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Hardoi Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aamtara B.OHardoi241123
Abdulla Nagar B.OHardoi241407
Adampur B.OHardoi241403
Aihrori S.OHardoi241121
Ajamatpur B.OHardoi241202
Akhbelpur Malwa B.OHardoi241403
Alam Nagar B.OHardoi241407
Aliganj Nankheria B.OHardoi241123
Allipur B.OHardoi241125
Amirta B.OHardoi241123
Anangpur B.OHardoi241123
Andharra B.OHardoi241301
Anjhi Gaon B.OHardoi241124
Anjhi R S B.OHardoi241124
Arjunpur B.OHardoi241402
Arwal B.OHardoi241402
Ashi Azampur B.OHardoi241305
Atia Sahpur B.OHardoi241204
Atrauli B.OHardoi241204
Atsaliya B.OHardoi241203
Atwa Ali Mardanpur B.OHardoi241126
Atwa Bhasen B.OHardoi241204
Atwa Kataiya B.OHardoi241121
Babarpur B.OHardoi241123
Babatmau B.OHardoi241303
Babnapur B.OHardoi241001
Baghauli S.OHardoi241122
Baghrai B.OHardoi241403
Bahar B.OHardoi241001
Bahera Rasoolpur B.OHardoi241125
Bahlolpur B.OHardoi241201
Bahorwa B.OHardoi241404
Bahuti B.OHardoi241203
Baijupur B.OHardoi241123
Bakhaura B.OHardoi241303
Balamau Village B.OHardoi241126
Bamhna Khera B.OHardoi241122
Bamtapur B.OHardoi241401
Bandaraha B.OHardoi241407
Bani B.OHardoi241202
Banjariya B.OHardoi241406
Bansa B.OHardoi241303
Bara Gaon B.OHardoi241201
Barahuwan B.OHardoi241303
Baran B.OHardoi241402
Barauna B.OHardoi241303
Barkherwa B.OHardoi241121
Barnai Chatarkha B.OHardoi241402
Barsohiya B.OHardoi241402
Baruwara B.OHardoi241123
Barwa Sarsand B.OHardoi241126
Barwan S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241401
Basit Nagar B.OHardoi241124
Bawan B.OHardoi241001
Behander S.OHardoi241201
Behendar Khurd B.OHardoi241201
Behsar B.OHardoi241305
Behta Gokul S.OHardoi241125
Behta Rampura B.OHardoi241402
Beniganj S.OHardoi241304
Beruwa B.OHardoi241304
Bhadaicha B.OHardoi241001
Bhadeora B.OHardoi241405
Bhagwant Nagar B.OHardoi241303
Bhailamau B.OHardoi241401
Bhainsari B.OHardoi241404
Bharakhani B.OHardoi241123
Bharawan S.OHardoi241202
Bharayal B.OHardoi241121
Bhatoli B.OHardoi241201
Bhatpur B.OHardoi241202
Bhikpur Aima B.OHardoi241304
Bhitha Maha Singh B.OHardoi241121
Bhithadan B.OHardoi241122
Bhithai B.OHardoi241303
Bhogiyapur B.OHardoi241407
Bijgawan B.OHardoi241125
Bijgawan B.OHardoi241406
Bilgram B.S. S.OHardoi241301
Bilgram S.OHardoi241301
Bilsari B.OHardoi241123
Birauli B.OHardoi241201
Bootamau B.OHardoi241401
Burhagaon B.OHardoi241406
Chacharapur B.OHardoi241403
Chaina B.OHardoi241407
Chanadapur B.OHardoi241402
Chandeli B.OHardoi241405
Chathia B.OHardoi241304
Chathia Dhanwar B.OHardoi241125
Chhanoiya B.OHardoi241204
Chhatia Rampur B.OHardoi241202
Chhawan B.OHardoi241202
Chhibaramau B.OHardoi241301
Civil Lines S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241001
Dabha B.OHardoi241301
Daheliya B.OHardoi241402
Daheliya Rampur B.OHardoi241407
Dahigawan B.OHardoi241301
Dalelnagar B.OHardoi241204
Daru Kuinwa B.OHardoi241303
Daultpur B.OHardoi241123
Deoria B.OHardoi241404
Dewari B.OHardoi241201
Dhani Nagla B.OHardoi241123
Dhiar Maholiya B.OHardoi241001
Dhikunni S.OHardoi241203
Durgaganj B.OHardoi241301
Eja B.OHardoi241001
Erka Bherka B.OHardoi241203
Faridapur B.OHardoi241122
Fatehpur Gayand B.OHardoi241124
Fatehpur Gazi B.OHardoi241124
Gadeora B.OHardoi241121
Gajoo B.OHardoi241126
Gauntra B.OHardoi241302
Gaura B.OHardoi241302
Gauri Dayampur B.OHardoi241201
Gaus Ganj S.OHardoi241305
Gondarao B.OHardoi241304
Goni Gondwa B.OHardoi241203
Gopamau S.OHardoi241404
Goswa B.OHardoi241303
Hans Barauli B.OHardoi241304
Hardoi Bazar S.OHardoi241001
Hardoi H.OHardoi241001
Hardoi Kutchery S.OHardoi241001
Hardoi R. S. S.OHardoi241001
Hardoi Sugar Mills S.OHardoi241001
Harha Malikapur B.OHardoi241123
Hariharpur B.OHardoi241404
Hariyawan S.OHardoi241405
Harpalpur S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241402
Harrai B.OHardoi241404
Harrai B.OHardoi241124
Harraiya B.OHardoi241304
Hathaura Raj B.OHardoi241126
Hazipur B.OHardoi241202
Hiya B.OHardoi241201
Ishwarpur Sain B.OHardoi241303
Itara B.OHardoi241406
Jahani Khera B.OHardoi241407
Jahidpur B.OHardoi241201
Jairajpur B.OHardoi241304
Jamura B.OHardoi241124
Jangaon B.OHardoi241203
Jarauli Newada B.OHardoi241403
Jarauwa B.OHardoi241304
Jareli B.OHardoi241406
Jareuli Sherpur B.OHardoi241301
Jarha B.OHardoi241201
Jeora B.OHardoi241123
Kachhauna S.OHardoi241126
Kaimau B.OHardoi241122
Kaimi B.OHardoi241125
Kakarghata B.OHardoi241124
Kakendi B.OHardoi241001
Kalauli B.OHardoi241126
Kalika B.OHardoi241121
Kalyanmal B.OHardoi241304
Kamalpur B.OHardoi241123
Karim Nagar B.OHardoi241406
Karim Nagar Sunauwa B.OHardoi241304
Kashipur Baheria B.OHardoi241203
Kaudha B.OHardoi241001
Kaudiya B.OHardoi241202
Khajohana B.OHardoi241305
Khajurahara B.OHardoi241001
Khanigaon Khurd B.OHardoi241401
Khasaura B.OHardoi241402
Khateli B.OHardoi241406
Khitauli B.OHardoi241123
Khurda Madarpur B.OHardoi241305
Kodra Saraiya B.OHardoi241124
Kothawan B.OHardoi241304
Kotkalan B.OHardoi241406
Kuchila B.OHardoi241403
Kudauni B.OHardoi241201
Kundi B.OHardoi241124
Kuniya B.OHardoi241304
Kunwarpur Basith B.OHardoi241407
Kurria B.OHardoi241001
Kursath B.OHardoi241126
Kurseli B.OHardoi241405
Kusuma B.OHardoi241406
Kutuwapur B.OHardoi241001
Lakhmapur B.OHardoi241123
Lalpalpur B.OHardoi241001
Lamkan B.OHardoi241402
Lilwal B.OHardoi241404
Lonar B.OHardoi241401
Lonhra B.OHardoi241126
Loomamau B.OHardoi241204
Madar B.OHardoi241201
Madara B.OHardoi241001
Madhoganj S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241302
Mahitha B.OHardoi241202
Mahmoodpur Saraiya B.OHardoi241407
Maholiya Shivpar B.OHardoi241001
Mahri B.OHardoi241122
Maikpur B.OHardoi241123
Majhigawan B.OHardoi241202
Majhigawan B.OHardoi241304
Majhigawan B.OHardoi241203
Majhigawan Gadeora B.OHardoi241203
Majhila B.OHardoi241125
Majhiya B.OHardoi241406
Malaiya B.OHardoi241204
Malautha B.OHardoi241402
Malehra B.OHardoi241204
Malihamau B.OHardoi241001
Mallawan S.OHardoi241303
Mangolapur B.OHardoi241121
Manikapur B.OHardoi241407
Manpur B.OHardoi241125
Mansoor Nagar B.OHardoi241405
Mansoorpur B.OHardoi241403
Masit B.OHardoi241122
Matiyamau B.OHardoi241303
Mawaiya B.OHardoi241125
Meer Nagar Ajigawan B.OHardoi241204
Meoni B.OHardoi241122
Mohammadpur Belwaran B.OHardoi241203
Munder B.OHardoi241123
Munney Miyan Ka Chauraha S.OHardoi241001
Nabi Purwa S.OHardoi241001
Nagla Lothu B.OHardoi241124
Nagwa B.OHardoi241304
Nai Basti S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241001
Naseoli Gopal B.OHardoi241401
Naya Gaon Mubarakpur B.OHardoi241001
Nayagaon B.OHardoi241305
Neer B.OHardoi241001
Noorpur Hathaura B.OHardoi241301
Odra B.OHardoi241001
Odra Pachlai B.OHardoi241302
Pachdeora B.OHardoi241123
Pachkohara B.OHardoi241122
Pahuntera B.OHardoi241302
Pali S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241123
Palia B.OHardoi241402
Pandarawa Kot B.OHardoi241406
Para B.OHardoi241406
Parcha Rasoolpur B.OHardoi241302
Pareli B.OHardoi241124
Parsola B.OHardoi241301
Pasner B.OHardoi241301
Pawayan B.OHardoi241202
Phulai B.OHardoi241303
Pihani S.OHardoi241406
Pila Mahuwa B.OHardoi241405
Pithanapur Nagariya B.OHardoi241402
Poora Bahadur B.OHardoi241001
Purwawan B.OHardoi241303
Rabha B.OHardoi241407
Raghopur B.OHardoi241303
Raingai B.OHardoi241407
Rainso B.OHardoi241204
Raipur B.OHardoi241304
Rara B.OHardoi241001
Rasoolpur B.OHardoi241407
Saadat Nagar S.OHardoi241407
Saank B.OHardoi241204
Sadai Behta B.OHardoi241001
Sadarpur B.OHardoi241302
Sadila B.OHardoi241404
Sahijana B.OHardoi241407
Sahjanpur B.OHardoi241123
Sahpur Nau B.OHardoi241401
Saitiyapur B.OHardoi241001
Sakaha B.OHardoi241125
Sakara B.OHardoi241001
Sakatpur B.OHardoi241001
Samspur B.OHardoi241126
Sandi S.OHardoi241403
Sandila I. Estate S.OHardoi241127
Sandila S.OHardoi241204
Sandila Town B.OHardoi241204
Sarai Raghav B.OHardoi241123
Sarhiapur B.OHardoi241403
Sarsawan B.OHardoi241124
Sarva B.OHardoi241203
Sarve B.OHardoi241204
Satautha B.OHardoi241402
Sathara B.OHardoi241001
Sautera B.OHardoi241302
Sawaijpur B.OHardoi241123
Selapur B.OHardoi241302
Semaria B.OHardoi241402
Shahabad B.S. S.OHardoi241124
Shahabad S.O (Hardoi)Hardoi241124
Shahbda B.OHardoi241302
Shahpur Basudeo B.OHardoi241302
Shahpur Ganga B.OHardoi241303
Shahpur Pawar B.OHardoi241303
Sharma Fatehpur B.OHardoi241125
Shuklapur Bhagat B.OHardoi241302
Sikandarpu Narkatara B.OHardoi241124
Sikarohari B.OHardoi241001
Sikrori B.OHardoi241203
Simariya B.OHardoi241401
Singulapur B.OHardoi241124
Siroman Nagar B.OHardoi241124
Sirsa B.OHardoi241406
Srimau B.OHardoi241403
Subhan Khera B.OHardoi241305
Sugwan B.OHardoi241301
Sursa B.OHardoi241001
Tadiyawan B.OHardoi241404
Tatyora B.OHardoi241001
Teni B.OHardoi241404
Teriya B.OHardoi241204
Terwa Dahigawan B.OHardoi241305
Thamarawa B.OHardoi241404
Thok Bandho B.OHardoi241121
Tikar B.OHardoi241402
Tikari B.OHardoi241304
Tikra Khurd B.OHardoi241203
Todarpur Gaon B.OHardoi241125
Todarpur R S B.OHardoi241125
Tolwa Aat Danpur B.OHardoi241125
Tumurkee B.OHardoi241124
Tundwal B.OHardoi241301
Turtipur B.OHardoi241001
Uchawal B.OHardoi241405
Udharanpur B.OHardoi241124
Ugpur B.OHardoi241304
Umrari B.OHardoi241304
Umrauli B.OHardoi241125
Uncha Gaon B.OHardoi241402
Uncha Thok S.OHardoi241001
Vanshi Nagar S.OHardoi241001
Victoriyaganj B.OHardoi241122
White Ganj S.OHardoi241001
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