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Mahoba Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mahoba district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ainchana B.OMahoba210425
Ajnar B.OMahoba210423
Akona B.OMahoba210423
Aktaunhan B.OMahoba210421
Ari B.OMahoba210423
Atrarmaf B.OMahoba210433
Baghanra B.OMahoba210423
Bagwaha B.OMahoba210426
Bahadurpur Kalan B.OMahoba210429
Bamhauri Kalan B.OMahoba210421
Bamrara B.OMahoba210421
Basaut B.OMahoba210425
Bendo B.OMahoba210429
Bhandra B.OMahoba210433
Bharwara B.OMahoba210429
Bijaypur B.OMahoba210429
Bila Dakhin B.OMahoba210424
Bilbai B.OMahoba210427
Bilkhi B.OMahoba210433
Budhwara B.OMahoba210423
Chandauli B.OMahoba210421
Charkhari State S.OMahoba210421
Chhani Kalan B.OMahoba210424
Dharaun B.OMahoba210424
Dulara B.OMahoba210429
Gandhi Nagar Mahoba S.OMahoba210427
Ganj B.OMahoba210424
Garha B.OMahoba210421
Gaurahari B.OMahoba210429
Gyondi B.OMahoba210507
Jaitpur S.O (Mahoba)Mahoba210423
Kabrai S.OMahoba210424
Kaithi B.OMahoba210429
Kankuwan B.OMahoba210429
Karahra Kalan B.OMahoba210427
Kashipur B.OMahoba210429
Khajuriha Pahra B.OMahoba210424
Khanna S.OMahoba210504
Kharela S.OMahoba210425
Kilahua B.OMahoba210429
Kohaniya B.OMahoba210429
Kulpahar S.OMahoba210426
Kuwan B.OMahoba210425
Ladpur B.OMahoba210426
Mahewa B.OMahoba210424
Maho R.S. B.OMahoba210427
Mahoba S.OMahoba210427
Mahua B.OMahoba210429
Mahuabandh B.OMahoba210423
Makarbai B.OMahoba210424
Masoodpura B.OMahoba210429
Mudhari B.OMahoba210426
Nagradang B.OMahoba210423
Nanaura B.OMahoba210433
Pachara B.OMahoba210423
Paharia B.OMahoba210429
Pahra Kalan B.OMahoba210427
Panwari S.OMahoba210429
Parsaha B.OMahoba210424
Paswara B.OMahoba210427
Patha B.OMahoba210424
Pawa B.OMahoba210433
Pewai Sunaicha B.OMahoba210424
Pewan B.OMahoba210504
Pipramaf B.OMahoba210433
Rainpura B.OMahoba210421
Rewai B.OMahoba210421
Rewai Sunaicha B.OMahoba210424
Rewan B.OMahoba210504
Roori Kalan B.OMahoba210429
Saidpur B.OMahoba210431
Salarpur B.OMahoba210433
Satari B.OMahoba210426
Sheohar B.OMahoba210424
Sijahri B.OMahoba210427
Sijwaha B.OMahoba210433
Singhaupur Baghari B.OMahoba210424
Sirsi Kalan B.OMahoba210504
Sirsi Khurd B.OMahoba210504
Srinagar S.O (Mahoba)Mahoba210433
Sugira B.OMahoba210426
Supa B.OMahoba210421
Syondhi B.OMahoba210429
Teiya B.OMahoba210429
Tikamau B.OMahoba210427
Tikaria B.OMahoba210423
Umari B.OMahoba210429

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