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Jalaun Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jalaun district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhedepur B.OJalaun285130
Aeir B.OJalaun285001
Aindha B.OJalaun285223
Ait S.OJalaun285201
Ajeetapur B.OJalaun285129
Aknewa B.OJalaun285205
Akorhi B.OJalaun285201
Akorhi Dubey B.OJalaun285123
Alipur B.OJalaun285203
Amkhera B.OJalaun285123
Anda B.OJalaun285205
Ata S.OJalaun285202
Atagaon B.OJalaun285121
Atarehati B.OJalaun285121
Atariya B.OJalaun285123
Atra Kalan B.OJalaun285123
Aurekhi B.OJalaun285123
Babai B.OJalaun285123
Babina B.OJalaun285203
Bagi B.OJalaun285203
Bahadurpur B.OJalaun285124
Bairai B.OJalaun285204
Bandhauli B.OJalaun285122
Bangra S.OJalaun285121
Baoni Estate S.OJalaun285203
Baragaon B.OJalaun285001
Barkhera B.OJalaun285203
Baroda Kalan B.OJalaun285205
Barsar B.OJalaun285223
Baseeth B.OJalaun285206
Basob B.OJalaun285201
Beerpura B.OJalaun285001
Beri B.OJalaun285203
Bhadari B.OJalaun285205
Bhadeikh B.OJalaun285125
Bhadreikhi B.OJalaun285202
Bhaoupura B.OJalaun285128
Bharsoonda B.OJalaun285201
Bhend B.OJalaun285205
Bhendi B.OJalaun285203
Bichauli B.OJalaun285130
Bilayan B.OJalaun285201
Bilond B.OJalaun285124
Binaura B.OJalaun285223
Binaura B.OJalaun285123
Birasni B.OJalaun285201
Birguwan Buzurg B.OJalaun285201
Birguwan Khurd B.OJalaun285201
Chaki B.OJalaun285123
Chamari B.OJalaun285202
Chamend B.OJalaun285205
Chandurra B.OJalaun285201
Chatela B.OJalaun285203
Chhani B.OJalaun285205
Chhiriya Salempur B.OJalaun285123
Chhonk B.OJalaun285202
Chilli B.OJalaun285001
Chitaura B.OJalaun285126
Churkhi B.OJalaun285001
Dakore S.OJalaun285122
Damras B.OJalaun285130
Daulatpur B.OJalaun285125
Deogaon B.OJalaun285205
Dhagwan Kalan B.OJalaun285201
Dhamna B.OJalaun285126
Dhanaura B.OJalaun285001
Dhantauli B.OJalaun285001
Dhoota B.OJalaun285124
Dhurat B.OJalaun285201
Diraoti B.OJalaun285205
Dvc Road Orai S.OJalaun285001
Eekon B.OJalaun285130
Eeton B.OJalaun285129
Gadhela B.OJalaun285123
Gaindoli B.OJalaun285206
Garhar B.OJalaun285001
Garherna B.OJalaun285121
Garhgawan B.OJalaun285123
Garrehi B.OJalaun285203
Ghillaur B.OJalaun285206
Gohan B.OJalaun285001
Gopalpura B.OJalaun285121
Gora Bhoopka B.OJalaun285128
Gora Rathor B.OJalaun285125
Gulaoli B.OJalaun285204
Guraoti B.OJalaun285205
Gurha B.OJalaun285122
Hadrukh S.OJalaun285128
Harauli B.OJalaun285126
Harchandpur B.OJalaun285203
Hardoi Guzar B.OJalaun285001
Hatheri B.OJalaun285123
Imiliya B.OJalaun285001
Imiliya Buzurg B.OJalaun285202
Ingui B.OJalaun285121
Itahiya B.OJalaun285123
Itaura B.OJalaun285001
Jagammanpur S.OJalaun285124
Jaganpura B.OJalaun285205
Jagnewa B.OJalaun285123
Jaigha B.OJalaun285124
Jaisari Kalan B.OJalaun285122
Jaitpura B.OJalaun285205
Jakha B.OJalaun285130
Jakhauli B.OJalaun285201
Jalaun S.OJalaun285123
Jalaun Town S.OJalaun285123
Jamrohi Khurd B.OJalaun285201
Jugrajpura B.OJalaun285121
Kailiya B.OJalaun285001
Kailor B.OJalaun285126
Kainth B.OJalaun285205
Kakrau B.OJalaun285203
Kalpi R.S. B.OJalaun285204
Kalpi S.OJalaun285204
Kanasi B.OJalaun285205
Karamchandpur B.OJalaun285202
Karmer B.OJalaun285001
Kartalapur B.OJalaun285128
Kashirampur B.OJalaun285204
Keolari B.OJalaun285123
Khairi B.OJalaun285205
Khaksis B.OJalaun285123
Khanua B.OJalaun285205
Kharka B.OJalaun285001
Kharoosa B.OJalaun285001
Kharra B.OJalaun285001
Khutaila B.OJalaun285205
Kishunpura B.OJalaun285205
Konch Bazariya S.OJalaun285205
Konch S.O (Jalaun)Jalaun285205
Kotra S.O (Jalaun)Jalaun285223
Kudaari B.OJalaun285121
Kukargaon B.OJalaun285001
Kurahna Alamgir B.OJalaun285202
Kurkuru B.OJalaun285223
Kursenda B.OJalaun285126
Kusmara B.OJalaun285123
Kusmiliya B.OJalaun285122
Kuthond S.OJalaun285125
Kuthonda B.OJalaun285121
Kuthonda Buzurg B.OJalaun285123
Lahchura B.OJalaun285123
Lamsar B.OJalaun285203
Lidaupur B.OJalaun285124
Lohai B.OJalaun285125
Madaripur S.OJalaun285130
Madhogarh S.O (Jalaun)Jalaun285126
Madora B.OJalaun285128
Madori B.OJalaun285128
Magraul B.OJalaun285204
Mahewa B.OJalaun284204
Mai B.OJalaun285124
Mainupur B.OJalaun285204
Majeeth B.OJalaun285129
Mandri B.OJalaun285001
Manpura B.OJalaun285121
Margayan B.OJalaun285203
Masgaon B.OJalaun285202
Matra B.OJalaun285203
Mawai Ahir B.OJalaun285203
Mijhauna B.OJalaun285121
Mohammedabad B.OJalaun285122
Mohana B.OJalaun285122
Musmariya B.OJalaun285123
Nadai B.OJalaun285123
Nadigaon S.OJalaun285206
Nahili B.OJalaun285125
Naoli B.OJalaun285121
Naraul B.OJalaun285127
Navin Mandi Konch S.OJalaun285205
Nawar B.OJalaun285129
Nibahna B.OJalaun285204
Ninaoli B.OJalaun285127
Nipaniya B.OJalaun285130
Nunsai B.OJalaun285001
Orai H.OJalaun285001
Orai Kutchery S.OJalaun285001
Orai Railway Station S.OJalaun285001
Orai Town S.OJalaun285001
Pachipuri B.OJalaun285205
Pachokhara B.OJalaun285127
Pahargaon B.OJalaun284306
Paniyara B.OJalaun285205
Parasan B.OJalaun285202
Parawar B.OJalaun285121
Parwatpura B.OJalaun285123
Patrahi B.OJalaun285124
Pindari B.OJalaun285201
Piprayan B.OJalaun285202
Pipri Athgaiyan B.OJalaun285130
Pipri Gaharwar B.OJalaun285125
Pirona B.OJalaun285201
Pratap-pura B.OJalaun285123
Rahiya B.OJalaun285001
Ramhetpura B.OJalaun285126
Rampura B.OJalaun284203
Rampura S.O (Jalaun)Jalaun285127
Rath Road Orai S.OJalaun285001
Rendhar B.OJalaun285121
Rirua B.OJalaun285202
Romai Mustkil B.OJalaun285125
Roora Addu B.OJalaun285001
Roora Jaitia B.OJalaun285125
Rudrapura B.OJalaun285127
Rura Sirsa B.OJalaun285121
Sadupura B.OJalaun285205
Sahav B.OJalaun285123
Said Nagar B.OJalaun285223
Sajera B.OJalaun285206
Salabad B.OJalaun285123
Salaiyya Buzurg B.OJalaun285205
Sami B.OJalaun285205
Sandhi B.OJalaun285202
Sarawan B.OJalaun285123
Sarr B.OJalaun285121
Sarsai B.OJalaun285123
Sarsela B.OJalaun285202
Satoh B.OJalaun285201
Shahjadpura B.OJalaun285001
Shahjahanpur B.OJalaun285202
Shankarpur B.OJalaun285125
Sheikhpur Ahir B.OJalaun285125
Sheikhpur Buzurg B.OJalaun285128
Sidhpura B.OJalaun285127
Sihari B.OJalaun285126
Sihari Daoodpur B.OJalaun285001
Sikri Raja B.OJalaun285123
Sikri Vyas B.OJalaun285223
Simhara Kasimpur B.OJalaun285130
Simiriya B.OJalaun284303
Sirsa Dogarhi B.OJalaun285121
Sirsa Kalar B.OJalaun285130
Somai B.OJalaun285201
Sunaya B.OJalaun285205
Teehar B.OJalaun285127
Tikri B.OJalaun285125
Timron B.OJalaun285001
Titra Khalilpur B.OJalaun285205
Toomra B.OJalaun285205
Udanpur B.OJalaun285203
Umri S.O (Jalaun)Jalaun285129
Uncha B.OJalaun285127
Urgaon B.OJalaun285123
Usargaon B.OJalaun285202
Waoli B.OJalaun285125

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