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Hathras Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Akhaipur B.OHathras204102
Allehpur B.OHathras204101
Arjunpur B.OHathras204101
Arnot B.OHathras204215
Arti B.OHathras281307
Baghraya B.OHathras204102
Band Abdulhamipur B.OHathras204212
Bapandai B.OHathras204212
Barai Shahpur B.OHathras204215
Bardwari B.OHathras204213
Barsauli B.OHathras204214
Basai Babas B.OHathras204215
Basamaroo B.OHathras281306
Basgoi B.OHathras204214
Basgoi B.OHathras204216
Bastoi B.OHathras204215
Bazidpur B.OHathras204215
Bedai B.OHathras281306
Bhatikara B.OHathras204211
Bhenkuri B.OHathras204214
Bhuraka B.OHathras204214
Bisana B.OHathras204101
Bonai B.OHathras204212
Bwarwana B.OHathras204212
Chhonda B.OHathras204216
Dandesari B.OHathras204211
Dariyapur B.OHathras204102
Dedamai B.OHathras202002
Dhadau B.OHathras281307
Dhatroi B.OHathras204102
Dwarikapur B.OHathras204216
Edalpur B.OHathras281306
G C Sasni S.OHathras204101
Gadola B.OHathras204212
Gangapur B.OHathras204212
Gangcholi B.OHathras204101
Ganthri Shahpur B.OHathras204211
Garhi Balna B.OHathras204101
Garhi Hirasingh B.OHathras204211
Ginoli Kishanpur B.OHathras204215
Guarau Kalan B.OHathras204212
Gudmai Misripur B.OHathras204215
Gutehara B.OHathras281307
Hasanpurbaru B.OHathras281307
Hasayan S.OHathras204212
Hathras City S.OHathras204101
Hathras Jn RS S.OHathras204102
Hathras S.OHathras204101
Hatisa Bhagwantpur B.OHathras204101
I E Hathras S.OHathras204101
Jalesar R.S. S.OHathras281104
Jansoi B.OHathras204214
Jarau B.OHathras281306
Jatoi B.OHathras204213
Jawar B.OHathras204213
Jiroli B.OHathras204216
Jiroli Kalan B.OHathras204215
Jogia B.OHathras204101
Jugasana S.OHathras281308
K G W Sasni S.OHathras202139
Kachaura S.OHathras204211
Kailora B.OHathras204102
Kanau B.OHathras204212
Kanya Gurukul B.OHathras204216
Kapasiya B.OHathras204215
Karas B.OHathras204101
Karkauli B.OHathras281306
Karsaura B.OHathras281308
Khajauthi B.OHathras281306
Khonda B.OHathras281307
Koka B.OHathras204101
Kota B.OHathras204213
Kunwarpur B.OHathras204101
Kursanda B.OHathras281001
L C Hathras B.OHathras204101
Ladpur B.OHathras204101
Lakhnu B.OHathras204101
Luheta Khurd B.OHathras204101
M M Hathras S.OHathras204101
Madakabhoj B.OHathras281307
Maho B.OHathras204212
Mahrara B.OHathras281104
Mau Chirayal B.OHathras204215
Meetai B.OHathras204101
Mendamai B.OHathras204214
Mendu B.OHathras202001
Mohariya B.OHathras204216
Mursan S.OHathras204213
Nagaria Patti B.OHathras204214
Nagla Danda B.OHathras204212
Nagla Veer Sahai B.OHathras204214
Naglaberu B.OHathras281307
Naj Mandi S Rao S.OHathras204215
Nasirpur B.OHathras281308
Naugaon B.OHathras281306
Nayaganj Hathras S.OHathras204101
Northa Isepur B.OHathras204211
Pachaun B.OHathras204211
Parhil B.OHathras204216
Parsara B.OHathras204101
Pata Khas B.OHathras204213
Pateni B.OHathras204213
Penth Gaon B.OHathras204213
Pipalgaon B.OHathras204211
Pora B.OHathras204214
Punner B.OHathras204102
Purdilpur S.OHathras204214
Rasgaon B.OHathras281104
Ratanpur Hussainpur B.OHathras204215
Rati Ka Nagla B.OHathras204212
Rudayan B.OHathras204216
Ruheri B.OHathras204101
Sadabad S.OHathras281306
Sahpau S.OHathras281307
Salempur B.OHathras281306
Salempur B.OHathras204102
Samadpur B.OHathras281306
Sasni S.OHathras204216
Shankerpur B.OHathras204212
Sikandra Rao S.OHathras204215
Sikhra B.OHathras281307
Siktara B.OHathras204212
Sokhana B.OHathras204101
Srinagar B.OHathras204212
Sujawalpur B.OHathras204211
Susayat Kalan B.OHathras204216
Tati Dadia B.OHathras204215
Tehra B.OHathras204101
Thulai B.OHathras204102
Tikari Kalan B.OHathras204211
Tilothi B.OHathras204216
Tochhigarh B.OHathras202001
Tuksan B.OHathras204101
Unchagaon B.OHathras281104
Veernagar B.OHathras204101

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