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Budaun Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Budaun district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhigaon B.OBudaun243631
Afjalpur Chhaganpur B.OBudaun243638
Allahpur Samaspur B.OBudaun243723
Allapur S.OBudaun243631
Ambiapur B.OBudaun243633
Arifpur Nawada B.OBudaun243601
Asadpur B.OBudaun243722
Asafpur S.OBudaun243632
Asis Berkhin B.OBudaun243601
Aslaur B.OBudaun243723
Asrasi B.OBudaun243601
Atarpura B.OBudaun243725
Azampur Bisaria B.OBudaun243635
Babrala S.OBudaun243751
Bagrain B.OBudaun243725
Bairmai Khurd B.OBudaun243633
Bairpur Maharaji B.OBudaun243722
Baksar B.OBudaun243638
Baksena B.OBudaun243635
Bandarai B.OBudaun243722
Bankota B.OBudaun243726
Bans Barolia B.OBudaun243633
Barachirra B.OBudaun243601
Barategdar B.OBudaun243726
Baror Amanullapur B.OBudaun243726
Baudaun Kty S.OBudaun243601
Behta Gusain B.OBudaun243633
Bela Dandi B.OBudaun243635
Beoli B.OBudaun243726
Beor B.OBudaun243634
Beor Kasimabad B.OBudaun243723
Bhagta Nagla B.OBudaun243638
Bhakrauli B.OBudaun243751
Bhamori B.OBudaun243638
Bhanpur B.OBudaun243720
Bharkuian B.OBudaun243601
Bhatauli B.OBudaun243630
Bhau Nagla B.OBudaun243635
Bhavipur B.OBudaun243724
Bhawampur Kheru B.OBudaun243638
Bhirawati B.OBudaun243751
Bhoor Bisauli B.OBudaun243632
Bhundi B.OBudaun243641
Bhusaya B.OBudaun243723
Bilhat B.OBudaun243634
Bilsi S.OBudaun243633
Binawar S.OBudaun243634
Bisauli S.OBudaun243720
Bondri Bhoora Bhadraul B.OBudaun243636
Brahmpur S.O (Budaun)Budaun243601
Buda R.S. B.OBudaun243601
Budaun City S.OBudaun243601
Budaun H.OBudaun243601
Budhawai B.OBudaun243601
Chandoi B.OBudaun243723
Chani B.OBudaun243724
Chaudhary Sarai S.OBudaun243601
Chhapra B.OBudaun243751
Chitaura B.OBudaun243631
Chitri B.OBudaun243635
Civil Liens S.OBudaun243601
Dabthara Harlal B.OBudaun243722
Dabtori B.OBudaun243720
Dahagawan B.OBudaun243638
Daharpur Kalan B.OBudaun243635
Dakarapukhta B.OBudaun243638
Danbri B.OBudaun243632
Danpur B.OBudaun243723
Dataganj S.OBudaun243635
Dehemu B.OBudaun243636
Deorijeet B.OBudaun243634
Dhanari B.OBudaun243751
Dhandwara B.OBudaun243722
Dharampur Tappa Vaish B.OBudaun243638
Dinaura B.OBudaun243751
Dudhauni B.OBudaun243633
Dugraiya B.OBudaun243601
Dupta Kalan B.OBudaun243751
Faizganj Behta B.OBudaun243632
Fatehpur B.OBudaun243601
Gandah B.OBudaun243630
Gandhrauli B.OBudaun243724
Gangoli B.OBudaun243632
Gari Bichola B.OBudaun243723
Garikhanpur B.OBudaun243723
Gauntara B.OBudaun243631
Gaurami B.OBudaun243601
Gawan B.OBudaun243727
Ghilaur B.OBudaun243635
Ghosali Bahan B.OBudaun243722
Gidhaul B.OBudaun243601
Gotha B.OBudaun243726
Gudhani B.OBudaun243633
Gularia B.OBudaun243601
Gularia B.OBudaun243630
Gunnaur S.OBudaun243722
Gura Abarela B.OBudaun243601
Gura Barala B.OBudaun243631
Gurgaon B.OBudaun243601
Gurhana B.OBudaun243637
Haibatpur B.OBudaun243633
Halwai Chawk S.OBudaun243601
Harphari B.OBudaun243751
Hatra B.OBudaun243726
Hatsa B.OBudaun243720
Hazratpur B.OBudaun243635
Hirauni B.OBudaun243751
Husainpur Pukhata B.OBudaun243636
I.A. Babrala S.OBudaun242021
Ikh Khera B.OBudaun243724
Ikona B.OBudaun243751
Ikri B.OBudaun243601
Isampur Danda B.OBudaun243722
Islamnagar S.OBudaun243723
Jagat B.OBudaun243601
Jakheli B.OBudaun243601
Jalalpur B.OBudaun243601
Jamalpur B.OBudaun243635
Jarwar B.OBudaun243723
Jasrathpur B.OBudaun243720
Jeora Parrwala B.OBudaun243636
Jhuksa B.OBudaun243630
Jijora B.OBudaun243727
Jinaura B.OBudaun243726
Kail B.OBudaun243751
Kakheri B.OBudaun243725
Kakora B.OBudaun243601
Kakrala S.OBudaun243637
Kama B.OBudaun243630
Kangwagugna B.OBudaun243724
Karanpur B.OBudaun243724
Karanpur B.OBudaun243635
Kariamai B.OBudaun243724
Kariyaban B.OBudaun243638
Kartoli B.OBudaun243634
Kasaraira B.OBudaun243724
Kashipur B.OBudaun243722
Katgaon B.OBudaun243725
Katinna Berchau B.OBudaun243601
Katiyan B.OBudaun243637
Katra Sadatganj B.OBudaun243641
Kendela B.OBudaun243601
Khaill Pur B.OBudaun243751
Khajuria B.OBudaun243720
Khandwa B.OBudaun243724
Khera Jalalpur B.OBudaun243641
Khitaura B.OBudaun243633
Khukri B.OBudaun243630
Khurampur Bhamori B.OBudaun243725
Kichhla S.OBudaun243636
Kolhai B.OBudaun243638
Kotha B.OBudaun243723
Kudah Shahpur B.OBudaun243601
Kumargaon B.OBudaun243601
Kurau B.OBudaun243601
Labhari B.OBudaun243635
Lahara Nagla Shyam B.OBudaun243722
Lakhanpur B.OBudaun243601
Lani Faridpur B.OBudaun243601
Laxmipur B.OBudaun243632
Lilwan B.OBudaun243641
Madkawali B.OBudaun243722
Mahclai B.OBudaun243601
Mailha B.OBudaun243630
Majhara B.OBudaun243635
Malpurtatera B.OBudaun243638
Manikapur Kaur B.OBudaun243635
Mansanagla B.OBudaun243631
Manunagar B.OBudaun243632
Marandpur B.OBudaun243725
Maraura B.OBudaun243631
Marauri B.OBudaun243601
Mausampur B.OBudaun243635
Mehmoodpur B.OBudaun243751
Mehtabpur B.OBudaun243630
Mehua Hasanganj B.OBudaun243723
Mewali B.OBudaun243724
Miaoo B.OBudaun243631
Mirzapura Sohra B.OBudaun243633
Mithappur B.OBudaun243638
Mn Sulra B.OBudaun243601
Mohamadpurmi B.OBudaun243720
Mohkampur B.OBudaun243632
Mongar B.OBudaun243601
Mundia Dhure Ki B.OBudaun243720
Musajhag B.OBudaun243601
Musepur B.OBudaun243633
Musta Fabad Jaretha B.OBudaun243638
Nadail B.OBudaun243638
Nadha B.OBudaun243723
Nadrauli B.OBudaun243722
Nagaria Khanu B.OBudaun243635
Nagarjhoona B.OBudaun243633
Nagla Ajmeri B.OBudaun243722
Nagla Barah B.OBudaun243723
Naithura B.OBudaun243633
Nana Khera B.OBudaun243636
Narsena B.OBudaun243638
Nauli Fatuhabad B.OBudaun243601
Nauli Harnathpur B.OBudaun243725
Nauni B.OBudaun243635
Naushera B.OBudaun243601
Naviganj B.OBudaun243631
Nawada Madhukar B.OBudaun243635
Neora B.OBudaun243727
Nizampur B.OBudaun243601
Nizamuddin Purshah B.OBudaun243632
Noorpur B.OBudaun243601
Noorpur Binoni B.OBudaun243723
Paharpur B.OBudaun243633
Palia Gujar B.OBudaun243635
Palia Pukhta B.OBudaun243636
Papar Hamzapur B.OBudaun243635
Parauli B.OBudaun243633
Parveznagar B.OBudaun243720
Pataria B.OBudaun243722
Patiali Sarai S.OBudaun243601
Pepal B.OBudaun243725
Phakawali B.OBudaun243632
Pindol B.OBudaun243633
Pipla B.OBudaun243635
Pipraul Pukhta B.OBudaun243636
Pipri Raghunathpur B.OBudaun243724
Police Line S.O (Budaun)Budaun243601
Prasidhpur B.OBudaun243635
Prithvipur B.OBudaun243720
Puraini B.OBudaun243635
Pusawali B.OBudaun243722
Puthi Sarai B.OBudaun243634
Qadarchawk B.OBudaun243601
Qadrarabad S.OBudaun243640
Qaji Tola B.OBudaun243638
Qazi Mohalla B.OBudaun243601
Rahma B.OBudaun243634
Rajpura S.O (Budaun)Budaun243727
Rajthal B.OBudaun243723
Ram Zanpur B.OBudaun243601
Rasoolpur Bela B.OBudaun243638
Rasoolpur Kalan B.OBudaun243638
Rehariya B.OBudaun243725
Reonai B.OBudaun243633
Reonaiya B.OBudaun243636
Rewara B.OBudaun243722
Rizola B.OBudaun243641
Roop Pur B.OBudaun243601
Rota B.OBudaun243726
Rudauin S.OBudaun243724
Sadullaganj B.OBudaun243630
Sagrai B.OBudaun243638
Sahanagar Patpar Ganj B.OBudaun243638
Sahaswan S.OBudaun243638
Saidpur S.O (Budaun)Budaun243725
Saijani B.OBudaun243635
Saitua B.OBudaun243751
Sakhanu B.OBudaun243601
Sakri Kasimpur B.OBudaun243601
Salarpur B.OBudaun243601
Salempur B.OBudaun243635
Samrer S.OBudaun243630
Samspurmalik Fatta B.OBudaun243638
Sangrampur B.OBudaun243632
Santigarh (Ujhani) S.OBudaun243639
Sarah Bagholi B.OBudaun243633
Sarah Barolia B.OBudaun243633
Sarai Brahman B.OBudaun243722
Sarai Piparia B.OBudaun243635
Sareli Pukhta B.OBudaun243641
Sarup Pur B.OBudaun243633
Sateti B.OBudaun243633
Shahjanabad B.OBudaun243751
Shahnagar Patpara Ganj B.OBudaun243638
Sheikhupur B.O (Budaun)Budaun243601
Shyam Nagar B.OBudaun243601
Sigholi Kallu B.OBudaun243727
Sigthara B.OBudaun243725
Sikandrabad B.OBudaun243636
Sikrauri B.OBudaun243634
Sikri B.OBudaun243632
Silhari B.OBudaun243638
Simarra Bhojpur B.OBudaun243633
Singhaula Daulatsingh B.OBudaun243727
Singraura B.OBudaun243601
Sirasaul B.OBudaun243633
Sirsa Babarai B.OBudaun243601
Sirsa Khurd B.OBudaun243638
Sirtaul B.OBudaun243633
Sisaiya Gusain B.OBudaun243630
Sisaraka B.OBudaun243632
Sitholi B.OBudaun243723
Sohi B.OBudaun243726
Sotha S.OBudaun243601
Station Road S.O (Budaun)Budaun243601
Sujawali B.OBudaun243638
Sukhaura B.OBudaun243630
Sukrullapur B.OBudaun243638
Surahi B.OBudaun243723
Sursena B.OBudaun243726
Tara Pathakpur B.OBudaun243720
Tehra B.OBudaun243638
Tigra B.OBudaun243638
Ughaiti B.OBudaun243724
Ujhani S.OBudaun243639
Uraula B.OBudaun243601
Urena B.OBudaun243725
Usawan S.OBudaun243621
Usehat S.OBudaun243641
Usmanpur B.OBudaun243638
Wazirganj S.O (Budaun)Budaun243726
Zarifnagar B.OBudaun243638

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