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Mathura Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adooki B.OMathura281006
Airakhera B.OMathura281204
Ajhai Kurd B.OMathura281406
Akbarpur B.OMathura281406
Akosh B.OMathura281301
Anora B.OMathura281308
Anyour B.OMathura281502
Aring S.OMathura281501
Arrua B.OMathura281202
Arya Samaj Road S.OMathura281001
Atasbangar B.OMathura281406
Aurangabad B.OMathura281006
Awakhera B.OMathura281201
Bachchgaon B.OMathura281123
Bad B.OMathura281006
Badhauta B.OMathura281504
Bajna S.O (Mathura)Mathura281201
Bakla B.OMathura281204
Baldeo S.OMathura281301
Baltikari B.OMathura281308
Bandi B.OMathura281301
Baramai B.OMathura281302
Barari B.OMathura281005
Barauli B.OMathura281301
Barauth B.OMathura281201
Barchawali B.OMathura281403
Bardhaun B.OMathura281204
Barsana S.OMathura281405
Bathain Kalan B.OMathura281403
Bati B.OMathura281004
Beri B.OMathura281122
Beyonhi B.OMathura281308
Bhadanwara B.OMathura281205
Bhaderua B.OMathura281122
Bhadraban B.OMathura281202
Bhagosa B.OMathura281502
Bhainsa B.OMathura281005
Bhalai B.OMathura281205
Bharana Kalan B.OMathura281502
Bharatia B.OMathura281302
Bharatpur Darwaza S.OMathura281001
Bhidoni B.OMathura281205
Bhooreka B.OMathura281205
Bisawali B.OMathura281204
Bisawar S.OMathura281302
Bishambhara B.OMathura281401
Brij Accadamy B.OMathura281001
Bukharari B.OMathura281403
Chandpur B.OMathura281201
Chaumuhan S.OMathura281406
Chhata Bazar S.O (Mathura)Mathura281001
Chhata S.O (Mathura)Mathura281401
Chhatikara B.OMathura281001
Chhinparai B.OMathura281203
Civil Court S.O (Mathura)Mathura281001
Daghenta B.OMathura281308
Dahgaon B.OMathura281403
Dalauta B.OMathura281404
Dampier Nagar S.OMathura281001
Dangoli Banger B.OMathura281202
Daulatpur B.OMathura281301
Dautana B.OMathura281401
Deeg Gate S.OMathura281001
Deoseras B.OMathura281502
Dhanajeewana B.OMathura281122
Dhangaon B.OMathura281005
Edalgarhi B.OMathura281201
Farah S.OMathura281122
Fonder B.OMathura281123
G.B. Jatipura B.OMathura281001
G.N. Bazar S.OMathura281121
Gadhya Latipur B.OMathura281122
Gajoo B.OMathura281206
Garhumrao B.OMathura281302
Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi S.OMathura281003
Gidoh B.OMathura281403
Gokul S.OMathura281303
Goverdhan S.OMathura281502
Gudera B.OMathura281206
Gurkul B.OMathura281001
Harnaul B.OMathura281202
Hasanpur B.OMathura281205
Hatana B.OMathura281403
Hathia B.OMathura281405
Hayatpur B.OMathura281305
Jab B.OMathura281403
Jabra B.OMathura281202
Jait B.OMathura281001
Jarara B.OMathura281205
Jatwari B.OMathura281404
Jhanrautha B.OMathura281301
Jhudawai B.OMathura281122
Jikhangaon B.OMathura281501
Junsuti B.OMathura281501
Kadauna B.OMathura281403
Kamai B.OMathura281405
Karab B.OMathura281204
Karahari B.OMathura281205
Karnar B.OMathura281403
Khaira B.OMathura281401
Khairakothi B.OMathura281205
Khamani B.OMathura281501
Kharauth B.OMathura281403
Khirari B.OMathura281204
Khonthra B.OMathura281123
Kishanpur B.OMathura281305
Kolahar B.OMathura281201
Kosi Kalan S.OMathura281403
Kosi Khurd B.OMathura281005
Kotban B.OMathura281403
Krishna Nagar S.O (Mathura)Mathura281004
Krishna Puri S.OMathura281001
Kumhan B.OMathura281206
Ladhpur B.OMathura281401
Lal Darwaza S.O (Mathura)Mathura281001
Lalpur B.OMathura281403
Leela Dham S.OMathura281121
Lohai B.OMathura281205
Lohban B.OMathura281204
Loi Bazar S.OMathura281121
Madaura B.OMathura281301
Madem B.OMathura281204
Magna B.OMathura281301
Magorra B.OMathura281001
Mahaban S.OMathura281305
Maharana B.OMathura281405
Mahmadpur Parasoli B.OMathura281502
Maholi B.OMathura281004
Mahrauli B.OMathura281502
Mai B.OMathura281302
Managarhi B.OMathura281201
Manav Sew Shangh B.OMathura281121
Maninabalu B.OMathura281204
Mant S.OMathura281202
Matholi B.OMathura281201
Mathura Chawk S.OMathura281001
Mathura City S.OMathura281001
Mathura H.OMathura281001
Mathura Jn. R.S. S.OMathura281001
Mathura Refinery S.OMathura281005
Meerpur B.OMathura281205
Midhawali B.OMathura281302
Mudseras B.OMathura281502
Musmuna B.OMathura281203
Nagaura B.OMathura281204
Nagla Bali B.OMathura281301
Nainu Patti B.OMathura281123
Nandgaon B.OMathura281403
Nari B.OMathura281401
Nasitte B.OMathura281202
Naugaon B.OMathura281502
Naugaon B.OMathura281404
Nauhjhil S.OMathura281203
Nawali B.OMathura281205
Neemgaon B.OMathura281204
Nera B.OMathura281301
Ol B.OMathura281122
Pachawar B.OMathura281308
Paingaon B.OMathura281401
Paintha B.OMathura281502
Palson B.OMathura281502
Panigaon B.OMathura281204
Parasoli B.OMathura281201
Parkham B.OMathura281122
Parkhamgujar B.OMathura281406
Patlauni B.OMathura281301
Pchahara B.OMathura281201
Pelkhu B.OMathura281504
Phalen B.OMathura281403
Pilua B.OMathura281122
Pingari B.OMathura281122
Prem Nagar B.OMathura281003
R.D. Bazar S.OMathura281001
Radhakund S.OMathura281504
Raipur B.OMathura281203
Raipura Jat B.OMathura281122
Rajagarhi Khawal B.OMathura281205
Ral B.OMathura281504
Raman Rati S.OMathura281121
Ranhera B.OMathura281404
Ranwari B.OMathura281401
Raya S.OMathura281204
Refinery Nagar S.OMathura281006
Regimental Bazar B.OMathura281001
Roberts Line S.O (Mathura)Mathura281001
Roop Nagar B.OMathura281403
Sadar Bazar S.O (Mathura)Mathura281001
Sahar B.OMathura281502
Sahpur B.OMathura281403
Sakatpur B.OMathura281201
Sankat Mochan S.OMathura281001
Sarai Daud B.OMathura281308
Sardargarh B.OMathura281204
Satoha B.OMathura281004
Sehi B.OMathura281406
Senwa B.OMathura281404
Sersa B.OMathura281005
Shall B.OMathura281201
Shergarh S.O (Mathura)Mathura281404
Sihora B.OMathura281305
Sikanderpur B.OMathura281205
Siriya Ki Nagaria B.OMathura281204
Siwal B.OMathura281502
Son B.OMathura281123
Sonai S.O (Mathura)Mathura281206
Sonkh Khera B.OMathura281308
Sonkh S.OMathura281123
Sri Bankey Bihari Ji S.OMathura281121
Sri Krishna Janam Sthan S.OMathura281001
Sukh Sancharak S.OMathura281001
Surir S.OMathura281205
Tarauli B.OMathura281406
Tasinga B.OMathura281302
Tentigaon B.OMathura281202
Udhar B.OMathura281204
Usfar B.OMathura281004
Vairani B.OMathura281301
Veternary College S.OMathura281001
Vrindaban S.OMathura281121
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