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Lucknow Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Lucknow district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
32 Bn PAC S.OLucknow226023
32 Bn. Pac B.OLucknow226008
A N L Colony S.OLucknow226004
A P Sabha S.OLucknow226001
Aashiana S.OLucknow226012
Adampur Janubi B.OLucknow226303
Adarsh Nagar S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226005
Ain B.OLucknow226005
Aishbagh S.OLucknow226004
Akariakalan B.OLucknow226203
Alambagh S.OLucknow226005
Alamnagar B.OLucknow226017
Aliganj Extension S.OLucknow226024
Aliganj S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226024
Amaniganj B.OLucknow226203
Amausi Ad S.OLucknow226009
Amausi B.OLucknow226008
Amberganj B.OLucknow226003
Amethi B.OLucknow226501
Amethia Salempur B.OLucknow226101
Aminabad Park S.OLucknow226018
Amraigaon B.OLucknow226028
Anandnagar S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226005
Anaura Kalan B.OLucknow226028
Antagarhi B.OLucknow226104
Arjunganj B.OLucknow226002
Arjunpur B.OLucknow226203
Arya Nagar S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226004
Asti B.OLucknow226201
Atari B.OLucknow226104
Ateswa B.OLucknow226203
Aurawan B.OLucknow226401
Avas Vikas Colony S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226017
B Hotel S.OLucknow226001
B R A University S.OLucknow226025
Badiyan B.OLucknow226104
Bahargaon B.OLucknow226203
Bahrauli B.OLucknow226303
Bahroo B.OLucknow226101
Bakkash B.OLucknow226002
Bakshi Ka Talab S.OLucknow226201
Balrampur Hospital S.OLucknow226018
Bani B.OLucknow226401
Banthra S.OLucknow226401
Baragaon B.OLucknow226101
Barauna B.OLucknow226002
Barawan Kalan B.OLucknow226101
Barha S.OLucknow226005
Barwalia B.OLucknow226301
Basha B.OLucknow226026
Batha Sabauli B.OLucknow226021
Baurumau B.OLucknow226201
Bazargaron B.OLucknow226104
Beerpur B.OLucknow226104
Begariamau B.OLucknow226501
Behta B.OLucknow226026
Benti B.OLucknow226005
Bhadeswa B.OLucknow226301
Bhadrukh B.OLucknow226002
Bhadwana B.OLucknow226102
Bhagwantpur B.OLucknow226104
Bharwara B.OLucknow226104
Bhatgaon B.OLucknow226005
Bhauli B.OLucknow226201
Bhilampur B.OLucknow226301
Bibipur B.OLucknow226203
Bijnaur B.OLucknow226002
Blunt Square S.OLucknow226004
C B Lines S.OLucknow226002
C E School B.OLucknow226008
C&w Work Shop S.OLucknow226005
Canal Colony S.OLucknow226001
Chakganjaria B.OLucknow226002
Chandganj S.OLucknow226024
Chandrawal B.OLucknow226002
Charbagh S.OLucknow226004
Chatauni B.OLucknow226303
Chaupatiyan B.OLucknow226003
Chinhat S.OLucknow226028
Cimap S.OLucknow226015
CPMG Campus S.OLucknow226001
D M Road S.OLucknow226020
D S Bazar S.OLucknow226002
Daliganj S.OLucknow226020
Darul Safa S.OLucknow226001
Daulatpur B.OLucknow226103
Dayalpur B.OLucknow226302
Deoti B.OLucknow226301
Dhendhemau B.OLucknow226102
Diguria B.OLucknow226020
Dilawarnagar B.OLucknow226102
Dilkusha S.OLucknow226002
Distt. Jail S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226005
Dona B.OLucknow226101
FFTC Indaurabagh S.OLucknow226202
Gahdon B.OLucknow226104
Ganesh Ganj S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226018
Garhi Chunauti B.OLucknow226401
Gaunda B.OLucknow226103
Gayrtinagar B.OLucknow226021
Ghaila B.OLucknow226020
Ghazipur S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226016
Gohramau B.OLucknow226101
Goila B.OLucknow226028
Gokhley Marg S.OLucknow226001
Golaganj S.OLucknow226018
Gomtinagar S.OLucknow226010
Gomtinagar Vistar S.OLucknow226010
Gopramau B.OLucknow226104
Gosainganj S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226501
Guramba B.OLucknow226026
Gurdwara S.OLucknow226004
H C Bench S.OLucknow226001
H E School S.OLucknow226006
Hal S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226016
Harauni B.OLucknow226401
Hasanpur Keoli B.OLucknow226002
Hasnain Market S.OLucknow226003
Hasnapur B.OLucknow226501
Husainabad S.OLucknow226003
Iim Mubarakpur S.OLucknow226013
IIT Dasauli S.OLucknow226026
IIT Dashauli S.OLucknow226021
Ind.Area Sarojininagar S.OLucknow226008
Indara B.OLucknow226203
Indira Nagar S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226016
Indiranagar Sec-14 S.OLucknow226016
Indiranagar Sec-18 S.OLucknow226016
Indiranagar Sec-21 S.OLucknow226016
Industria Area Chinhat S.OLucknow226019
Industrial Area S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226009
Int Gaon B.OLucknow226008
Itaunja S.OLucknow226203
Jabrauli B.OLucknow226301
Jagdishpur B.OLucknow226201
Jaitikhera B.OLucknow226301
Jamkhanwa B.OLucknow226203
Jamolia B.OLucknow226103
Jankipuram S.OLucknow226021
Jankipuram Vistar S.OLucknow226021
Jawahar Bhawan S.OLucknow226001
Jindaur B.OLucknow226103
Juggaur B.OLucknow226028
Kahla B.OLucknow226102
Kakori S.OLucknow226101
Kakrabad B.OLucknow226102
Kalli Pacchim B.OLucknow226301
Kalyanpur S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226022
Kamlabad Badauli B.OLucknow226201
Kankaha B.OLucknow226301
Karora B.OLucknow226303
Kasimpur Biruha B.OLucknow226501
Kasmandi Kalan B.OLucknow226102
Kasmandi Khurd B.OLucknow226102
Katauli B.OLucknow226102
Kathwara B.OLucknow226201
Keoli B.OLucknow226303
Khalispur B.OLucknow226101
Khantari B.OLucknow226203
Kharika B.OLucknow226002
Kharsara B.OLucknow226104
Khushalganj B.OLucknow226101
Kotwa B.OLucknow226201
Kranti Line S.OLucknow226002
Kumharawan. B.OLucknow226203
Kusmaura B.OLucknow226301
L D A Colony S.OLucknow226012
Lalbagh S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226001
Laulai B.OLucknow226010
Locomotive W Shop S.OLucknow226005
Lonikatra S.OLucknow226020
Lucknow Chowk H.OLucknow226003
Lucknow G.P.O.Lucknow226001
M N Colony S.OLucknow226006
Madiyaon B.OLucknow226021
Mahanagar S.OLucknow226006
Maharishi Vidya Mandir S.OLucknow226020
Mahigawan B.OLucknow226203
Mahmoodnagar B.OLucknow226102
Mahona B.OLucknow226203
Malesemau B.OLucknow226010
Malha B.OLucknow226101
Malhaur B.OLucknow226028
Malihabad S.OLucknow226102
Mall S.OLucknow226104
Manaknagar S.OLucknow226011
Manasnagar S.OLucknow226023
Mansoor Nagar S.OLucknow226003
Mati B.OLucknow226002
Maunda B.OLucknow226008
Mawai Kalan B.OLucknow226103
Mawai Khurd B.OLucknow226104
Mawai Padiyana B.OLucknow226008
Medical College S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226003
Meeraknagar B.OLucknow226302
Mehmoodpur B.OLucknow226501
Military Hospital S.OLucknow226002
Mill Road S.OLucknow226004
Mohanlalganj S.OLucknow226301
Mohari Khurd B.OLucknow226301
Munnu Khera B.OLucknow226104
Nabipanah B.OLucknow226104
Nadan Mahal B.OLucknow226003
Nadwa S.OLucknow226007
Nagram S.OLucknow226303
Narain Nagar S.OLucknow226016
Narosa B.OLucknow226203
Naubasta S.OLucknow226003
Navinmandi S.OLucknow226024
Naya Gaon S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226018
Neewan B.OLucknow226401
New Ganeshganj S.OLucknow226018
New Hyderabad S.OLucknow226007
Niel Lines S.OLucknow226002
Nigohan S.OLucknow226302
Nilmatha B.OLucknow226002
Niralanagar S.OLucknow226020
Paharpur B.OLucknow226203
Pandariba S.OLucknow226004
Pateona B.OLucknow226104
Pawanpuri S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226005
Piparsand B.OLucknow226008
Purseni B.OLucknow226301
R A College S.OLucknow226004
R B Colony S.OLucknow226018
R G C Mill S.OLucknow226017
R P Line S.OLucknow226007
Raghunathpur B.OLucknow226104
Rahim Nagar Padiana B.OLucknow226005
Rahimabad S.OLucknow226103
Raitha B.OLucknow226202
Raja Bazar S.OLucknow226003
Rajajipuram S.OLucknow226017
Rajauli B.OLucknow226026
Rajendranagar S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226004
Ranipara B.OLucknow226104
Rasoolpur Saadat B.OLucknow226028
Rasoolpur Tikaniamau B.OLucknow226501
Rehman Khera B.OLucknow226101
Rusena B.OLucknow226103
Saadatganj S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226003
Sadrauna B.OLucknow226008
Sahijana B.OLucknow226103
Sairpur B.OLucknow226201
Salehnagar B.OLucknow226104
Salempur B.OLucknow226501
Samesi B.OLucknow226303
Sanatan Dharam Vidya Peeth S.OLucknow226026
Sant Market S.OLucknow226006
Sarai Damu B.OLucknow226203
Sarai Gudauli B.OLucknow226301
Sarai Mali Khan S.OLucknow226003
Saraura B.OLucknow226201
Sarfraj S.OLucknow226003
Sarojini Nagar S.OLucknow226008
Sarvoday Nagar S.OLucknow226016
Sathwara B.OLucknow226501
Sec-B Indira Nagar S.OLucknow226016
Sec-d Indiranagar S.OLucknow226016
Secretariat S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226001
Sgpgi S.OLucknow226014
Shia Lines S.OLucknow226002
Shivaji Marg S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226018
Singar Nagar S.OLucknow226005
Singhamau B.OLucknow226203
Singhrawa B.OLucknow226102
Sisendi B.OLucknow226301
Sujanpura S.OLucknow226005
Sunderbagh S.OLucknow226018
Suspen B.OLucknow226103
T. Tib B.OLucknow226003
Thakurganj B.OLucknow226003
Thari B.OLucknow226104
Thawar B.OLucknow226104
Tirwa B.OLucknow226401
Topkhana Bazar S.OLucknow226002
Triveni Nagar S.OLucknow226020
U I C Mill B.OLucknow226003
U P Governer Camp S.OLucknow226027
Ujariaon B.OLucknow226010
Umrawal B.OLucknow226104
Usarana B.OLucknow226203
Utrathia B.OLucknow226002
Utrawan B.OLucknow226302
Victoriaganj S.OLucknow226003
Vikas Nagar S.OLucknow226022
Vineet Khand S.OLucknow226010
Vrinda Van Colony S.OLucknow226029
Wazirganj S.O (Lucknow)Lucknow226018
Yahiaganj S.OLucknow226003

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