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Deoria Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
-barnai B.ODeoria274201
Ajana B.ODeoria274508
Ametahi B.ODeoria274405
Andila B.ODeoria274604
Babhani B.ODeoria274001
Babhnauli Pandey B.ODeoria274502
Badhaya Buzurg B.ODeoria274001
Bagaha B.ODeoria274505
Baghara B.ODeoria274404
Baghauchghat B.ODeoria274404
Bahiari Baghel B.ODeoria274702
Baida B.ODeoria274208
Baidauli B.ODeoria274501
Baikunth Pur B.ODeoria274501
Bairauna B.ODeoria274001
Baitalpur S.ODeoria274201
Bajaratar Mahuawa B.ODeoria274408
Bakhara Khas B.ODeoria274202
Bakuchi B.ODeoria274509
Balepur B.ODeoria274509
Baliawan B.ODeoria274405
Balua Afgan B.ODeoria274705
Balua B.ODeoria274704
Banjaria B.ODeoria274408
Bankata Amethia B.ODeoria274702
Bankata Misir B.ODeoria274506
Bankata S.ODeoria274704
Bankul B.ODeoria274703
Bansopatti B.ODeoria274703
Bara Dixit B.ODeoria274603
Barakagaon B.ODeoria274601
Baraon B.ODeoria274205
Bardgonia B.ODeoria274201
Bardiha Parsuram B.ODeoria274505
Bardihadal B.ODeoria274204
Barhaj S.ODeoria274601
Barhara B.ODeoria274001
Barhara B.ODeoria274501
Bariarpur B.ODeoria274001
Barka Gaon B.ODeoria274702
Barpar B.ODeoria274201
Barthi B.ODeoria274509
Batrauli B.ODeoria274001
Batulahi B.ODeoria274201
Baurdih B.ODeoria274502
Baurdih B.ODeoria274204
Baurdih Tiwari B.ODeoria274201
Belawa Dubauli B.ODeoria274208
Belkunda B.ODeoria274202
Belwa B.ODeoria274405
Belwa Baboo B.ODeoria274701
Belwania B.ODeoria274001
Bhagalpur S.ODeoria274602
Bhaidava B.ODeoria274601
Bhaluani S.ODeoria274182
Bharahey Chaura B.ODeoria274701
Bhathwa Tiwari B.ODeoria274702
Bhatni S.ODeoria274701
Bhatpar Rani S.ODeoria274702
Bhawani Chapar B.ODeoria274703
Bhelaur B.ODeoria274208
Bhera Pakar B.ODeoria274506
Bhikhampura B.ODeoria274405
Bhingari Bazar B.ODeoria274702
Bhopatpura B.ODeoria274703
Bhulaipur B.ODeoria274603
Bijapur Jhantaur B.ODeoria274501
Bishunpura Bazar B.ODeoria274404
Bishunpura Dewar B.ODeoria274603
Chakarawa Bahordas B.ODeoria274509
Chakarwa B.ODeoria274205
Chanuki B.ODeoria274506
Chariayan Buzurg B.ODeoria274202
Chero B.ODeoria274509
Chhapauli B.ODeoria274204
Chhitahi Bazar B.ODeoria274201
Chordiha B.ODeoria274509
Churia B.ODeoria274502
D.B. Ashram B.ODeoria274505
Deogaon B.ODeoria274202
Deoria Urf Shampur B.ODeoria274509
Deoria Budhoo Khan B.ODeoria274405
Deoria H.ODeoria274001
Deoria Kutchary S.ODeoria274001
Deoria Meer B.ODeoria274001
Deoria New Colony S.ODeoria274001
Deoria Sadar R.S. S.ODeoria274001
Deosia B.ODeoria274602
Dhanauti Khurd B.ODeoria274001
Dharmer B.ODeoria274505
Dhaula Pandit B.ODeoria274604
Dol Chhapra B.ODeoria274509
Dumari B.ODeoria274701
Dumwalia B.ODeoria274509
Ekauna B.ODeoria274208
Ekla Mishraulia B.ODeoria274204
Fatehpur B.ODeoria274204
G.I.Estate B.ODeoria274001
Garauna B.ODeoria274604
Garer B.ODeoria274001
Gaura B.ODeoria274405
Gaura Jai Nagar S.ODeoria274603
Gauri Bazar S.ODeoria274202
Ghanti S.ODeoria274705
Gotha Rasoolpur B.ODeoria274201
Govindpur B.ODeoria274405
Hanuman Mandir S.ODeoria274001
Hata B.ODeoria274703
Hata Banuadih B.ODeoria274001
Indupur B.ODeoria274202
Inguri Bazar B.ODeoria274704
Israuli B.ODeoria274602
Itahua Chandauli B.ODeoria274509
Jaitpura B.ODeoria274501
Jamira B.ODeoria274205
Jogam B.ODeoria274202
Jogia Buzurg B.ODeoria274204
Jokaha Khas B.ODeoria274204
Kalaban B.ODeoria274202
Kanchanpur B.ODeoria274408
Kanhauli B.ODeoria274204
Kaparwar B.ODeoria274603
Karail Shukla B.ODeoria274603
Karaundi B.ODeoria274501
Karauta B.ODeoria274204
Karjahan B.ODeoria274603
Karjahan B.ODeoria274201
Karmajeetpur B.ODeoria274202
Karmtar Sher Khan B.ODeoria274182
Kasili B.ODeoria274604
Kataura B.ODeoria274202
Katrari B.ODeoria274001
Kauntey Nagar B.ODeoria274201
Khaira Banua B.ODeoria274202
Khairatia B.ODeoria274202
Khampar B.ODeoria274702
Khareshar B.ODeoria274205
Kharwania B.ODeoria274508
Khema Dei B.ODeoria274508
Khori B.ODeoria274603
Khukhundoo S.ODeoria274501
Khurwasia B.ODeoria274703
Kodara B.ODeoria274506
Koilgarha B.ODeoria274204
Korawa B.ODeoria274204
Koraya B.ODeoria274182
Kothilwa B.ODeoria274702
Kotpur Pipra B.ODeoria274603
Kotwa Misir B.ODeoria274404
Kukur Ghanti B.ODeoria274702
Kushahari B.ODeoria274001
Labkani B.ODeoria274202
Lahilpar B.ODeoria274001
Langra Bazar B.ODeoria274182
Lar Road S.ODeoria274505
Lar S.ODeoria274502
Laxmipur B.ODeoria274204
Lerha B.ODeoria274202
Madanpur S.O (Deoria)Deoria274205
Madhawapur B.ODeoria274509
Madrapali Bharth Rai B.ODeoria274405
Mahen B.ODeoria274603
Mahiganj B.ODeoria274204
Mahuapatan B.ODeoria274408
Mahuja B.ODeoria274506
Majha Narain B.ODeoria274208
Majhauli Raj S.ODeoria274506
Majhgaon B.ODeoria274001
Majhwalia B.ODeoria274501
Malkauli ` B.ODeoria274505
Manga Kodar B.ODeoria274204
Marhawa B.ODeoria274182
Maripar B.ODeoria274702
Markara B.ODeoria274601
Mathia Sahu B.ODeoria274202
Mathura Chhapar B.ODeoria274405
Matiara Jagdish B.ODeoria274502
Mauna Garhwa B.ODeoria274604
Mehaharhangpur B.ODeoria274404
Mehraunaghat B.ODeoria274502
Mirjapur B.ODeoria274603
Mushari B.ODeoria274408
Nadauli B.ODeoria274502
Nagawa Khas B.ODeoria274208
Nai Bazar S.O (Deoria)Deoria274001
Naini B.ODeoria274502
Naipur B.ODeoria274205
Nakail B.ODeoria274205
Nandana B.ODeoria274601
Nariaon B.ODeoria274602
Nawapar B.ODeoria274601
Nema B.ODeoria274602
Nonapar B.ODeoria274701
Noonkhar B.ODeoria274501
Pach Lari B.ODeoria274208
Pachrukha B.ODeoria274208
Padari Bazar B.ODeoria274701
Paikauli Maharaj B.ODeoria274001
Paina S.ODeoria274604
Pakaha B.ODeoria274404
Pakri Baboo B.ODeoria274702
Pandaypur B.ODeoria274404
Panika Bazar B.ODeoria274505
Paratappur S.ODeoria274703
Parsia Chhitani Singh B.ODeoria274704
Parsia Dewar B.ODeoria274601
Parsia Jaddu B.ODeoria274001
Parsia Mishir B.ODeoria274501
Patherdewa S.ODeoria274404
Patherhat B.ODeoria274202
Payasi B.ODeoria274506
Peokol B.ODeoria274701
Phulwaria Lachhi B.ODeoria274001
Pindi S.ODeoria274508
Pipara Bithal B.ODeoria274705
Pipara Chandrabhan B.ODeoria274001
Pipara Dixit B.ODeoria274701
Pipara Kachhar B.ODeoria274204
Pipara Mishir B.ODeoria274505
Pipara Ramdhar B.ODeoria274509
Pipara Shukul B.ODeoria274501
Piperpanti B.ODeoria274001
Pipra Madan Gopal B.ODeoria274405
Pipra Uttar Patti B.ODeoria274702
Piprajham B.ODeoria274408
Puraini B.ODeoria274701
Rahimpur B.ODeoria274703
Raibari B.ODeoria274705
Ram Gulam Tola S.ODeoria274001
Rampur Awasthi B.ODeoria274001
Rampur Buzurg B.ODeoria274509
Rampur Khori Bari B.ODeoria274701
Rampur Mahuabari B.ODeoria274404
Rampur S.O (Deoria)Deoria274405
Rampurgarh B.ODeoria274408
Ranihawa B.ODeoria274201
Ratsia B.ODeoria274703
Rawatpar Amethia B.ODeoria274502
Reoli B.ODeoria274602
Ropan Chhapara B.ODeoria274502
Rudrapur S.O (Deoria)Deoria274204
S.V.Marg S.ODeoria274001
Sadhopur B.ODeoria274202
Sajaon B.ODeoria274508
Sakutai B.ODeoria274404
Salaempur S.ODeoria274509
Sallahpur B.ODeoria274501
Samogar B.ODeoria274205
Saraon S.ODeoria274208
Sarya B.ODeoria274702
Satraon B.ODeoria274604
Sawarenji B.ODeoria274702
Shahjahanpur B.ODeoria274408
Shahpur Shukla B.ODeoria274404
Shitalmajha B.ODeoria274204
Sidhua B.ODeoria274405
Sirjam Khas B.ODeoria274202
Sirsia Gotha B.ODeoria274408
Sirsia Khohia B.ODeoria274408
Sisawa B.ODeoria274701
Siswa Panday B.ODeoria274001
Sohanpur B.ODeoria274704
Sohasa B.ODeoria274202
Sohnag B.ODeoria274509
Sohnaria B.ODeoria274408
Sonari B.ODeoria274601
Sonughat B.ODeoria274001
Srinagar B.ODeoria274509
Sutawar B.ODeoria274502
Takia B.ODeoria274602
Tara Sara B.ODeoria274204
Tarkulwa S.ODeoria274408
Tekua B.ODeoria274182
Telia Kalan B.ODeoria274604
Thakur Deoria B.ODeoria274182
Thengval Dubey B.ODeoria274509
Tikampar B.ODeoria274702
Tikar B.ODeoria274604
Tiwai B.ODeoria274204
Tulsi Bara B.ODeoria274509
Udhopur B.ODeoria274201

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