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Agra Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Agra district, Uttar Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
509 Command S.OAgra282001
Achnera Mandi B.OAgra283101
Achnera S.OAgra283101
Akhabai B.OAgra283102
Akola S.O (Agra)Agra283102
Anwal Khera B.OAgra283201
Arela B.OAgra283201
Arhera B.OAgra283110
Arnota B.OAgra283111
Arrua Khas B.OAgra283101
Arsena B.OAgra282007
Artoni B.OAgra282007
Atoos B.OAgra283105
Aulanda B.OAgra283110
Ayela B.OAgra283124
B.M. Khan S.OAgra282002
B.P Oilmill S.OAgra282003
B.V. Bichpuri S.OAgra283105
Bah S.OAgra283104
Baharawati B.OAgra283101
Bainpur B.OAgra282007
Balu Ganj S.OAgra282001
Baman B.OAgra283126
Bamnai Kalan B.OAgra283115
Bamrauli Ahir B.OAgra282009
Bamrauli B.OAgra283104
Bamrauli Katara B.OAgra282006
Barara B.OAgra283102
Barauli Ahir B.OAgra283125
Barauli Gujar B.OAgra283111
Barenda B.OAgra283123
Barhan S.OAgra283201
Barobara Khurd B.OAgra283125
Barwar B.OAgra283119
Basai Jagner B.OAgra283115
Baseri Chahar B.OAgra283122
Baseri Kazi B.OAgra283110
Basona B.OAgra283126
Basoni B.OAgra283123
Bateshwar B.OAgra283104
Behrampur B.OAgra283202
Beman B.OAgra283122
Berichahar B.OAgra283102
Bhadrauli B.OAgra283113
Bhagupur B.OAgra283202
Bhakar B.OAgra283121
Bhalokhara B.OAgra283111
Bhara B.OAgra283115
Bharkol B.OAgra283110
Bhilawali B.OAgra283121
Bhogipura S.OAgra282010
Biara B.OAgra283101
Bichola B.OAgra283113
Bihari B.OAgra283111
Bijhamai B.OAgra283111
Bikapur Tap Kharga B.OAgra283112
Billoch Pura B.OAgra282002
Biprawali B.OAgra283123
Birai B.OAgra283124
Birharu B.OAgra283124
Birthala B.OAgra283112
Bisalpur B.OAgra283102
Bitholi B.OAgra283113
Bodla B.OAgra282007
Budhana Mustkil B.OAgra282006
C.O.D. S.OAgra282009
Chamraua B.OAgra283104
Chamraula B.OAgra283201
Chaoli B.OAgra283201
Chauma Shahpur B.OAgra283110
Chaurangahar B.OAgra283104
Cheet B.OAgra283119
Chhalesar B.OAgra282006
Chhipitola S.OAgra282001
Chimman Lal Road B.OAgra282003
Chitaura B.OAgra283125
Chitra Hat B.OAgra283114
Chokda B.OAgra283201
Churiyari B.OAgra283110
Civil Court S.O (Agra)Agra282002
Civil Line S.O (Agra)Agra282002
Collectrate S.OAgra282010
Dabar B.OAgra283110
Dahtora B.OAgra282007
Dankasha B.OAgra283124
Daoli B.OAgra283105
Darki B.OAgra283112
Dauki B.OAgra283111
Daultabad B.OAgra283101
Dayal Bagh S.OAgra282005
Dehgawan B.OAgra283115
Deoretha B.OAgra283122
Deori B.OAgra282009
Dhanaula Kalan B.OAgra283125
Dhandupura B.OAgra282006
Dhanina B.OAgra283115
Dhanoli B.OAgra283102
Dharera B.OAgra283202
Dhaurra B.OAgra283202
Dhim Shree B.OAgra283125
Digner B.OAgra283125
Digrauta B.OAgra283119
Doora B.OAgra283110
Dulhara B.OAgra283110
Etmadpur S.OAgra283202
Fatehabad Bazaar S.OAgra283111
Fatehabad S.O (Agra)Agra283111
Fatehapursikari S.OAgra283110
Foundry Nagar S.OAgra282006
G. L. Emporiaumi S.OAgra282001
G.G Industries S.OAgra282004
G.M Khan S.OAgra282003
Gajaura B.OAgra283123
Gandhi Nagar S.O (Agra)Agra282003
Garh Mukha B.OAgra283119
Garhi Lal Kalan B.OAgra283125
Garhwar B.OAgra283114
Garsani B.OAgra283102
Garshan B.OAgra283124
Gokulpura S.OAgra282002
Gonseli B.OAgra283104
Gubroth B.OAgra283111
Gurki Mandi B.OAgra283110
Gutila B.OAgra283125
H.N.Khera B.OAgra283125
Hansela B.OAgra283101
Hasanpur B.OAgra283126
Hazipur Khera B.OAgra282006
Hironda B.OAgra283124
Holi Pura S.OAgra283113
Holiday In. S.OAgra282001
Hospital Road S.O (Agra)Agra282003
Hotal Clarkshiraj S.OAgra282001
I. A. F. S.OAgra282008
Idgha Colony S.OAgra282001
Industrial Estate S.O (Agra)Agra282006
Iradat Nagar S.OAgra283112
Jaganpur B.OAgra282005
Jagdish Pura S.OAgra282002
Jagner S.OAgra283115
Jagrajpur B.OAgra283111
Jaingara B.OAgra283122
Jaitpur S.O (Agra)Agra283114
Jajau B.OAgra283124
Jajau B.OAgra283110
Jajauli B.OAgra283110
Jarar B.OAgra283104
Jarari B.OAgra283111
Jarua Katra B.OAgra283102
John's Mill S.OAgra282004
Johri Bazar S.OAgra282003
Jonai B.OAgra283124
K.H.Sansthan S.OAgra282005
Kachaura B.OAgra283101
Kachora Ghat B.OAgra283114
Kagrol S.OAgra283119
Kailash B.OAgra282007
Kakua B.OAgra282009
Kalal Kheria B.OAgra282006
Kalayanpur Bhagirathpur B.OAgra202124
Kalibari S.O (Agra)Agra282003
Kalwari B.OAgra283105
Kamala Nagar S.O (Agra)Agra282004
Kamtari B.OAgra283104
Kanjauli B.OAgra283126
Karahara B.OAgra283105
Karkoli B.OAgra283123
Karmyogi Enclave S.OAgra282005
Karodhana Kala B.OAgra282009
Kathwari B.OAgra283101
Kaulara Kalan B.OAgra283111
Keetham B.OAgra282007
Khanda B.OAgra283201
Khandauli S.OAgra283126
Khander B.OAgra283111
Khandri B.OAgra282002
Kheragarh S.OAgra283121
Kheria Airport S.OAgra282008
Kheria B.OAgra283112
Kheria B.OAgra283102
Khilawali B.OAgra283114
Kiraoli S.OAgra283122
Korai B.OAgra283110
Kukapur B.OAgra283114
Kukthala B.OAgra283105
Kukthari B.OAgra283123
Kundaul B.OAgra283111
Kurra Chittaipur B.OAgra282009
Kwari B.OAgra283104
Labour Colony S.O (Agra)Agra282004
Ladhu Khera B.OAgra283124
Lahra B.OAgra283125
Lajpat Kunj S.OAgra282002
Lakhurani B.OAgra283125
Loha Mandi S.OAgra282002
Mahab B.OAgra283112
Maharajpur B.OAgra283111
Mahuar B.OAgra283122
Mahwatpur B.OAgra283201
Maloni B.OAgra283104
Malpura B.OAgra283102
Malupur B.OAgra283126
Malviya Kunj S.OAgra282002
Mandi Mirja Khan B.OAgra283110
Mangrol Jat B.OAgra283101
Manikpura B.OAgra283123
Mankeda B.OAgra283102
Mau B.OAgra283114
Medical College S.O (Agra)Agra282002
Mehdau B.OAgra283110
Mehra Chudhary B.OAgra283111
Midhakur B.OAgra283105
Mihawa B.OAgra283112
Mitaoli B.OAgra283201
Mukhbar B.OAgra283201
Murkia B.OAgra283102
Murthar Alipur B.OAgra283201
N.M.Palika S.OAgra282002
N.V.Colony S.OAgra282004
Nadeem B.OAgra283124
Nadgawan B.OAgra283114
Nagar B.OAgra283110
Nagar Chand B.OAgra283111
Nagaria B.OAgra283111
Nagla Bari B.OAgra283201
Nagla Bel B.OAgra283201
Nagla Dulhe Khan B.OAgra283121
Nagla Kali B.OAgra282009
Nagla Patam B.OAgra283112
Nagla Sabla B.OAgra282006
Nahchani B.OAgra283122
Nai Ki Mandi S.OAgra282010
Nainana Jat B.OAgra282009
Namner S.OAgra282001
Naraich B.OAgra282006
Naugawan B.OAgra283114
New Agra S.OAgra282005
Nibohara B.OAgra283111
Noni B.OAgra283115
Nunhai B.OAgra282006
P.R.R S.OAgra282001
Palia B.OAgra283111
Panwari B.OAgra282007
Parna B.OAgra283114
Pathauli B.OAgra283105
Patsal B.OAgra283110
Pent Khera B.OAgra283126
Pentikhera B.OAgra283125
Pharera B.OAgra283113
Phool Pur B.OAgra283125
Phulatti Bazar S.OAgra282003
Pidhora B.OAgra283113
Pinahat S.OAgra283123
Poiya Tarrakpur B.OAgra283126
PRTC S.OAgra282010
Pura Guman Singh B.OAgra283104
Pura Kanhera B.OAgra283113
Pura Tinnet B.OAgra283104
Puramana B.OAgra283122
Puseta B.OAgra283112
R.B.S.College S.OAgra282002
Rahlai B.OAgra283112
Raibha B.OAgra283101
Raja Mandi S.OAgra282002
Rajora B.OAgra283113
Rajpur S.O (Agra)Agra282001
Rakabganj S.OAgra282001
Rampur B.OAgra283101
Rasoolpur B.OAgra283111
Rasoolpur B.OAgra283121
Ratoti B.OAgra283113
Rawatpara S.OAgra282003
Reha B.OAgra283123
Rehan Kalan B.OAgra282006
Richhpura B.OAgra283114
Richoba B.OAgra283115
Rithori B.OAgra283124
Rohta B.OAgra282009
Rojholi B.OAgra283122
Rudhmuli B.OAgra283104
Runkata B.OAgra282007
Sabora B.OAgra283123
Sadar Bazar S.O (Agra)Agra282001
Sahara B.OAgra283105
Sahata B.OAgra283105
Saiyan S.OAgra283124
Saket Colony S.OAgra282010
Salemabad B.OAgra283122
Samara B.OAgra283110
Samsabad S.OAgra283125
Sandhan B.OAgra283101
Sanjay Place S.OAgra282002
Sanjeti B.OAgra283114
Sarai B.OAgra283126
Sarai Khawaja S.OAgra282001
Sarendha B.OAgra283119
Sarendi B.OAgra283119
Sawain B.OAgra283202
Semera B.OAgra283126
Semri B.OAgra282009
Seola Jat B.OAgra282001
Shahaganj S.O (Agra)Agra282010
Shahganj Bazar S.OAgra282010
Shahi B.OAgra283105
Shahpur Brahman B.OAgra283114
Shahpur Toola B.OAgra283125
Shastripuram S.OAgra282007
Shiaupura B.OAgra283114
Shiv Nagar B.OAgra283114
Shoe Market S.OAgra282003
Shyamo B.OAgra283125
Sidhaoli B.OAgra283104
Sikandra S.O (Agra)Agra282007
Sikraondha B.OAgra283110
Sikrara B.OAgra283111
Siktara B.OAgra283201
Singaich B.OAgra283115
Soni Khera B.OAgra283115
Subji Mandi S.OAgra282007
Sultan Pura B.OAgra282001
Sunari B.OAgra283105
Swara B.OAgra283111
T.P. Nagar S.OAgra282002
Taj Nagari S.OAgra282004
Taj S.OAgra282001
Tajganj S.OAgra282001
Tanora Noorpur B.OAgra283111
Tarauli Gujar B.OAgra283111
Tasond B.OAgra283123
Tehra B.OAgra283124
Tehu B.OAgra283201
Thana Shankar Dwari B.OAgra283125
Therai B.OAgra283125
Tiwaha B.OAgra283111
Tnatpur B.OAgra283115
Turkia B.OAgra283101
Ujarai B.OAgra283102
Umretha B.OAgra283123
Uncha B.OAgra283126
Undera B.OAgra283110
Ushmanpur B.OAgra283201
Vikrampur B.OAgra283104
Waha B.OAgra283119
Wazir Pura S.OAgra282003
Wazitpur B.OAgra283111
Yamuna Bridge S.OAgra282006
Yamuna Kinara S.OAgra282003

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