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Bagpat Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Bagpat district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aminagar Sarai S.OBagpat250606
Asara B.OBagpat250623
Asarfabad Thal B.OBagpat250623
Audhapur B.OBagpat250611
Azampur Mulsam B.OBagpat250622
Badarkha B.OBagpat250617
Baghpat S.OBagpat250609
Baghpat Sugar Mill B.OBagpat250609
Bali B.OBagpat250601
Bamnauli S.OBagpat250620
Baoli S.OBagpat250621
Baragaon B.OBagpat250101
Baraut H.OBagpat250611
Barawad B.OBagpat250611
Barka B.OBagpat250611
Barnawa B.OBagpat250345
Barwala B.OBagpat250621
Basaudh B.OBagpat250601
Basauli B.OBagpat250623
Bassi B.OBagpat250101
Bazidpur B.OBagpat250611
Begmabad Garhi B.OBagpat250622
Bhagot B.OBagpat250101
Bharal B.OBagpat250622
Bijrol B.OBagpat250611
Bijwara B.OBagpat250345
Bilochpura B.OBagpat250606
Binauli S.OBagpat250345
Bodha B.OBagpat250617
Budhera B.OBagpat250611
Budhpur B.OBagpat250623
Budhsaini B.OBagpat250606
Chamrawal B.OBagpat250615
Chandyan B.OBagpat250345
Chaubli B.OBagpat250611
Chhaprauli S.OBagpat250617
Daha B.OBagpat250611
Daula B.OBagpat250601
Dhanaura Silver Nagar B.OBagpat250611
Dhanaura Tikri B.OBagpat250622
Dhikana B.OBagpat250611
Dhikauli S.OBagpat250615
Doghat S.OBagpat250622
Dohja B.OBagpat250611
Duttnagar B.OBagpat250626
Faizpur Ninana B.OBagpat250619
Fakharpur B.OBagpat250101
Fatehpur Poothi B.OBagpat250345
Fazalpur B.OBagpat250345
Gaidbara B.OBagpat250622
Galheta B.OBagpat250345
Gandhi Chowk Baraut S.OBagpat250611
Garhi B.OBagpat250601
Garhi Hazurabad B.OBagpat250606
Garhi Kalanjiri B.OBagpat250101
Gauripur B.OBagpat250619
Ghitora B.OBagpat250101
Gothra B.OBagpat250101
Gunga Kheri B.OBagpat250621
Gurana B.OBagpat250611
Gwali Khera B.OBagpat250606
Hewa B.OBagpat250617
Hilwari B.OBagpat250611
Hisauda B.OBagpat250615
Ibrahimpur Mazra B.OBagpat250623
Idrishpur B.OBagpat250622
Jaunmana B.OBagpat250611
Jhundpur B.OBagpat250622
Jiwana B.OBagpat250623
Jiwana B.OBagpat250345
Johri B.OBagpat250345
Kakor Kalan B.OBagpat250617
Kakripur B.OBagpat250623
Kandera B.OBagpat250620
Kanhar B.OBagpat250622
Kasimpur Khari B.OBagpat250623
Khatta B.OBagpat250609
Khatta Prahladpur B.OBagpat250615
Khekra S.OBagpat250101
Khera Hatana B.OBagpat250619
Kherki B.OBagpat250619
Khwaja Nagla B.OBagpat250611
Kirthal B.OBagpat250611
Kishanpur Baral S.OBagpat250623
Kotana B.OBagpat250611
Kurri B.OBagpat250617
Lalyana B.OBagpat250615
Lohadda B.OBagpat250611
Luhari B.OBagpat250611
Lumb B.OBagpat250611
Malakpur B.OBagpat250611
Mawi Kalan B.OBagpat250606
Mitli B.OBagpat250601
Mozizabad Nangal B.OBagpat250625
Mubarikpur B.OBagpat250101
Muzaffarpur Kanwara B.OBagpat250622
Muzampur Kamala B.OBagpat250345
Nai Mandi Baraut S.OBagpat250611
Nangal B.OBagpat250617
Nehru Rd. Baraut S.OBagpat250611
Nerojpur Gujar B.OBagpat250601
Nibali B.OBagpat250601
Nirpura B.OBagpat250625
Pabla Begmabad B.OBagpat250615
Palra B.OBagpat250622
Palri B.OBagpat250622
Phulera B.OBagpat250101
Pilana B.OBagpat250615
Pusar B.OBagpat250622
Rajpur Khampur B.OBagpat250611
Ram Nagar B.OBagpat250606
Ramala B.OBagpat250623
Ranchhar B.OBagpat250345
Rataul B.OBagpat250101
Rathaura B.OBagpat250617
Rly. Road Khekra S.OBagpat250101
Sabga B.OBagpat250617
Sadiqpur Sinoli B.OBagpat250611
Saidbhar B.OBagpat250606
Sankrodh B.OBagpat250101
Sarurpur Kalan S.OBagpat250619
Shahpur Banoli B.OBagpat250611
Sherpur Luhari B.OBagpat250617
Shikohpur B.OBagpat250611
Silana B.OBagpat250617
Singhaoli Ahir B.OBagpat250606
Sirsalgarh B.OBagpat250345
Sirsali B.OBagpat250345
Soop B.OBagpat250623
Sujra B.OBagpat250601
Sujti B.OBagpat250625
Sunehra B.OBagpat250101
Teodhi B.OBagpat250611
Tera B.OBagpat250606
Tikri S.OBagpat250625
Titroda B.OBagpat250345
Tugana B.OBagpat250617

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