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Tehri Garhwal Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agar B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Akhori B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Aleru B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Amni B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Amsari B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Anandchowk B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Anjanisain S.OTehri Garhwal249121
Atali -byasi B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Bachhelikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Badiyargarh B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Badon B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Badshahithaul B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Banskatal B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Barkot B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Beena B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Berni B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Bhaatgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Bhagirathipuram S.OTehri Garhwal249124
Bhainskot B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Bhalkatal B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Bhallegaon S.OTehri Garhwal249126
Bhaneldi B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Bharkot B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Bharpur B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Bhatgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Bhatwara B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Bhawan B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Bhigun B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Bhladiana S.OTehri Garhwal249131
Binaykhal B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Chaka B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Chamani B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Chamiyala S.OTehri Garhwal249125
Chamma S.OTehri Garhwal249145
Chamolgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Chandreshwar B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Chanji B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Chham S.OTehri Garhwal249132
Chherabdhar B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Chheti B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Chopriyalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Chourikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Chulyani B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Daang B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Dalla Argrh B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Dangchoura B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Dangi B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Darogi B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Deoprayag Bazar S.OTehri Garhwal249301
Devtadhar B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Dewath B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Dhalwala S.OTehri Garhwal249137
Dhanolti B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Dharidhungsir B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Dharkot B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Dharkot B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Dharkot-udaikot B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Dhopardhar B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Dhounikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Dhountri B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Dugadda B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Duwadhar B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Dwargarh B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Dyuli B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Fakot B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Falenda B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Gadoli B.OTehri Garhwal249141
Gadoliya B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Gairi B.OTehri Garhwal249196
Gajja S.OTehri Garhwal249146
Garakot B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Ghandiyaldhr B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Ghansali S.OTehri Garhwal249155
Ghonti B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Ghuttu B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Gomukh B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Gona B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Gulardogi B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Gyansoo B.OTehri Garhwal249001
Hadiyanakholi B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Hatwalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Hill Campus Pantnagar B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Hindolakhal S.OTehri Garhwal249122
Hinsriyakhal B.OTehri Garhwal249126
Jaakhchoura B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Jad Gaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Jajal B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Jakhand B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Jakhidagar B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Jakhnidhar S.OTehri Garhwal249123
Jakhniyali B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Jakholi B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Jamnikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Jamthiyal Gaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Jardhargaon B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Joulangi B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Kafal Pani B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Kafna B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Kafolgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Kakhoor B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Kakhwari B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Kamand B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Kanatal B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Kandarsyun B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Kandikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Kandiyalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Kathoor B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Kathud B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Kaudiyala B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Kaushal B.OTehri Garhwal249132
Kepars B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Khaand B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Khalargaon B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Khambakhal B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Khandogi B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Kharsadi B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Khawara B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Khola B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Khyarsi B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Kilkileshwar B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Kinsoo B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Kireth B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Kirtinagar S.OTehri Garhwal249161
Kotalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Kothi B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Kothiyara B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Kotipav B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Kotmaniyar B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Kundri B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Kuttha B.OTehri Garhwal249001
Kyara B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Kyari B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Laloorikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Lambgaon S.OTehri Garhwal249165
Lamkot B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Lawa B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Lawani B.OTehri Garhwal249132
Madan Negi B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Magron B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Mahad B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Maid B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Maighadhar B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Maindkhal B.OTehri Garhwal249132
Majafgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Maletha B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Malgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Malyakot B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Mandar B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Manderigaon B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Manjhgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Manjiyari B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Manjkot B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Maror B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Maroragaad B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Mindath B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Mogi B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Mori S.O (Tehri Garhwal)Tehri Garhwal249128
Mukhem B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Mundala B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Munikireti S.OTehri Garhwal249137
Muyalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Myanilaloor B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Nagdev Kudiyal Gaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Nagni B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Nagrajadhar B.OTehri Garhwal249196
Naicholi B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Naidogi B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Nail B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Nakot B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Narendra Nagar S.O (Tehri Garhwal)Tehri Garhwal249175
Nelda B.OTehri Garhwal249001
New Tehri Collectrate S.OTehri Garhwal249001
Nyuli B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Odada B.OTehri Garhwal249175
Odadhar B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Okhla B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Palethi B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Pali B.OTehri Garhwal249130
Palkot B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Panchoor B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Pangerkhal B.OTehri Garhwal249001
Pangriyana B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Pantwari B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Parogi B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Pathiyana B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Patniyadevi B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Paurikhal B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Pilkhi S.OTehri Garhwal249181
Pipola B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Pokhar B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Pokhri B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Poukhal B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Pratap Nagar B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Pujargaon B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Purwalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Radhudhar B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Ragar Gaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Raika B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Raimer B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Rajakhet B.OTehri Garhwal249001
Ranakot B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Ranichauri S.OTehri Garhwal249199
Ratnomalla B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Raurdhar B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Ringalgarh B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Roulakot B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Rounad B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Rouniya B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Sabli B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Sadav B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Sain B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Samangaon B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Sankri B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Sarot B.OTehri Garhwal249132
Saud B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Semandidhar B.OTehri Garhwal249181
Sendul B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Serabagwan B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Shantipur Sondi B.OTehri Garhwal249146
Shivanand Nagar S.OTehri Garhwal249192
Shivpuri B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Sigunisera S.OTehri Garhwal249186
Siliyara B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Silkakhal B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Silkani B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Sinwalidhar B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Siree B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Sirs B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Siyansu B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Sounp B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Sour B.OTehri Garhwal249145
Sour Uppu B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Souru B.OTehri Garhwal249126
Srikot B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Sunargaon B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Suwakholi B.OTehri Garhwal249180
Sweer B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Takoli B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Talli Ringoli B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Tapoban B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Teehri Kutchery S.OTehri Garhwal249001
Tehri H.OTehri Garhwal249001
Thapla B.OTehri Garhwal249165
Thati B.OTehri Garhwal249155
Thati Dagar B.OTehri Garhwal249161
Thatyur S.OTehri Garhwal249180
Thouldhar B.OTehri Garhwal249131
Tikri B.OTehri Garhwal249186
Timli B.OTehri Garhwal249192
Tingri B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Tipri B.OTehri Garhwal249123
Tisriyara B.OTehri Garhwal249125
Toli B.OTehri Garhwal249121
Tungoli B.OTehri Garhwal249199
Tyuna B.OTehri Garhwal249122
Uniyalgaon B.OTehri Garhwal249145
V.K.Puram S.OTehri Garhwal249130

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