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West Tripura Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under West Tripura district, Tripura
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhoynagar S.OWest Tripura799005
Agagartilla B.OWest Tripura799201
Agartala Aerodrome S.OWest Tripura799009
Agartala Airport Building S.OWest Tripura799009
Agartala Bazar S.OWest Tripura799001
Agartala College S.OWest Tripura799004
Agartala Court S.OWest Tripura799001
Agartala H.OWest Tripura799001
Agartala ONGC S.OWest Tripura799014
Agartala Secretariat S.OWest Tripura799010
AgartalaGuard Post B.OWest Tripura799002
Amarendranagar B.OWest Tripura799103
Amtali B.OWest Tripura799130
Anandanagar B.OWest Tripura799004
Arundhutinagar S.OWest Tripura799003
Asharambari B.OWest Tripura799201
Ashigarh B.OWest Tripura799045
Ataromura B.OWest Tripura799205
Atharacord Colony B.OWest Tripura799045
Bachaibari B.OWest Tripura799201
Badharghat B.OWest Tripura799003
Baijalbari B.OWest Tripura799207
Baikunthapur B.OWest Tripura799211
Balubon B.OWest Tripura799212
Bamutia B.OWest Tripura799211
Banamalipur B.OWest Tripura799007
Banbazar B.OWest Tripura799201
Bankumari E/SB B.OWest Tripura799006
Bardowali B.OWest Tripura799003
Bardwal B.OWest Tripura799115
Barjala B.OWest Tripura799002
Barjala B.OWest Tripura799103
Barkathalia B.OWest Tripura799211
Barmaidan Bazar B.OWest Tripura799203
Barmura Project B.OWest Tripura799205
Battali B.OWest Tripura799115
Bdelchedrra B.OWest Tripura799201
Behalabari B.OWest Tripura799201
Bejimara B.OWest Tripura799131
Belbari B.OWest Tripura799045
Bhabanipur B.OWest Tripura799131
Bharatsardarbari B.OWest Tripura799207
Bhati Abhoynagar B.OWest Tripura799002
Bhattapukur B.OWest Tripura799003
Bijoynagar Bazar B.OWest Tripura799211
Bimangarh S.OWest Tripura799015
Birendranagar S.OWest Tripura799045
Bishalgarh S.OWest Tripura799102
Bishramganj S.OWest Tripura799103
Bodhjungnagar B.OWest Tripura799210
Border Rampur B.OWest Tripura799002
Boxonagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Durlavnarayan B.OWest Tripura799115
Dwarikapur B.OWest Tripura799203
East Bachaibari B.OWest Tripura799201
Fatikchhera B.OWest Tripura799210
G.B.Hospital B.OWest Tripura799006
Gabordi B.OWest Tripura799004
Gakulbari B.OWest Tripura799201
Gandhigram B.OWest Tripura799012
Ganki B.OWest Tripura799201
Gazaria B.OWest Tripura799102
Ghilatali B.OWest Tripura799203
Golabari B.OWest Tripura799205
Golaghati B.OWest Tripura799102
Goliraibari B.OWest Tripura799103
Gouranga Tilla B.OWest Tripura799207
Gurudas Colony B.OWest Tripura799045
Hadrai B.OWest Tripura799205
Harendranagar T. B.OWest Tripura799210
Harishnagar T.E. B.OWest Tripura799102
Howaibari B.OWest Tripura799205
Indranagar B.OWest Tripura799006
Induria B.OWest Tripura799131
Ishanchandranagar B.OWest Tripura799003
Ishanpur B.OWest Tripura799212
Jaganath Bari Road S.OWest Tripura799001
Jampuijala B.OWest Tripura799102
Jampuijala Colony B.OWest Tripura799102
Janmejoynagar B.OWest Tripura799045
Jatrapur B.OWest Tripura799131
Jogendranagar B.OWest Tripura799004
Jumerdhepa B.OWest Tripura799115
Kaiyadhepa B.OWest Tripura799102
Kalacherra T.E. B.OWest Tripura799211
Kalamcherra B.OWest Tripura799102
Kalasimura B.OWest Tripura799102
Kalikrishnagar B.OWest Tripura799131
Kalitilla B.OWest Tripura799205
Kalkalia B.OWest Tripura799102
Kalkalia T.E. B.OWest Tripura799211
Kalyanpur S.O (West Tripura)West Tripura799203
Kalyanpur T. E B.OWest Tripura799203
Kamalasagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Kamalghat S.OWest Tripura799210
Kamalnagar B.OWest Tripura799131
Kamrangatali B.OWest Tripura799105
Kanakraipara B.OWest Tripura799102
Kanchanmala B.OWest Tripura799130
Karailong B.OWest Tripura799205
Karingicherra B.OWest Tripura799201
Kathalbagan B.OWest Tripura799006
Kathalia B.OWest Tripura799131
Kemtali B.OWest Tripura799115
Kendraicherra B.OWest Tripura799102
Khas Chowmouhani B.OWest Tripura799115
Khasiamangal B.OWest Tripura799205
Khasnoagaon B.OWest Tripura799008
Khayerpur S.OWest Tripura799008
Khedabari B.OWest Tripura799131
Khowai Court S.OWest Tripura799202
Khowai S.OWest Tripura799201
Khowai T. E B.OWest Tripura799201
Konabon B.OWest Tripura799102
Krishnagar B.OWest Tripura799002
Krishnakishorenagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Kulubari B.OWest Tripura799131
Kunjaban S.OWest Tripura799006
Kunjabon Road B.OWest Tripura799006
Laifunga B.OWest Tripura799210
Lakshmandhepa B.OWest Tripura799115
Lalsingmura B.OWest Tripura799102
Lankamura B.OWest Tripura799009
Latiacherra B.OWest Tripura799103
Lembucherra B.OWest Tripura799210
Madhuban B.OWest Tripura799003
Madhuchoudhurypara B.OWest Tripura799211
Madhupur B.OWest Tripura799102
Maharanipur B.OWest Tripura799205
Maheshpur B.OWest Tripura799131
Maigonga B.OWest Tripura799205
Majlishpur B.OWest Tripura799035
Mandainagar B.OWest Tripura799045
Mariamnagar B.OWest Tripura799008
Matinagar B.OWest Tripura799131
Mdhabbari B.OWest Tripura799045
Meghlipara B.OWest Tripura799035
Melaghar S.OWest Tripura799115
Mnaipather B.OWest Tripura799131
Mohanbhog B.OWest Tripura799105
Mohanpur S.O (West Tripura)West Tripura799211
Moharcherra B.OWest Tripura799203
Mongtukupara B.OWest Tripura799205
Nabakumar Rankhal Para B.OWest Tripura799205
Nabasantiganj Bazar B.OWest Tripura799102
Nabinagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Nagicherra B.OWest Tripura799004
Nalchar B.OWest Tripura799115
Nandannagar B.OWest Tripura799006
Narayanpur B.OWest Tripura799009
Neepco B.OWest Tripura799008
Netajinagar B.OWest Tripura799205
Nidya B.OWest Tripura799131
Nirvaypur B.OWest Tripura799131
No.2 Chandranagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Noabadi B.OWest Tripura799045
Noagaon Krishnagar B.OWest Tripura799006
Nunacherra B.OWest Tripura799205
Nutannagar B.OWest Tripura799009
Old Agartala B.OWest Tripura799008
Padmanagar B.OWest Tripura799103
Paglabari B.OWest Tripura799207
Paharmora B.OWest Tripura799201
Pandavpur B.OWest Tripura799130
Paschim Belcherra B.OWest Tripura799201
Paschim Bhubanban B.OWest Tripura799002
Paschim Champamur B.OWest Tripura799008
Paschim Gokulnagar B.OWest Tripura799130
Paschim Kalyanpur B.OWest Tripura799203
Paschim Kunjaban B.OWest Tripura799203
Paschim Laxmicherra B.OWest Tripura799201
Paschim Noabadi B.OWest Tripura799008
Paschim Santinagar B.OWest Tripura799203
Pathaliaghat B.OWest Tripura799103
Patnipara B.OWest Tripura799211
Pravapur B.OWest Tripura799130
Promodenagar B.OWest Tripura799103
Puran Kalibari B.OWest Tripura799002
Purathalrajnagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Purba Gokulnagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Purba Laxmi Bill B.OWest Tripura799102
Purba Noagaon B.OWest Tripura799035
Purba Pratapgarh B.OWest Tripura799004
Putia B.OWest Tripura799102
Rabindranagar Colony B.OWest Tripura799131
Radhamohanpur B.OWest Tripura799045
Radhanagar S.O (West Tripura)West Tripura799153
Rajnagar Khowai B.OWest Tripura799207
Ramachandranagar B.OWest Tripura799008
Ramchandraghat B.OWest Tripura799207
Ramdayal Lendless Colony B.OWest Tripura799203
Ramnagar Bazar B.OWest Tripura799103
Ramnagar S.O (West Tripura)West Tripura799002
Rangamala Bazar B.OWest Tripura799103
Ranirbazar S.OWest Tripura799035
Ranirkhamar B.OWest Tripura799003
Ratanpurbazar B.OWest Tripura799201
Ratia B.OWest Tripura799203
Rayermura B.OWest Tripura799130
Renters Colony B.OWest Tripura799004
Reshambagan B.OWest Tripura799008
Rohimpur B.OWest Tripura799102
Rokhia G.T Project B.OWest Tripura799102
Rudijala B.OWest Tripura799115
Rupacherra B.OWest Tripura799205
S.D.Mission Colony B.OWest Tripura799003
Salbagan S.OWest Tripura799012
Samatal Padmabil B.OWest Tripura799201
Sanchindranagar Colony B.OWest Tripura799045
Sankumabari B.OWest Tripura799102
Sekerkote S.OWest Tripura799130
Sepahijala B.OWest Tripura799102
Siddhi Ashram B.OWest Tripura799003
Sidhai S.OWest Tripura799212
Simna B.OWest Tripura799212
Simna Colony B.OWest Tripura799212
Singicherra B.OWest Tripura799201
Sonamani sepaipara B.OWest Tripura799035
Sonamura S.OWest Tripura799131
Sonaram Bazar B.OWest Tripura799212
Sonatala B.OWest Tripura799207
South Charilam B.OWest Tripura799103
South Nehalchandranagar B.OWest Tripura799102
Srinagar Kacharipara B.OWest Tripura799004
Subalsing B.OWest Tripura799211
Subashpark B.OWest Tripura799201
Sundartilla B.OWest Tripura799212
Surjamaninagar B.OWest Tripura799130
Sutarmura B.OWest Tripura799102
Tablabari B.OWest Tripura799203
Taibandal B.OWest Tripura799105
Takarjala B.OWest Tripura799102
Taranagar B.OWest Tripura799211
Tarapur B.OWest Tripura799211
Tekshapara B.OWest Tripura799103
Teliamura S.OWest Tripura799205
Telkajla B.OWest Tripura799115
Thamakari B.OWest Tripura799211
Town pratapgarh B.OWest Tripura799004
Town Rampur B.OWest Tripura799002
Tripura Engineering College B.OWest Tripura799045
Tripura University S.OWest Tripura799022
Ujan Ghaniamara B.OWest Tripura799102
Urmai B.OWest Tripura799115
Uttar Dasgharia B.OWest Tripura799212
Uttar debendranagar B.OWest Tripura799211
Uttar Gakulnagar B.OWest Tripura799205
Uttarchebri B.OWest Tripura799207
Uttat Pulinpur B.OWest Tripura799203
Veluarchar B.OWest Tripura799102
Viveknagar B.OWest Tripura799130
Wakinagar B.OWest Tripura799035
West Laxmibill B.OWest Tripura799102
West Nalchar B.OWest Tripura799115

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