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Basti Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Basti district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ainpur B.OBasti272163
Ajgaiba Jungle B.OBasti272163
Amarediha B.OBasti272194
Amari Bazar B.OBasti272155
Amauna Pandey B.OBasti272191
Ambari B.OBasti272150
Amorha S.OBasti272127
Amrauli Sumali B.OBasti272190
Asnahra S.OBasti272194
Asnar B.OBasti272153
Asogwa B.OBasti272153
Athadama B.OBasti272151
Atraura B.OBasti272175
Audahi Kalan B.OBasti272201
Babhnan S.OBasti272161
Babhnauli B.OBasti272165
Baghari B.OBasti272170
Baghauli B.OBasti272175
Baghnagar B.OBasti272002
Bahadurpur B.OBasti272302
Bai Pokhar B.OBasti272002
Bai.Mustahkam B.OBasti272301
Baijnathpur B.OBasti272165
Bairagal B.OBasti272131
Bairikhala B.OBasti272163
Bajahara B.OBasti272125
Bakainia B.OBasti272165
Bangawa B.OBasti272153
Bankata B.OBasti272002
Bankati Bazar S.OBasti272123
Bankatia B.OBasti272151
Bankuiya B.OBasti272153
Banpur S.O (Basti)Basti272177
Bansgoan B.OBasti272170
Bansi H.OBasti272153
Banskhor Kalan B.OBasti272126
Barahata B.OBasti272131
Barahpur B.OBasti272155
Barahpur B.OBasti272163
Barahuwan B.OBasti272123
Bardia Kunwar B.OBasti272128
Bargadwa Khabhri B.OBasti272153
Bargadwa B.OBasti272190
Bargo B.OBasti272175
Barhni B.OBasti272131
Barhni S.OBasti272201
Barhya B.OBasti272161
Basantpur B.OBasti272153
Basti B.S. S.OBasti272002
Basti H.OBasti272001
Basti Huchhary S.OBasti272001
Basti Sugar Factory B.OBasti272002
Beili B.OBasti272302
Belbharia Ram Gulam B.OBasti272181
Belghat B.OBasti272163
Belhara B.OBasti272182
Belsar B.OBasti272163
Belwaria Jungle B.OBasti272163
Bemhari B.OBasti272131
Bhadawal B.OBasti272155
Bhainsa Chaubey B.OBasti272163
Bhainsa Khoont B.OBasti272165
Bhainsaha B.OBasti272130
Bhangura B.OBasti272301
Bhanpur Babu B.OBasti272194
Bhanwari B.OBasti272153
Bharwalia B.OBasti272123
Bhawanipur B.OBasti272124
Bhelkha B.OBasti272002
Bhitani B.OBasti272177
Bhitehara B.OBasti272151
Bhivra B.OBasti272125
Bishesharganj S.OBasti272128
Bishunpurwa B.OBasti272190
Bodwal B.OBasti272170
Burhi Belhar B.OBasti272125
Captainganj S.O (Basti)Basti272131
Chaukwa B.OBasti272190
Chhagulia Bagulia B.OBasti272125
Chhapia Sheobaran B.OBasti272002
Chharahata B.OBasti272151
Chhardahi B.OBasti272301
Chilma Bazar B.OBasti272301
Chorkhari B.OBasti272155
Civil Line S.O (Basti)Basti272001
Dailapur B.OBasti272131
Dakhin Darwaza S.OBasti272002
Dandwakala B.OBasti272126
Dandwapandey B.OBasti272148
Danokuiya B.OBasti272126
Dasia B.OBasti272150
Deferi B.OBasti272130
Deisand B.OBasti272123
Delhwa B.OBasti272301
Dewapar B.OBasti272302
Dhaurahra B.OBasti272194
Dhawai B.OBasti272194
Dhenugawan B.OBasti272129
Dhirauli Babu B.OBasti272127
Dhosar B.OBasti272194
Dihukpura B.OBasti272301
Dingrapur B.OBasti272301
Diwakarpur B.OBasti272181
Dubauli Dubey B.OBasti272131
Dubaulia B.OBasti272131
Dudhara S.OBasti272125
Dudhaura B.OBasti272002
Ekdangi B.OBasti272170
Gaighat B.OBasti272301
Gandhinagar S.O (Basti)Basti272001
Ganeshpur B.OBasti272002
Garha B.OBasti272131
Gauhania B.OBasti272155
Gaur Rs S.OBasti272163
Gaura B.OBasti272002
Gaura Pandey B.OBasti271305
Gaura Upadhyay B.OBasti272124
Gauspur B.OBasti272301
Ghorsayen B.OBasti272127
Gonare B.OBasti272171
Gopiapar B.OBasti272131
Gopinathpur B.OBasti272130
Govindpara B.OBasti272131
Gulariha Sirma B.OBasti272170
Gunakhor B.OBasti272126
Hanumanganj S.O (Basti)Basti272150
Haribanshpur B.OBasti272131
Harish Nagar B.OBasti272130
Harraiya S.OBasti272155
Hathiagarh B.OBasti272002
Hatwa B.OBasti272126
Hiyaroopur B.OBasti272127
Hundrakunwar B.OBasti272181
Itbahara B.OBasti272163
ITI S.O (Basti)Basti272001
Itwakungai B.OBasti272181
Jagdishpur B.OBasti272130
Jahlipur B.OBasti272190
Jaitapur B.OBasti272127
Jajupur B.OBasti272127
Jamadashahi B.OBasti272002
Jeodhara B.OBasti272125
Jinswa B.OBasti272190
Jitipur B.OBasti272181
Joorie B.OBasti272125
Kachhia B.OBasti272163
Kalwari S.O (Basti)Basti272301
Kanaila B.OBasti272301
Karah Pithia B.OBasti272170
Karahi B.OBasti272002
Karma Khan B.OBasti272002
Karmahiya B.OBasti272194
Kasaila B.OBasti272302
Kataria B.OBasti272128
Kathar Jungle B.OBasti272302
Katya B.OBasti272302
Kaudikol B.OBasti272131
Kerauna B.OBasti272148
Keshwapur B.OBasti272155
Kewarimustahkam B.OBasti272301
Khairati B.OBasti272177
Khambha B.OBasti272151
Kharawan Kunwsar B.OBasti272130
Kharka B.OBasti272177
Khatiyawan B.OBasti272125
Khesuwa B.OBasti272127
Khoria B.OBasti272123
Kodai B.OBasti272131
Kohra B.OBasti272150
Kohriyawan B.OBasti272126
Kondra Pandey B.OBasti272002
Kothwa B.OBasti272124
Kudraha B.OBasti272301
Kurda B.OBasti272163
Kuriyar B.OBasti272170
Kurthia B.OBasti272153
Kusaura B.OBasti272301
Kusuru Khurd B.OBasti272125
Labnapar B.OBasti272002
Lakhanahat B.OBasti272302
Lalganj (Basti) S.OBasti272171
Lalpur B.OBasti272130
Lapsi B.OBasti272190
Lauki Lala B.OBasti272125
Madwanagar B.OBasti272002
Mahadewa B.OBasti272181
Mahani B.OBasti272125
Mahrajganj B.OBasti272155
Mahripur B.OBasti272302
Mahson S.OBasti272124
Mahuswar B.OBasti272148
Mahuwadabar B.OBasti272161
Mahuwalakhanpur B.OBasti272131
Mahuwapar B.OBasti272155
Mahuwar B.OBasti272151
Majahuwameer B.OBasti272002
Majhauwa Babu B.OBasti272155
Majhauwa Baikunth B.OBasti272150
Majhauwa Khajuri B.OBasti272002
Majhauwa Khurd B.OBasti272190
Malauli Gosain B.OBasti272129
Manjharia Vikram B.OBasti272002
Manjhilgaon B.OBasti272127
Mansoornagar B.OBasti272163
Manuwa B.OBasti272301
Marwatia Baboo B.OBasti272302
Marwatia Kasaila B.OBasti272002
Meetanjot B.OBasti272302
Melan Khurd B.OBasti272125
Misraulia Bhaiya B.OBasti272150
Mudadeehabeg B.OBasti272125
Munderwa S.OBasti272170
Nagahara B.OBasti272002
Nagar Bazar S.OBasti272302
Naghara B.OBasti272131
Naguwa B.OBasti272177
Naikapar B.OBasti272301
Nande Kuwan B.OBasti272128
Nandnagar B.OBasti272129
Naraiyanpur B.OBasti272124
Nedula B.OBasti272130
Newari B.OBasti272171
Niranjanpur B.OBasti272124
Ojhaganj B.OBasti272131
Orawara B.OBasti272002
Orijote S.OBasti272001
Pachawa B.OBasti272125
Pachwas B.OBasti272127
Padari B.OBasti272170
Pagar B.OBasti272123
Paikolia S.OBasti272181
Pak. Bakhtawar B.OBasti272131
Pakari Araji B.OBasti272125
Pakari Dhaurahra B.OBasti272002
Pakri Jai B.OBasti272002
Pandey Bazar S.OBasti272002
Parasrampur S.OBasti272130
Parsa Damya B.OBasti272150
Parsa Jhakaria B.OBasti272125
Parsaon B.OBasti272301
Pendar B.OBasti272163
Pikaura B.OBasti272163
Pipra Kazi B.OBasti272163
Pipragautam B.OBasti272124
Piraila Garib B.OBasti272194
Pokhara B.OBasti272131
Pokharni B.OBasti272302
Puraina Mansoor B.OBasti272002
Puraina Pandey B.OBasti272002
Purani Basti S.O (Basti)Basti272002
Pursia B.OBasti272002
Raghunathpur B.OBasti272130
Raghunathpur B.OBasti272002
Raghwapur B.OBasti272181
Rajpur Bairihwa B.OBasti272301
Ramnagar B.OBasti272194
Rampur B.OBasti272170
Rampur B.OBasti272124
Ranipur B.OBasti272302
Rasoolpur B.OBasti272002
Raunakala B.OBasti272150
Rautapar B.OBasti272171
Rayath S.OBasti272148
Roopgarh B.OBasti272128
Rudranagar S.OBasti272151
Sabra B.OBasti272151
Saithawalia B.OBasti272002
Salempur B.OBasti272130
Saltauwa S.OBasti272190
Samaspur B.OBasti272124
Sanda B.OBasti272170
Sangath B.OBasti272125
Sangrampur B.OBasti272127
Sansarpur B.OBasti272182
Sardaha Sukul B.OBasti272163
Sarraiya Atibal B.OBasti272128
Sehuda Kala B.OBasti272148
Semara B.OBasti272302
Semariyawan S.OBasti272126
Shankarpur S.OBasti272129
Shivpur B.OBasti272163
Siarapar B.OBasti272182
Sihari Sardaha B.OBasti272190
Sikandarpur B.OBasti272129
Sillo B.OBasti272124
Sonha B.OBasti272190
Sonkhar B.OBasti272170
Sringinari B.OBasti272130
Subdeiyakala B.OBasti272002
Sudipur B.OBasti272128
Sukrauli B.OBasti272163
Sukrauli Chaudhary B.OBasti272155
Sumha B.OBasti272125
Surwarkalan B.OBasti272151
T B Clinic S.OBasti272002
Teliha Deeh B.OBasti272190
Thana Khas B.OBasti272155
Tharuapur B.OBasti272129
Thokwsa B.OBasti272171
Tilakpur B.OBasti272131
Tilja B.OBasti272126
Tinharimafi B.OBasti272126
Tinich B.OBasti272163
Turasi B.OBasti272127
Turkipur B.OBasti272128
Tusail B.OBasti272194
Umaria B.OBasti272301
Unchgaon B.OBasti272170
Unji B.OBasti272131
Ushara Shahid B.OBasti272002
Vedipur B.OBasti272181
Walterganj S.OBasti272182

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