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Banda Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Banda district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achharaund B.OBanda210001
Adri B.OBanda210126
Ajeetpur B.OBanda210001
Akuna B.OBanda210203
Aliha B.OBanda210121
Alona B.OBanda210001
Amara B.OBanda210126
Amlikaur B.OBanda210128
Amlor B.OBanda210126
Anathuwa B.OBanda210201
Arjunah B.OBanda210120
Armar B.OBanda210125
Atarahat B.OBanda210001
Atarra S.OBanda210201
Audaha B.OBanda210125
Augasi B.OBanda210121
Baberu S.OBanda210121
Bachhaundha B.OBanda210203
Bachhaunha B.OBanda210125
Badagaon B.OBanda210121
Badausa S.OBanda210202
Badokhar Bujurg B.OBanda210001
Badokhar Khurd B.OBanda210001
Bagehta B.OBanda210121
Bagha B.OBanda210203
Baghelabari B.OBanda210202
Baheri B.OBanda210129
Ballan B.OBanda210201
Banda Aliganj S.OBanda210001
Banda City S.OBanda210001
Banda D.C. S.OBanda210001
Banda H.OBanda210001
Banda Kutchery S.OBanda210001
Banda R.S. S.OBanda210001
Bansi B.OBanda210001
Banthari B.OBanda210125
Baragaon B.OBanda210126
Baraimanpur B.OBanda210001
Basahari B.OBanda210001
Benda B.OBanda210128
Beonja B.OBanda210121
Berraon B.OBanda210125
Bhabhua B.OBanda210121
Bhadedu B.OBanda210121
Bhujrakh B.OBanda210128
Bichhwahi B.OBanda210123
Bilgaon B.OBanda210001
Bira B.OBanda210125
Birauna B.OBanda210129
Bisanda S.OBanda210203
Bisandi B.OBanda210203
Budhauli B.OBanda210125
Chandwara B.OBanda210126
Chandwara B.OBanda210129
Charka B.OBanda210125
Chausar B.OBanda210201
Chhehraon B.OBanda210001
Chhenahra Lalpur B.OBanda210001
Chhoti Bazar S.OBanda210001
Chillatara S.OBanda210123
Chillolar B.OBanda210203
Dadhwamanpur B.OBanda210202
Dharikhera B.OBanda210126
Dighwat B.OBanda210123
Durendi B.OBanda210001
Gadaria B.OBanda210126
Ganaon B.OBanda210201
Ganchchha B.OBanda210001
Garchappa B.OBanda210208
Gauri Kalan B.OBanda210126
Gazipur B.OBanda210126
Ghauraunda B.OBanda210120
Girwan B.OBanda210001
Goeramugli B.OBanda210001
Goiya Kalan B.OBanda210208
Gokhia B.OBanda210201
Gugauli B.OBanda210123
Gumanganj B.OBanda210129
Gureh B.OBanda210001
Gurha Kalan B.OBanda210129
Hanna Vinaika B.OBanda210209
Harbamafi B.OBanda210202
Hardauli B.OBanda210121
Hastam B.OBanda210120
Hathaura B.OBanda210001
Ingua B.OBanda210125
Jabrapur B.OBanda210202
Jalalpur B.OBanda210121
Jamalpur B.OBanda210001
Jamoo B.OBanda210203
Jamwara B.OBanda210129
Jaria B.OBanda210001
Jaspura B.OBanda210126
Jauharpur B.OBanda210123
Jaurahi B.OBanda210001
Jhanjhari Ka Purwa B.OBanda210126
Kailnjar B.OBanda210129
Kairikhurd B.OBanda210203
Kamasin S.OBanda210125
Kanwara B.OBanda210001
Karaundi Kalan B.OBanda210207
Kartal B.OBanda210129
Katrawal B.OBanda210120
Khambhaura B.OBanda210201
Khaptiha Kalan B.OBanda210001
Kharauli B.OBanda210125
Khaunda B.OBanda210128
Khurand R.S. S.OBanda210120
Khurhand B.OBanda210120
Korrahi B.OBanda210203
Kulsari B.OBanda210129
Lahureta B.OBanda210129
Lakhanpur B.OBanda210125
Lama B.OBanda210001
Lohda B.OBanda210206
Lohra B.OBanda210125
Lucktara B.OBanda210001
Madauli Kalan B.OBanda210126
Mahokhar B.OBanda210001
Mahua B.OBanda210120
Mahui B.OBanda210128
Mahuta B.OBanda210202
Majhila B.OBanda210121
Majhiwan B.OBanda210121
Makri B.OBanda210120
Malehra Newada B.OBanda210120
Mamsi Khurd B.OBanda210125
Manipur B.OBanda210001
Marauli B.OBanda210203
Marjha B.OBanda210126
Marka B.OBanda210125
Masuri B.OBanda210001
Mataundh B.OBanda210001
Mau B.OBanda210125
Mawai B.OBanda210001
Mawaighat B.OBanda210126
Mohanpurwa B.OBanda210001
Mungus B.OBanda210128
Murwal B.OBanda210121
Museewan B.OBanda210125
Naditaura B.OBanda210206
Nagnedi B.OBanda210120
Nahri B.OBanda210129
Nandadeo B.OBanda210126
Nandin Kurmiyan B.OBanda210207
Naraini S.OBanda210129
Narauli B.OBanda210126
Narayanpur B.OBanda210125
Nari B.OBanda210126
Nauhai B.OBanda210129
Nibhaur B.OBanda210121
Nilathu B.OBanda210121
Ora B.OBanda210206
Oraha B.OBanda210201
Oran B.OBanda210203
P G College Attara S.OBanda210201
Pachhauhan B.OBanda210125
Pachnehi B.OBanda210001
Pachokhar B.OBanda210201
Padarathpur B.OBanda210123
Padmai B.OBanda210129
Padohra B.OBanda210126
Padui B.OBanda210001
Paigambarpur B.OBanda210001
Pailani S.OBanda210126
Palhari B.OBanda210121
Palra B.OBanda210123
Pangara B.OBanda210129
Pannah B.OBanda210125
Paprenda B.OBanda210001
Para B.OBanda210203
Paras B.OBanda210121
Parsahar B.OBanda210129
Parsauli B.OBanda210125
Parsaunda B.OBanda210001
Pathara B.OBanda210202
Patwan B.OBanda210121
Pauhar B.OBanda210202
Pauhar B.OBanda210201
Pawaiya B.OBanda210121
Pindaran B.OBanda210121
Pindkhar B.OBanda210201
Pipargawan B.OBanda210128
Piprahari B.OBanda210123
Piprodar B.OBanda210126
Piyar B.OBanda210202
Pongari B.OBanda210129
Punahur B.OBanda210201
Rampur B.OBanda210126
Ranipur B.OBanda210203
Rasin B.OBanda210202
Rauli Kalyanpur B.OBanda210202
Risaura B.OBanda210129
Sabada B.OBanda210126
Sadimadanpur B.OBanda210123
Sahewa B.OBanda210120
Samgara B.OBanda210121
Sandasani B.OBanda210125
Sarha B.OBanda210129
Sathi B.OBanda210121
Satnyaon B.OBanda210125
Saunta Syondha B.OBanda210120
Saya B.OBanda210203
Semri Basilpur B.OBanda210128
Sheo B.OBanda210121
Sikahula B.OBanda210126
Simauni B.OBanda210121
Sindhan Kalan B.OBanda210126
Singhpur B.OBanda210203
Tilausa B.OBanda210125
Tindura B.OBanda210203
Tindwara B.OBanda210001
Tindwari S.OBanda210128
Trivedi B.OBanda210001
Turra B.OBanda210202
Umarahni B.OBanda210121

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