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Rampur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Rampur district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahor B.ORampur244921
Ajit Pur B.ORampur244901
Anwaria Talibabad B.ORampur244921
Azim Nagar B.ORampur244927
Babura B.ORampur243701
Bakania B.ORampur244901
Bara Gaon B.ORampur244922
Bara Khas B.ORampur244901
Begamabad B.ORampur244921
Benazir B.ORampur244901
Bhainsori B.ORampur243701
Bhansia Jawalapuri B.ORampur244921
Bhawani Nagar B.ORampur244924
Bhonrka B.ORampur243701
Bhot B.ORampur244901
Bhot Baqqal B.ORampur244924
Bilaspur (Rampur) S.ORampur244921
Bilaspur Chini Mill S.ORampur244923
C & M Store S.ORampur244901
C.R.P. Hq S.ORampur244901
Chamroa B.ORampur244901
Chandain B.ORampur244923
Chandela B.ORampur244921
Chikti Ramnagar B.ORampur244901
Civil Line Rampur S.ORampur244901
Daryal B.ORampur244925
Deorania B.ORampur244927
Dhakia B.ORampur244922
Dhamorah B.ORampur243701
Dhaneli Uttari B.ORampur243701
Dhanupura B.ORampur244925
Dheeraj Nagar B.ORampur244925
Doondawala B.ORampur244924
Gangapur Purvi B.ORampur243701
Ghrampur Narendrapur B.ORampur244922
Hamidabad B.ORampur244921
Hamirpur B.ORampur244927
Ialam Ganj S.ORampur244901
Ishanagar B.ORampur244921
Jiwai Kadim B.ORampur243701
Juthia B.ORampur244901
Jwala Nagar S.ORampur244901
Kakrawa B.ORampur244901
Kashipur B.ORampur244927
Kaushal Ganj B.ORampur244923
Kemri S.O (Rampur)Rampur244928
Keorar B.ORampur243701
Kerenthi B.ORampur244922
Khamaria B.ORampur243701
Khandia B.ORampur244921
Khempur B.ORampur244924
Khempur B.ORampur244921
Khod B.ORampur244927
Khod Sharif B.ORampur244924
Khusro Bagh B.ORampur244901
Kira B.ORampur244901
Kiramcha B.ORampur243701
Koila B.ORampur244901
Koop B.ORampur243701
Kunwarpur B.ORampur244924
Lalpur Kalan B.ORampur244927
Lambakhera B.ORampur244925
Loha B.ORampur243701
M.B.Rampur S.ORampur244901
Madhauli B.ORampur244901
Madhukar B.ORampur244922
Mahu Nagar B.ORampur244901
Mankara B.ORampur243701
Manpur B.ORampur244925
Manpur B.ORampur244924
Maswasi B.ORampur244924
Mathuraour B.ORampur244901
Matkhera B.ORampur244921
Meerapur Meerganj B.ORampur244924
Meston Ganj S.ORampur244901
Milak Khanam B.ORampur244921
Milak S.ORampur243701
Modipur S.ORampur244926
Mulla Khera B.ORampur244921
Mursaina B.ORampur244927
Naglia Aqil B.ORampur244927
Nanka Rani B.ORampur244924
Nankar B.ORampur244901
Narkhera B.ORampur244901
Nawabganj B.ORampur244921
Nipania B.ORampur244901
Paigamberpur B.ORampur244921
Panwaria B.ORampur244923
Param B.ORampur243701
Parshupura B.ORampur243701
Patti Basantpur B.ORampur243701
Patwai B.ORampur244901
Piagamberpur B.ORampur244924
Pipali Nayak B.ORampur244925
Pipalia Gopal B.ORampur244921
Punjab Nagar B.ORampur244901
Purana Ganj S.ORampur244901
Puswara B.ORampur244924
Ramnagar Latifpur B.ORampur244925
Rampur Buzurg B.ORampur244923
Rampur Chowk S.ORampur244901
Rampur City S.ORampur244901
Rampur Distilliry S.ORampur244901
Rampur H.ORampur244901
Rampur Secretariate S.ORampur244901
Rasdandia B.ORampur244921
Ratanpura B.ORampur244921
Rathonda B.ORampur243701
Rawana B.ORampur244922
Rawari Kalan B.ORampur244901
Rehmatganj B.ORampur244924
Roshan Bag Road B.ORampur244901
Said Nagar S.ORampur244927
Samodia B.ORampur244924
Shahabad S.O (Rampur)Rampur244922
Silai Bara Gaon B.ORampur243701
Simaria B.ORampur244921
Singhankhera B.ORampur244927
Suar S.ORampur244924
Swarg Farm B.ORampur244923
Tanda B.ORampur244922
Tanda Badli S.ORampur244925
Tehsil Rampur S.ORampur244901
Unchagaon B.ORampur244922

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