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Ambedkar Nagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ambedkar Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achhati B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Adampur Tiloni B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Admapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Ainawa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Ajmalpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Ajmeri Badshahpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Akbarpur H.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Akhtara Narainpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Alauddinur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Alaupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Amadarveshpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Amari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Amartal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Ambarpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Anjana B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Annapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Arai B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Aribpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Aribpur Ramnagar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Arjunpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Arsawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Asgawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Ashapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Ashrafpur Barwa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Ashrafpur Majhagawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Asnara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Asopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Astikaan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224284
Atraura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224234
Atwari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Avsanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Ayodhya S.OAmbedkar Nagar224123
Babuapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Bahorikpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Bairi Buzurg B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Bakarganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Balaiya Jagdishpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Balrampur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Bandan Deeh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Bandipur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Bangaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Bangaondihwa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Banghusara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Baniyani B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Bankata Bujurg B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Bankegaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224201
Baragaon Brahimpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Baragaon Sheikhpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Baramadpur Jariyari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Baramadpur Lohra B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Baraon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Baraura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Barehta B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Barepur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Bariyawan S.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Barun S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224127
Basantpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224234
Baskhari S.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Basohari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Bathua B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Begikol B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Bela B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Bela Parsa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Belarambagh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Bemaval B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Bewana B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Bhadar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Bhadauli B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Bhadohi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Bhaironpur Tikari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Bharatkund S.OAmbedkar Nagar224202
Bhari Diha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Bharsari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Bhaukuwan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Bhaupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Bhidur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Bhikharipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Bhiti S.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Bhiyaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Bhujgi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Bhupatipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Bidhar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Bijli Tihayatpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Bishambharpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Brahimpur Kusma B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Bsaiya Ganga Sagar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Bukia B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Bus Station Akbarpur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Chahoraghat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Chak Bhadaya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Chakiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Chanaipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Chandipur Khurd B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Chandpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Chandrikaganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Chapra B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Chhajapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Chiotipara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Chitoi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Dabha Samer S.OAmbedkar Nagar224133
Dahema B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Dalpatpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Dandupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Dargah Rasoolpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Daridiha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Daudpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Daulatabad B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Debipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Deeh Bhilon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Deogarh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224171
Deohat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Deoria S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224137
Dharamganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Dhaurua B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Dhenkara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Dhiwa Daulatpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Dhrampur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224135
Dillisaraiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224189
Dulahoopur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Faridpur Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Fatehpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Fatehpur Belabagh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Gangauli B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Garha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Gaura Mohammadpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Gayaspur Samsuddinpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Gharwal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Ghuritikar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Gohila B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Gomunpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Gurukul B.OAmbedkar Nagar224123
Gyanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224171
Haiderganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Hajlapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Hajpura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Hakeem Pur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224232
Hanswar S.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Haridaspur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Hariharpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Hath Pakar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Hiri Pakaria B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Hisamuddinpur Pipra B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Husainpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Husainpur Girant B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Husainpur Sudnaha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Iltifatganj S.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Indaipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Ismailpur Tahepur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Itaura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224201
Itauri B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
J.K.I.C. Arwat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Jafarganj S.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Jagdishpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Jagdishpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Jahangirganj S.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Jainti B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Jaishingmau B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Jaitoopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Jaitpur Nidhiyawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Jalalpur S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224149
Jamaloopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Jamu Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Jamunipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Janabazar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Janapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224171
Jeewat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Jogipur Dhanikpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Jyoti Sadan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224133
Kadipur Khas B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Kahi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Kailkeshopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224202
Kakardilla B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Kakauli B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Kalepur Mahuwal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Kalhuwa Kaura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Kalyanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Kandai Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224189
Kannoopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Kar Misripur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Karampur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Karnaipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Kartora B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Katariya Yaqubpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Katehari S.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Katgharmusa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Katui B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Kaurahi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Kawahianjanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Kedarnagar S.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Kela Lal Khan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Keotahi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Khajawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Khajuri B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Khalispur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Khamariyanghat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Khamipurnidhiywan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Khandasa S.OAmbedkar Nagar224153
Khapradih S.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Kharuwaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Khaspur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Khemapur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Khewar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Khukhutara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Kichhauccha S.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Kodaila B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Koro Raghopur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Kotwa Mohamadpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Kuchera S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224158
Kudia Chitauna B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Kumarganj S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224229
Kumbhiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Kurcha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Kurki Bazar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Lakhandih B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Lakhanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Lakhmipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Lakhnipatti B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Lalmanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Larpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Lawaiya Pratappur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Lodipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Lohjhara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Lorpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224235
Machhiligaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Madainiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Madarbhari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Madarmau B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Madhupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Madna B.OAmbedkar Nagar224171
Maharajganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Maharuwa Gola S.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Mahawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Mahmedpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224121
Mahulia B.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Mainpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Majgaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Majhgawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Majurddinpur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224207
Makhdoom Baramadpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Makhdoom Nagar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Makhdumsarai B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Makoiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Makrahi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Malawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Malipur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Manauri Samaisa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Mangari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Manikpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Mansapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Marahara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Marthua Saraiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Masorha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Mathani B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Mathia B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Mathura Rasoolpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Maya S.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Meerpur Sheikhpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Mijhaura S.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Mirzapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Mokalpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Mubarakganj B.OAmbedkar Nagar224189
Mubarakpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Mubarakpur Daiyadeeh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Mubarakpurpikar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Mujahidpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Mumrejpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Mundehra B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Mundiyari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Musepur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Mustafabad B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Nagpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Naipura B.OAmbedkar Nagar224145
Nandapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Narharpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Nariyawa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Narwa Pitambarpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Nasirpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Nathu Pur Laudhana B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Naugaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224235
Naurahni Rampur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Neeba B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Neori B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Netwari Chaturpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Nikaspur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Noorpur Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Nuawan Baidara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Pachiyana B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Paekauli Bazar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Pahitipur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Pakhanpurbichaila B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Paliachalpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Paras Katui B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Pariyawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Parsawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Parsawan Khurd B.OAmbedkar Nagar224164
Paruiya Ashram B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Parwar Bhari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Pausara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224234
Persanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Pethia B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Pindoria B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Pirthivipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Pora B.OAmbedkar Nagar224201
Pratappur Chamurkha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Punhad B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Purebadalhi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Pyare Pur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Raithua B.OAmbedkar Nagar224202
Rajapur Sraiya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Rajepur Kopa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Rajesultanpur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Rakba Amola B.OAmbedkar Nagar224139
Ram Nagar Karri B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Ram Nagar S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224181
Ramapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Rambaba B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Rambag Baragaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Ramdas Patti B.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Ramnagar Chaukia B.OAmbedkar Nagar224206
Rampur Bhagan S.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Rampur Jaisingh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Rampur Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Rampur Mungradilla B.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Rampur Rampatti B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Rampursakarwari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Raniwan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Rasoolpur Mundera B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Rasulabad S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224172
Ratna B.OAmbedkar Nagar224125
Rohiyawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224234
Rudaupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Rukunpur Kasimpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Rukunuddinpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Sabukpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Sahzadpur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Saidahi S.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Saidapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Saidpur Bhitari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Saidpur Lurvadih B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Samar Singhpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Samdih B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Sanaha B.OAmbedkar Nagar224182
Sarai Sagar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224161
Sarawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Sarjupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224183
Saya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Seehmaikarirat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Sehra Jalalpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224231
Semari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Semaur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Semra Nasirpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Setha Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Shadipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224230
Shahpur Bangawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Shajana Hamjapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Sheopal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Sheotara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Sherawa Ghat B.OAmbedkar Nagar224234
Shikrohar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Sihipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Sihoriya B.OAmbedkar Nagar224172
Sijhauli B.OAmbedkar Nagar224235
Sikandarpur S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224186
Sikraura Kanchanpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Singhora B.OAmbedkar Nagar224208
Sirhir B.OAmbedkar Nagar224127
Sirsiya Jamunipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Sonaura Gaupur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Sonawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224157
Sonbarsa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224208
Songaon B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Srai Rasi B.OAmbedkar Nagar224171
Subhakarpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224168
Sukul Bazar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Sulhantara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Sulhepur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224209
Sulhepur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Sultangarh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224186
Sultanpur Kabirpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224129
Surapur S.OAmbedkar Nagar224227
Surhurpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224159
Surwari B.OAmbedkar Nagar224189
Sutharpara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Swarg Dwar B.OAmbedkar Nagar224123
Taarun Blgara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224203
Tajpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224122
Tanda City B.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Tanda S.O (Ambedkar Nagar)Ambedkar Nagar224190
Tanda Tehseel S.OAmbedkar Nagar224190
Tandwa B.OAmbedkar Nagar224189
Tandwa Bharatpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224176
Tandwa Jalal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Tandwa Maulai B.OAmbedkar Nagar224155
Tara Khurd B.OAmbedkar Nagar224146
Tarauli Mubarakpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143
Teliagarh B.OAmbedkar Nagar224141
Tendwa Paharpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224210
Tendwai Kalan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224137
Teria B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Tewaripur Sabna B.OAmbedkar Nagar224152
Tighara B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Tikari S.OAmbedkar Nagar224195
Tikoria Buzurg B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
U.P.S.S. Mill S.OAmbedkar Nagar224235
Udaipur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224149
Udharna B.OAmbedkar Nagar224205
Umari Jalal B.OAmbedkar Nagar224147
Umrawan B.OAmbedkar Nagar224132
Upadhyapur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224164
Vidhut Nagar S.OAmbedkar Nagar224238
Yadavpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224181
Yarkee B.OAmbedkar Nagar224151
Zainuddinpur B.OAmbedkar Nagar224143

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