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Jhansi Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jhansi district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
33 Bn. Pac Jhansi S.OJhansi284135
Abbotganj S.OJhansi284003
Aivani B.OJhansi284204
Akseo B.OJhansi284204
Amanpura-war B.OJhansi284205
Ambabai B.OJhansi284419
Amgaon B.OJhansi284306
Amra B.OJhansi284303
Amrokh B.OJhansi284303
Asta B.OJhansi284202
Atariya B.OJhansi284303
Aupara B.OJhansi284301
Ayurvedic University S.OJhansi284003
Babina Cantt. S.OJhansi284401
Babina Town S.OJhansi284401
Badokhari B.OJhansi284304
Baghaira B.OJhansi284202
Baidora B.OJhansi284401
Bajhera B.OJhansi284301
Bakwan B.OJhansi284303
Bamaur B.OJhansi284202
Bamhori B.OJhansi284204
Bangra B.OJhansi284205
Bangri B.OJhansi284202
Banka Pahari B.OJhansi284204
Bara Bazar S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284002
Baragaon S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284121
Baral B.OJhansi284301
Baratakalan B.OJhansi284121
Barauri B.OJhansi284204
Barhwar B.OJhansi284206
Barwasagar S.OJhansi284201
Basobai B.OJhansi284303
Belma Kalan B.OJhansi284303
Berwai B.OJhansi284204
Bhadarwara B.OJhansi284204
Bhadarwara Khurd B.OJhansi284204
Bhagwantpura B.OJhansi284127
Bhandra Khilara B.OJhansi284204
Bharosa B.OJhansi284303
Bhasneh B.OJhansi284204
Bhattagaon S.OJhansi284127
BHEL S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284120
Bheonraghat B.OJhansi284303
Bhojala B.OJhansi284002
Bijauli B.OJhansi284135
Bijaura B.OJhansi284204
Bijna B.OJhansi284206
Bilati Karke B.OJhansi284302
Birguwan B.OJhansi284121
Bonda B.OJhansi284204
Boodha B.OJhansi284002
Bundelkhand University S.OJhansi284128
Burhpura B.OJhansi284401
C & W Workshop S.OJhansi284003
Chamrauwa B.OJhansi284120
Chanaoni B.OJhansi284401
Chauraha Municipal Board S.OJhansi284001
Chelra B.OJhansi284303
Chheonta B.OJhansi284304
Chirgaon Khurd B.OJhansi284304
Chirgaon S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284301
Churara B.OJhansi284204
Dangarwaha B.OJhansi284419
Deori Singhpura B.OJhansi284205
Dhamna Payak B.OJhansi284204
Dhamnakhurd B.OJhansi284121
Dhanaura B.OJhansi284202
Dhaurra B.OJhansi284204
Dhawakar B.OJhansi284204
Dhawari B.OJhansi284202
Dhurwai B.OJhansi284206
Dumrai B.OJhansi284203
Erich S.OJhansi284302
Gairaha B.OJhansi284205
Garautha S.OJhansi284203
Garhiagaon B.OJhansi284003
Garhmau B.OJhansi284121
Garhwai B.OJhansi284202
Ghat Kotra B.OJhansi284204
Ghat Lehchura B.OJhansi284204
Ghisauli B.OJhansi284401
Ghughuwa B.OJhansi284201
Ghuraiya B.OJhansi284202
Ghurat B.OJhansi284205
Gokul B.OJhansi284202
Gonti B.OJhansi284302
Gursarai S.OJhansi284202
Haiwatpura B.OJhansi284204
Hasari B.OJhansi284135
Isagarh B.OJhansi284002
Iskil B.OJhansi284302
Itayal B.OJhansi284204
Jakhaura B.OJhansi284202
Jaryai B.OJhansi284301
Jaunra B.OJhansi284303
Jhansi Cantt. S.OJhansi284001
Jhansi City S.OJhansi284002
Jhansi H.OJhansi284001
Jhansi Kutchery S.OJhansi284001
Jhansi Railway Station S.OJhansi284003
Jhansi Sadar Bazar S.OJhansi284001
Jonri Buzurg B.OJhansi284121
Kachir B.OJhansi284203
Kachneo B.OJhansi284205
Kakarwai B.OJhansi284203
Kakwara B.OJhansi284204
Karari B.OJhansi284003
Karguwan B.OJhansi284301
Karguwan Khurd B.OJhansi284202
Karkos B.OJhansi284303
Katera B.OJhansi284205
Khadaura B.OJhansi284203
Khailar B.OJhansi284120
Khajraha Buzurg B.OJhansi284120
Khajraha Khurd B.OJhansi284120
Kharauwa B.OJhansi284303
Khilli B.OJhansi284306
Khisni Buzurg B.OJhansi284205
Khushipura B.OJhansi284002
Kochha Bhanwar B.OJhansi284128
Kudri B.OJhansi284302
Kudri B.OJhansi284202
Kumhariya B.OJhansi284303
Kumhrar B.OJhansi284303
Kureecha B.OJhansi284204
Kuretha B.OJhansi284202
Labhera B.OJhansi284302
Ladawra B.OJhansi284303
Lahar Gird B.OJhansi284003
Lal Kurti Bazar B.OJhansi284001
Lawan B.OJhansi284303
Lohagarh B.OJhansi285205
Luhari B.OJhansi284205
Magarpur B.OJhansi284205
Mahewa B.OJhansi284204
Manpura B.OJhansi284401
Markuan B.OJhansi284204
Mathurapura B.OJhansi284120
Mauranipur Bus Stand S.OJhansi284204
Mauranipur S.OJhansi284204
Mlb Medical College S.OJhansi284128
Moth S.OJhansi284303
Moti Katra B.OJhansi284203
Nagara B.OJhansi284123
Nagra B.OJhansi284202
Nai Basti B.OJhansi284002
Nandkhas B.OJhansi284303
Nari B.OJhansi284306
Naria Bazar S.OJhansi284002
Nauta B.OJhansi284202
Nayakhera B.OJhansi284401
Orchha Gate B.OJhansi284002
Padra B.OJhansi284205
Pahari Buzurg B.OJhansi284301
Palar B.OJhansi284121
Pali Pahari B.OJhansi284419
Palra B.OJhansi284205
Pandori B.OJhansi284303
Pandwaha B.OJhansi284206
Parichha Thermal Power Project S.OJhansi284305
Pasaura B.OJhansi284206
Patha B.OJhansi284405
Patha B.OJhansi284302
Patha Dhakarwara B.OJhansi284204
Pathguwan B.OJhansi284205
Patti Kumharra B.OJhansi284303
Poonchh S.OJhansi284306
Premnagar S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284003
Pulia B.OJhansi284303
Punaoli Kalan B.OJhansi284419
Rajapur B.OJhansi284419
Raksa S.OJhansi284419
Ram Nagar B.OJhansi284301
Rampura Kirwaha B.OJhansi285125
Ranguwan B.OJhansi284121
Ranipur S.O (Jhansi)Jhansi284205
Ratausa B.OJhansi284205
Reo B.OJhansi284303
Rewan B.OJhansi284204
Roni Baragaon B.OJhansi284204
Rora Bhatpura B.OJhansi284204
Rupa Dhamna B.OJhansi284204
Sainyargate B.OJhansi284002
Saipura B.OJhansi284204
Sakin B.OJhansi284304
Sakrar B.OJhansi284205
Samthar S.OJhansi284304
Sarol B.OJhansi284121
Sarsenda B.OJhansi284202
Semri B.OJhansi284303
Sersa B.OJhansi284306
Sesha B.OJhansi284306
Shahjahanpur B.OJhansi284303
Siaoni Khurd B.OJhansi284205
Siaori B.OJhansi284204
Sijari Buzurg B.OJhansi284204
Simardha B.OJhansi284203
Simraha B.OJhansi284127
Simthari B.OJhansi284301
Sipri Bazar S.OJhansi284003
Siya B.OJhansi284301
Siya Kharka B.OJhansi284203
Soot Bazar B.OJhansi284204
Subhashganj S.OJhansi284002
Sutta B.OJhansi284202
Taindol B.OJhansi284201
Talaud B.OJhansi284303
Tehrauli B.OJhansi284202
Tori B.OJhansi284303
Tori Fatehpur S.OJhansi284206
Ujyan B.OJhansi284121
Uldan B.OJhansi284205
Vijay Garh B.OJhansi284205

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