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Kanpur Dehat Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kanpur Dehat district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aakeen B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Aanupur B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Akaru B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Akauri B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Akbarpur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Akbarpur S.OKanpur Dehat209101
Amraaudha S.OKanpur Dehat209112
Anaie B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Angadpur B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Anta B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Anwa B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Aonaha B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Araul B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Arhariyamau B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Arsun Bangar B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Asalatganj B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Asdhna B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Aslanapur B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Asvi B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Aurangabad B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Aurangpur Gahdeva B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Aurotahar Pur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
B.B.Gaon S.OKanpur Dehat209209
Baalai Bujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Bachhna B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Bairi Sawai B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Bamhrauli B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Bamhrauli Ghat B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Ban B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Banipara B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Bannapur B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Bara B.OKanpur Dehat209311
Bara Daulatpur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Baragaon Bhikhi B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Baranda B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Barapur B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Baraur S.OKanpur Dehat209312
Bari Alipur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Bari Mahtaen B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Baripal B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Barnaon B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Barra Tharra B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Bauhar B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Behta Bujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Bewain B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Bewan B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Bhadhpur B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Bhadras B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Bhadwara B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Bhaisana B.OKanpur Dehat209205
Bhaisau B.OKanpur Dehat209205
Bhaisayan(E.U.P-7098) B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Bhal B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Bhandauli B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Bhandemau B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Bharamau B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Bharatpur Piyaso B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Bhaupur S.OKanpur Dehat209307
Bhavaiya B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Bhiwan B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Bhognipur B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Bhool B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Bhuganiyapur B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Bibipur B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Bijhara B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Bilhapur B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Bilhaur S.OKanpur Dehat209202
Birhar B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Birhuan B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Boramau B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Budhauli B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Chanwar B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Chhatarpur B.OKanpur Dehat209205
Chhatrsa B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Chitaauli B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Chowki B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Dalipangar B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Damanpur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Debair B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Derapur S.OKanpur Dehat209301
Devha B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Devrahut B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Dhamna Bujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Dharampur B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Dharmangadpur B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Dharmangadpur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Dheli B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Dilauliya B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Doharapur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Dundwa B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Durooli B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Duwari B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Gabdaha B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Gadatha B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Gahlo Zarbi B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Gajna B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Gajner B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Galuapur B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Gangruli B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Gaur B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Gauri Bhagwantpur B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Gauri Karan B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Gaurikaran B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Gauriyapur B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Ghanshyampur B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Ghatampur S.OKanpur Dehat209206
Girdu B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Girsi B.OKanpur Dehat209311
Gujela B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Gujraai B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Gurdahi Bujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Gurugaon B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Hansemau B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Haramau B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Harbansh Pur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Hathai B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Hathika B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Hyuma B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Indrarukh B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Injuarampur B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Itrra B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Jaganpur B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Jahagirabad B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Jainpur I A S.OKanpur Dehat209311
Jajpur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Jalalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Jhindaura B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Jhinjhak S.OKanpur Dehat209302
Jot B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Jsapur B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Kachhigaon B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Kahijari B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Kailai B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Kaitha B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Kakban B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Kakoopur B.OKanpur Dehat209205
Kamalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Kamsaan B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Kandhi B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Kari Kalwari B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Karosa B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Karsa B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Kashipur B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Kasolar B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Kathethi (E.U.P-7895) B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Katri B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Kausum B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Khamhaila B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Khanpur B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Khawajaphool B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Khera Kurshi B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Kodwa B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Kohara B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Korea B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Kotra Makrandpur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Kunjehi B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Kuwankhera B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Laloo B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Lalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Lalpur R.S. B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Lalpur Shivrajpur B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Laxmanpur Pilakh B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Lohari B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Mahera B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Mahua Mahoi B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Mahuwa Nogaon B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Maitha B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Maitha R.S. B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Makanpur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Makhauli B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Makrandpur B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Malasa B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Maloo B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Mancha B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Manethu B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Mangalpur S.O (Kanpur Dehat)Kanpur Dehat209310
Mangta B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Manpur B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Mariyapur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Mati B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Meenapur B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Mirgaon B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Mohammedpur B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Mohana (E.U.P. 7305) B.OKanpur Dehat209311
Mojampur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Mokhakhurd B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Mubarakpur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Musa Nagar S.OKanpur Dehat209208
Nabipur B.OKanpur Dehat209311
Nadoha B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Naila B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Nanamau B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Nandpur B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Narkhurd B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Nashirapur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Naubasta B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Nauranga B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Nigoha B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Ninama B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Nonapur B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Nonari B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Oderi B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Oriya B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Padiya (E.U.P-5089) B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Padri Lalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Pahewa B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Palhnapur B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Pama R.S. B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Paniyamau B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Parachand B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Pasikhera B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Patara S.O (Kanpur Dehat)Kanpur Dehat209308
Patra B.OKanpur Dehat209311
Patrsa B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Pihani Majbootnagar B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Pindarthu B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Pras B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Pratappur B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Prokha B.OKanpur Dehat209310
Pukhrayan S.OKanpur Dehat209111
Pur (E.U.P.3155) B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Puraanpurwa B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Radhan ( E.U.P.-5857) B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Rahimpur B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Raipalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Rajpur S.O (Kanpur Dehat)Kanpur Dehat209115
Ramau B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Rampur B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Rar B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Rasatpur B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Rasdhan B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Rasulabad S.O (Kanpur Dehat)Kanpur Dehat209306
Rasulpur Gogumau(E.U.P-7906) B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Ratanpur B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Rathigaon B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Rawaipur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Rawatpur Chaudhriyan B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Reri B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Revna B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Roop Nagar B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Rootapur Kalan B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Roshanmau ( E.U.P.-6054) B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Rura S.OKanpur Dehat209303
Rurgaon B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Rurwahar B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Sabhalpur B.OKanpur Dehat209205
Sadar Bazar Ghatampur B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Saibasu B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Sairua B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Saitha B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Sajeti B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Sakhrez B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Sakrawa B.OKanpur Dehat209204
Sambhuai B.OKanpur Dehat208001
Sandelpur B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Saray B.OKanpur Dehat209111
Saray Garewa B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Sargaon Bujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Sariyapur B.OKanpur Dehat209101
Sarwankhera S.OKanpur Dehat209121
Satti B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Selhoopur B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Shahi ( E.U.P-6127) B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Shahjahanpur B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Shambhua B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Shekhpur B.OKanpur Dehat209112
Sheoli S.OKanpur Dehat209204
Sheorajpur S.OKanpur Dehat209205
Shisahi B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Sikandra S.O (Kanpur Dehat)Kanpur Dehat209125
Silhara B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Singrasipur B.OKanpur Dehat209208
Sithmara B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Sithrabujurg B.OKanpur Dehat209312
Srinagar B.OKanpur Dehat209206
Ssudhardevo (E.U.P - 9346) B.OKanpur Dehat209210
Sujanpur(E.U.P.9348) B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Sultanur B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Sunderpur Gajan B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Surar B.OKanpur Dehat209307
Targaon B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Tari Pathakpur B.OKanpur Dehat209203
Tigaei B.OKanpur Dehat209303
Tilsara B.OKanpur Dehat209308
Titthi B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Umarpur B.OKanpur Dehat209125
Umri B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Ursaan B.OKanpur Dehat209301
Usri B.OKanpur Dehat209306
Uttaripura S.OKanpur Dehat209210
Uttha B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Vaina B.OKanpur Dehat209115
Vakori B.OKanpur Dehat209202
Virsinghpur B.OKanpur Dehat209209
Zalihapur B.OKanpur Dehat209302
Zithrauli B.OKanpur Dehat209121
Zuniya B.OKanpur Dehat209121

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