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Kanpur Nagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kanpur Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Amour B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Anand Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208011
Anwarganj S.OKanpur Nagar208003
Aranjhami B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Armapore Estate S.OKanpur Nagar208009
Armapore S.OKanpur Nagar208009
Arya Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208002
Avas Vikas Yojna No. 3 S.OKanpur Nagar208017
B N Shukla & Sons S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Baikuthpur B.OKanpur Nagar209217
Bairi B.OKanpur Nagar208017
Baraigarh B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Barra S.OKanpur Nagar208027
Barra Vishwa Bank Sector-A S.OKanpur Nagar208027
Bausar B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Behta Gambhirpur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Bhadrsa B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Bhairampur B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Bharu B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Bhauti Pratappur B.OKanpur Nagar209305
Bheoli B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Bhimsen B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Bidhnoo S.OKanpur Nagar209214
Bima Vihar S.OKanpur Nagar208024
Binour B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Birhana Raod S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Bisayakpur B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Bithoor B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Cambridge Road S.OKanpur Nagar208007
CAT S.OKanpur Nagar208008
Chakarpur S.OKanpur Nagar209305
Chakeri Aerodrum S.OKanpur Nagar208008
Chaubepur S.OKanpur Nagar209203
Chauki Jarib S.OKanpur Nagar208003
Chaurai B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Chhatarpur B.OKanpur Nagar209214
COD S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208013
Colonelganj S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208001
Cotton Mill S.OKanpur Nagar208001
D O Oil Mill S.OKanpur Nagar208012
Dehli Ujagar B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Deosarh B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Dhankutti S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Dmsrde S.OKanpur Nagar208013
Elgin Mills S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Employeement Exchange S.OKanpur Nagar208002
Fahimabad S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Farrashkhana S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Fatehpur Roshnai B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Gandhi Grame S.OKanpur Nagar208007
Gayatri Seedh Peeth Khadeshar B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Gazipur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Gopalpur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Govind Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208006
Govind Nagar West S.OKanpur Nagar208006
Gsvm Medical College S.OKanpur Nagar208002
Gwaltoli S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Hal Colony S.OKanpur Nagar208007
Harchandkhera B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Hardauli B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Harjinder Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208007
Hathigaon B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Hatia S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208001
Hbti S.OKanpur Nagar208002
Hns Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208005
Iit S.OKanpur Nagar208016
Indira Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208026
Industrial Estate S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208012
Itra B.OKanpur Nagar209217
J K Puri S.OKanpur Nagar208010
Jamu B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Jarkala B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Jawahar Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208012
Jugrajpur B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Juhi Colony S.OKanpur Nagar208014
K M Street S.OKanpur Nagar208001
K P University S.OKanpur Nagar208024
Kadari Champatpur B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Kaindha B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Kalyanpur S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208017
Kamlapur B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Kanpur Cantt. H.OKanpur Nagar208004
Kanpur Court S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Kanpur H.OKanpur Nagar208001
Kanpur West S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Karbigvan B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Kasigaon B.OKanpur Nagar208021
Kathara B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Katherua B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Kathongar B.OKanpur Nagar208021
Kaushalpuri S.OKanpur Nagar208012
Keshav Puram S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208017
Khapra Mohal S.OKanpur Nagar208004
Kheora B.OKanpur Nagar208002
Kidwai Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208011
Krishna Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208007
Kudani B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Kulgaon B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Maharajpur B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Maholi B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Mahua Gaon B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Majhawan B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Mandhana S.OKanpur Nagar209217
Mardanpur B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Meerpur Cantt S.OKanpur Nagar208004
Motijheel S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208002
Munshipurwa S.OKanpur Nagar208023
N C Line S.OKanpur Nagar208002
N H Road S.OKanpur Nagar208021
Napier Road S.OKanpur Nagar208004
Naramau S.OKanpur Nagar209217
Narona Exchange S.OKanpur Nagar208004
Narwal S.OKanpur Nagar209401
Nasra B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Naubasta S.OKanpur Nagar208021
Naveen Market S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Naveen Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208025
Nawabganj H.OKanpur Nagar208002
Nayaganj S.OKanpur Nagar208001
New Pac Lines S.OKanpur Nagar208015
Nirala Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208014
Nsi S.OKanpur Nagar208017
Oe Factory S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Pachor B.OKanpur Nagar209217
Palhepur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Pali Bhogipur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Panki Ganga Ganj B.OKanpur Nagar208020
Panki S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208020
Parasadepur B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Parsauli B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Pem B.OKanpur Nagar209217
Philkhana S.OKanpur Nagar208001
Phuphuwar B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Pipergaon B.OKanpur Nagar208021
Prempur Badagaon B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Purana Kanpur S.OKanpur Nagar208002
Purwameer B.OKanpur Nagar209402
R K Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208012
Railganj S.OKanpur Nagar208004
Raipur Kukhat B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Ramaipur B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Rambagh S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208012
Rania B.OKanpur Nagar209304
Rasulpur Umra B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Ratan Lal Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208022
Rawatpur S.OKanpur Nagar208019
RBI Colony S.OKanpur Nagar208011
Rooma B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Sachendi S.OKanpur Nagar209304
Saketpuri S.OKanpur Nagar208025
Salempur B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Sanigawan B.OKanpur Nagar208021
Sapai B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Sarh B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Sarsaul S.OKanpur Nagar209402
Sarvodaya Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208005
Sawaijpur B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Semarjhal B.OKanpur Nagar209401
Senpara Paschim B.OKanpur Nagar208001
Shivaji Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208005
Shiwans Tanney S.OKanpur Nagar208010
Shyam Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208013
Sirhi Itra B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Sisamau S.OKanpur Nagar208012
Subhauli B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Swarup Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208002
Syyed Nagar Post Office S.OKanpur Nagar208019
T P Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208023
Tatya Ganj B.OKanpur Nagar209217
Taudhakpur B.OKanpur Nagar208021
Tikra B.OKanpur Nagar209217
Tilsahari B.OKanpur Nagar209402
Udaipur B.OKanpur Nagar209214
Udyog Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208022
Vijai Nagar S.O (Kanpur Nagar)Kanpur Nagar208005
Yashoda Nagar S.OKanpur Nagar208011

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