderkuthi B.OCooch Behar736168
Changrabandha S.OCooch Behar735301
Charaljani B.OCooch Behar736156
Chaudanga B.OCooch Behar736133
Chekadera B.OCooch Behar736134
Chepani B.OCooch Behar736206
Chhat Fulbari B.OCooch Behar736160
Chhatbarachauki B.OCooch Behar736156
Chhatoa B.OCooch Behar736156
Chhatrampur B.OCooch Behar736159
Chhitbaralaukuthi B.OCooch Behar736131
Chhoto Atiabari B.OCooch Behar736135
Chhoto Khairatibari B.OCooch Behar736165
Chhoto Salbari B.OCooch Behar736172
Chilakhana B.OCooch Behar736159
Chilkirhat B.OCooch Behar736157
Chorekhata B.OCooch Behar736167
Chowdhurihat B.OCooch Behar736168
Colony Chamta B.OCooch Behar736159
Cooch Behar Bazar S.OCooch Behar736101
Cooch Behar H.OCooch Behar736101
Cooch Behar New Town S.OCooch Behar736101
Cooch Behar Railway Station S.OCooch Behar736101
Daripattani B.OCooch Behar735122
Dawaguri B.OCooch Behar736156
Debagram B.OCooch Behar736159
Debottar Boxiganj B.OCooch Behar735122
Deocharai B.OCooch Behar736156
Dewanganj B.OCooch Behar735122
Dewanhat S.OCooch Behar736134
Dewankot Jayduar B.OCooch Behar736172
Dhadial B.OCooch Behar736159
Dhalpal B.OCooch Behar736159
Dhangdhinguri B.OCooch Behar736165
Dhulia Baldihati B.OCooch Behar735303
Dhulia Khalisa B.OCooch Behar735303
Dhulia Uchalpukuri B.OCooch Behar735303
Dhumerkhata B.OCooch Behar736167
Dhumpur Balasi B.OCooch Behar736134
Dighaltari B.OCooch Behar736134
Dinhata Bazar S.OCooch Behar736135
Dinhata S.OCooch Behar736135
Domuka Nayarhat B.OCooch Behar736157
Doradabri B.OCooch Behar735301
Dorkochengtimari B.OCooch Behar736159
Dudherkuthi Dewanbash B.OCooch Behar736170
Durgabari Subhash Pally S.OCooch Behar736101
Durganagar B.OCooch Behar736168
Dwiperpar B.OCooch Behar736159
East Sakunibala B.OCooch Behar736165
Elajanerkuthi B.OCooch Behar736157
Falimari B.OCooch Behar736131
Fatehmamud B.OCooch Behar735122
Fulkadabri B.OCooch Behar735304
Gadaler Kuthi B.OCooch Behar736146
Garopara B.OCooch Behar735217
Gheghirhat B.OCooch Behar736134
Ghogarkuthi B.OCooch Behar736159
Ghoksadanga S.OCooch Behar736171
Ghughumari S.OCooch Behar736170
Giladanga B.OCooch Behar735303
Gitaldaha Atiabari B.OCooch Behar736135
Gitaldaha B.OCooch Behar736135
Gobrasara B.OCooch Behar736135
Golenawhati B.OCooch Behar736158
Gopalpur B.OCooch Behar736133
Gossairhat Bandar S.OCooch Behar736172
Gossanimari S.OCooch Behar736145
Gunjabari S.OCooch Behar736101
Guriahati B.OCooch Behar736101
Haldibari S.OCooch Behar735122
Haribhanga B.OCooch Behar736134
Harirhat B.OCooch Behar736159
Hatiduba B.OCooch Behar736133
Hatiram Salbari B.OCooch Behar736145
Hokadaha B.OCooch Behar736168
Holongerkuthi B.OCooch Behar736165
Jaigir Chilakhana B.OCooch Behar736159
Jamadarerbash B.OCooch Behar736135
Jarabari B.OCooch Behar736135
Jatamari B.OCooch Behar736146
Jatigara B.OCooch Behar736167
Jhaljhali B.OCooch Behar736159
Jhaokuthi B.OCooch Behar736159
Jiranpur B.OCooch Behar736134
Jogendranagar B.OCooch Behar736204
Jorepatki B.OCooch Behar736146
Joresimuli B.OCooch Behar735303
Kajlikura B.OCooch Behar736167
Kalika Bazar B.OCooch Behar736170
Kaljani B.OCooch Behar736133
Kalmati B.OCooch Behar736176
Kalpani B.OCooch Behar736171
Kamat Changrabandha B.OCooch Behar735301
Kamat Fulbari B.OCooch Behar736159
Kamat Seoraguri B.OCooch Behar736134
Kanfata B.OCooch Behar736146
Karala B.OCooch Behar736135
Kashidanga B.OCooch Behar736159
Kawardera B.OCooch Behar736146
Kawrai B.OCooch Behar736135
Keshoribari B.OCooch Behar735303
Khagrabari B.OCooch Behar736179
Khalishamari B.OCooch Behar736146
Khapaidanga B.OCooch Behar736133
Kharija Kakribari B.OCooch Behar736179
Kharimala Khagrbari S.OCooch Behar736101
Kharkharia B.OCooch Behar735304
Khatamari B.OCooch Behar736168
Khattimari B.OCooch Behar736171
Khayerbari B.OCooch Behar735122
Khochabari B.OCooch Behar736176
Khutamara B.OCooch Behar736134
Kismat Adabari B.OCooch Behar736167
Kismat Dasgram B.OCooch Behar736169
Koalidaha B.OCooch Behar736135
Konamali Khapaidanga B.OCooch Behar736156
Krishnapur B.OCooch Behar736156
Kuchlibari B.OCooch Behar735304
Kuchni B.OCooch Behar736169
Kumarganj B.OCooch Behar736134
Kurshamari B.OCooch Behar736146
Lalbazar Part-II B.OCooch Behar736158
Langalgram B.OCooch Behar736159
Madhupur B.OCooch Behar736165
Madhyam Madhusudan B.OCooch Behar736172
Maghpala B.OCooch Behar736157
Mahish Bathan B.OCooch Behar736179
Mahishcharu B.OCooch Behar736146
Mahishmuri B.OCooch Behar736172
Manikganjhat B.OCooch Behar735122
Mansab Seoraguri B.OCooch Behar736134
Mansai B.OCooch Behar736159
Mara Nadir Kuthi B.OCooch Behar736165
Maruganj B.OCooch Behar736156
Masanpath B.OCooch Behar736145
Matalhat B.OCooch Behar736135
Mathabhanga S.OCooch Behar736146
Matiarkuthi B.OCooch Behar736157
Mekhliganj S.OCooch Behar735304
Moamari B.OCooch Behar736134
N U Kuchlibari B.OCooch Behar735304
Nagarlal Bazar B.OCooch Behar736158
Nagurhat B.OCooch Behar736159
Nakarjan B.OCooch Behar736167
Nakarkhana B.OCooch Behar736131
Nandina B.OCooch Behar736168
Natabari B.OCooch Behar736156
Natkobarihat B.OCooch Behar736135
Nayarhat B.OCooch Behar736133
Nazirhat B.OCooch Behar736134
New Cooch Behar S.OCooch Behar736179
Nigamnagar S.OCooch Behar736169
Nilkuthi S.OCooch Behar736156
Nishiganj S.OCooch Behar736157
Niztaraf B.OCooch Behar735304
Nutanbash B.OCooch Behar736145
Pachagarh B.OCooch Behar736146
Pakhihaga B.OCooch Behar736145
Panigram B.OCooch Behar735303
Panikhawa B.OCooch Behar736167
Panisala B.OCooch Behar736134
Paschim Hemkumari B.OCooch Behar735122
Patakamari B.OCooch Behar736171
Patakura S.O (Cooch Behar)Cooch Behar736101
Patchhara B.OCooch Behar736157
Patlakhawa B.OCooch Behar736165
Patpishu B.OCooch Behar736157
Pestarjhar B.OCooch Behar736156
Petla B.OCooch Behar736135
Pundibari S.OCooch Behar736165
Purba Gopalpur B.OCooch Behar736133
Purba Sitalkuchi B.OCooch Behar736158
Pushnadanga B.OCooch Behar736134
Putimari B.OCooch Behar736135
Putimari Fuleswari B.OCooch Behar736157
Rajarhat B.OCooch Behar736165
Rakhalmari B.OCooch Behar736169
Ranirhat B.OCooch Behar735301
Rashidanga B.OCooch Behar736170
Rasikbil B.OCooch Behar736131
Ratinandan Konamukta Payesthi B.OCooch Behar736135
Ruerkuthi B.OCooch Behar736134
Sahebganj S.O (Cooch Behar)Cooch Behar736176
Sajerpar Ghoramara B.OCooch Behar736165
Salmara B.OCooch Behar736134
Satkura B.OCooch Behar735122
Shalbari B.OCooch Behar736159
Shibpur B.OCooch Behar736172
Shikarpur B.OCooch Behar736146
Shildanga B.OCooch Behar736157
Shilghagri B.OCooch Behar736131
Siddheswari B.OCooch Behar736133
Silduar B.OCooch Behar736167
Singimari Madnakura B.OCooch Behar736135
Sitaihat S.OCooch Behar736167
Sitalkuchi S.OCooch Behar736158
Sonapur B.OCooch Behar736204
Sonari B.OCooch Behar736133
Souldhukri B.OCooch Behar736134
South Bhangamore B.OCooch Behar736146
Subachanirpath B.OCooch Behar736135
Sukarurkuthi B.OCooch Behar736168
Sukhdhanerkuthi B.OCooch Behar736165
Sutarpara B.OCooch Behar736171
Takagachh B.OCooch Behar736179
Talliguri B.OCooch Behar736156
Tapurhat B.OCooch Behar736170
Tharaikhana B.OCooch Behar736168
Thunkirjhar B.OCooch Behar735303
Tiadaha B.OCooch Behar736169
Tufanganj New Town S.OCooch Behar736160
Tufanganj S.OCooch Behar736159
Uchalpukuri B.OCooch Behar735303
Unishbisha B.OCooch Behar736171
Upen Chowki Kuchlibari B.OCooch Behar735304
Uttar Ambari B.OCooch Behar736133
Uttar Andaranfulbari B.OCooch Behar736160
Uttar Daribash B.OCooch Behar735122
Uttar Falimari B.OCooch Behar736131
Uttar Ghogarkuthi B.OCooch Behar736159

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