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Meerut Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A.P. Badhla B.OMeerut250406
Abdullapur B.OMeerut250001
Abulane S.OMeerut250001
Ahmedpur B.OMeerut250406
Ajrara B.OMeerut245206
Akbarpur Sadat B.OMeerut250401
Alipur B.OMeerut250221
Alipur Morna B.OMeerut250401
Alwalpur B.OMeerut250611
Amanullapur B.OMeerut250502
Amarsinghpur B.OMeerut250406
Anaj Mandi S.O (Meerut)Meerut250002
Anoopnagar Fazalpur B.OMeerut250001
Arnawali B.OMeerut250502
Aseelpur B.OMeerut250104
Assa B.OMeerut250401
Atrara B.OMeerut245206
B. N. Nanu B.OMeerut250341
Baghpat Gate S.OMeerut250002
Bahadurpur B.OMeerut250341
Baleni S.OMeerut250626
Bana B.OMeerut250001
Banker Street S.OMeerut250002
Baparsi B.OMeerut250342
Baram B.OMeerut250502
Bastora B.OMeerut250404
Begum Bagh S.OMeerut250001
Behrampur B.OMeerut250501
Behsuma B.OMeerut250001
Belvedere S.OMeerut250001
Bhadoli B.OMeerut245206
Bhainsa B.OMeerut250401
Bhalsona B.OMeerut250341
Bhatipura B.OMeerut250001
Bhola B.OMeerut250501
Bhombori B.OMeerut250342
Bhooni B.OMeerut250344
Bhoor Baral B.OMeerut250103
Bijauli B.OMeerut245206
Boundary Road S.OMeerut250001
Budhana Gate S.OMeerut250002
Budhera Zahidpur B.OMeerut250002
C.B.Sardhana S.OMeerut250342
Chandori Khas B.OMeerut250502
Chandsara B.OMeerut245206
Chhabariya B.OMeerut250342
Chhajupur B.OMeerut250205
Chhipi Tank S.OMeerut250002
Chhur B.OMeerut250342
Chitwana Sherpur B.OMeerut250406
Dabathwa S.OMeerut250341
Dabka B.OMeerut250001
Dadri B.OMeerut250223
Dahadra B.OMeerut250501
Dahar B.OMeerut250344
Dalampur B.OMeerut250502
Darveshpur B.OMeerut250401
Datawali B.OMeerut250004
Daurala Gaon B.OMeerut250221
Daurala S.OMeerut250221
Defence Colony S.O (Meerut)Meerut250001
Dhanpura B.OMeerut250401
Dhaulri B.OMeerut250626
Dhikauli B.OMeerut250402
Digamber Jain Mandir B.OMeerut250404
Dolhca B.OMeerut250626
Doodhli B.OMeerut250404
Dulhera B.OMeerut250110
Ekla Rasulpur B.OMeerut250406
Ekri B.OMeerut250341
Etmadpur B.OMeerut250406
Gadeena B.OMeerut250401
Gagol B.OMeerut245206
Gandhi Ashram S.O (Meerut)Meerut250002
Ganeshpur B.OMeerut250404
Ganganagar S.OMeerut250001
Gangnauli B.OMeerut250625
Gesupur B.OMeerut250104
Ghosipur B.OMeerut250002
Gotka B.OMeerut250344
Gurukul Dorli B.OMeerut250001
Harra B.OMeerut250344
Hasanpur Kadim B.OMeerut250004
Hasanpur Kalan B.OMeerut250106
Hastinapur S.OMeerut250404
I. E. Partapur S.OMeerut250103
Incholi B.OMeerut250001
Jai B.OMeerut250406
Jai Singhpur B.OMeerut250401
Jangethi B.OMeerut250341
Jani Kalan B.OMeerut250501
Jani S.OMeerut250501
Janjokhar B.OMeerut250341
Jaroda B.OMeerut250104
Jassar Sultanpur B.OMeerut250344
Jatauli B.OMeerut250001
Jhitkari B.OMeerut250342
Jithauli B.OMeerut250004
Kabari Bazar S.OMeerut250002
Kaili B.OMeerut250223
Kaili B.OMeerut245206
Kaiser Ganj S.OMeerut250002
Kaithwari B.OMeerut250502
Kaland B.OMeerut250342
Kalandi B.OMeerut250342
Kalanjari B.OMeerut250501
Kalina B.OMeerut250502
Kalyanpur B.OMeerut250502
Kanker Khera S.OMeerut250001
Kanshi B.OMeerut250205
Kapsad B.OMeerut250223
Karnawal B.OMeerut250001
Kaseru Khera S.OMeerut250001
Kastla Shamshernagar B.OMeerut250001
Kaul B.OMeerut245206
Kaul B.OMeerut250401
Kayastha Badha B.OMeerut250001
Kazamabad Goon B.OMeerut250205
Khajuri B.OMeerut250406
Khanpur B.OMeerut250501
Kharkhuda S.OMeerut245206
Khaspur B.OMeerut245206
Khera B.OMeerut250342
Khirwa Jalalpur B.OMeerut250341
Khiwai B.OMeerut250344
Kina Nagar B.OMeerut250004
Kishanpura S.O (Meerut)Meerut250002
Kishorepur B.OMeerut250404
Kitholi B.OMeerut250501
Kithore S.OMeerut250104
Krishana Nagar S.OMeerut250001
Kulanjan B.OMeerut250221
Kurali B.OMeerut250501
Kushaoli B.OMeerut250342
L. L. R. M. S.OMeerut250004
Lalyana B.OMeerut250104
Laskaarganj B.OMeerut250342
Latifpur B.OMeerut250404
Lawar S.OMeerut250222
Lisari B.OMeerut250002
Lisari Gate S.OMeerut250002
Lohiya B.OMeerut250221
M. P. Sikhera B.OMeerut250404
Machhara S.OMeerut250106
Mahadev B.OMeerut250342
Mahalka B.OMeerut250222
Mahalwala B.OMeerut250104
Maina Poothi B.OMeerut250344
Mainthna Inder Singh B.OMeerut250001
Malyana B.OMeerut250002
Mandora B.OMeerut250223
Manpur B.OMeerut250406
Mataur B.OMeerut250221
Maukhas B.OMeerut250001
Maur Khurd B.OMeerut250404
Mawana Factory S.OMeerut250402
Mawana Khurd B.OMeerut250401
Mawana S.OMeerut250401
Mawana Tehsil S.OMeerut250401
Meerpur B.OMeerut250502
Meerut Cantt H.OMeerut250001
Meerut City H.OMeerut250002
Meerut City R. S. S.OMeerut250002
Meerut Kutchery S.OMeerut250003
Meerut Tehsil S.OMeerut250002
Meerut University S.OMeerut250004
Meewan B.OMeerut250401
Mel B.OMeerut250222
Modipuram S.OMeerut250110
Mohd. Pur Bhoomi B.OMeerut250626
Mohiuddinpur S.OMeerut250205
Mukri B.OMeerut250626
Mulhera B.OMeerut250342
Mundali B.OMeerut250001
Murlipur Phool B.OMeerut250004
Muzaffarnagar Saini B.OMeerut250001
Muzaffarpur Bagarpur B.OMeerut250104
Muzahidpur B.OMeerut250342
Muzakkipur B.OMeerut250205
Nadir Ali & Co. S.OMeerut250002
Nagla Hareru B.OMeerut250401
Nagli Badli B.OMeerut250104
Naidu B.OMeerut250401
Narangpur B.OMeerut250406
Narangpur B.OMeerut250502
Navinmandi B.OMeerut250002
Nek B.OMeerut250501
Niloha B.OMeerut250401
P. R. C. S.OMeerut250001
Pabli Khas B.OMeerut250110
Panchi B.OMeerut245206
Panchli Buzurg B.OMeerut250344
Panchli Khurd B.OMeerut250002
Parikshatgarh S.OMeerut250406
Partapur B.OMeerut250103
Paswara B.OMeerut250106
Pathauli B.OMeerut250341
Peepla Idrishpur B.OMeerut250501
Phalauda B.OMeerut250001
Phaphunda B.OMeerut245206
Phitkari B.OMeerut250401
Pilona B.OMeerut250401
Pithlokar B.OMeerut250342
Pohli B.OMeerut250341
Poothi B.OMeerut250406
Poothkhas B.OMeerut250502
R.A.Bazar S.OMeerut250001
Rachhauti B.OMeerut250106
Radhana B.OMeerut250104
Rahaoti B.OMeerut250401
Rajpura B.OMeerut250001
Ramlilaground S.OMeerut250002
Ramnagar S.O (Meerut)Meerut250002
Rardhana B.OMeerut250342
Rasna B.OMeerut250502
Rasulpur Aurangabad B.OMeerut250001
Rasulpur Kinoni B.OMeerut250502
Rasulpur Rohta S.OMeerut250502
Rithani B.OMeerut250103
Rly. Road Meerut S.OMeerut250002
Ruhasa B.OMeerut250223
Rukanpur Morna B.OMeerut250001
S.G.Mandi S.OMeerut250002
Saifpur Karamchanpur B.OMeerut250404
Saket S.O (Meerut)Meerut250003
Sakoti Tanda S.OMeerut250223
Salawa B.OMeerut250001
Samai Pur B.OMeerut250004
Samoli Khash Pur B.OMeerut250221
Sandhan B.OMeerut250401
Sarawa B.OMeerut245206
Sardhana Road S.OMeerut250001
Sardhana S.OMeerut250342
Sarrafa Bazar S.OMeerut250002
Sarsawa B.OMeerut250221
Sarurpur Khurd S.OMeerut250344
Sarwani Arifpur B.OMeerut250104
Sathla B.OMeerut250402
Satwai B.OMeerut250502
Shafibad Loti B.OMeerut250104
Shahjahanpur B.OMeerut250104
Shastri Nagar S.O (Meerut)Meerut250004
Shivpuri S.O (Meerut)Meerut250002
Sholda B.OMeerut250106
Sikhera B.OMeerut250001
Sisoli B.OMeerut250004
Siwal B.OMeerut250501
Siwaya B.OMeerut250110
Siyal B.OMeerut250406
Sondutt B.OMeerut250406
Suraj Kund Road S.OMeerut250002
Tarapur B.OMeerut250404
Thapar Nagar S.OMeerut250002
Tofapur B.OMeerut250401
Uldhan B.OMeerut245206
Victoria Park S.OMeerut250001
W. K. Road S.OMeerut250002

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