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South Tripura Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under South Tripura district, Tripura
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abani Reangpara B.OSouth Tripura799013
Abhoyganj Bazar B.OSouth Tripura799155
Amarpur S.O (South Tripura)South Tripura799101
Amlighat B.OSouth Tripura799143
Ampinagar B.OSouth Tripura799101
Anandapur S.O (South Tripura)South Tripura799157
Bagabassa B.OSouth Tripura799115
Bagafa B.OSouth Tripura799144
Bagma ED B.OSouth Tripura799114
Bagmara B.OSouth Tripura799103
Baikhora B.OSouth Tripura799144
Baishnabpur B.OSouth Tripura799145
Baldakhal B.OSouth Tripura799157
Bampur B.OSouth Tripura799101
Bankar S.OSouth Tripura799155
Barbil B.OSouth Tripura799104
Barpathari B.OSouth Tripura799155
Baspadua B.OSouth Tripura799155
Bazar Amtali B.OSouth Tripura799105
Belonia aerodrome B.OSouth Tripura799155
Beloniya S.OSouth Tripura799155
Betaga B.OSouth Tripura799144
Bhuratali B.OSouth Tripura799143
Bijoynagar B.OSouth Tripura799145
Bishnupur B.OSouth Tripura799143
Boalkhali B.OSouth Tripura799104
East Bagabassa B.OSouth Tripura799114
East Bagafa B.OSouth Tripura799144
East Mirza B.OSouth Tripura799105
Fulkumari B.OSouth Tripura799013
Gabtali B.OSouth Tripura799157
Gakulpur S.OSouth Tripura799114
Gamakubari B.OSouth Tripura799101
Gangacherra B.OSouth Tripura799125
Garjanmura B.OSouth Tripura799114
Garjee S.OSouth Tripura799125
Ghorakappa B.OSouth Tripura799104
Gomti Project S.OSouth Tripura799104
Guachand B.OSouth Tripura799143
Hadra B.OSouth Tripura799105
Harbatali B.OSouth Tripura799145
Harina Bazar B.OSouth Tripura799145
Holakhet B.OSouth Tripura799013
Hrishyamukh S.OSouth Tripura799156
Ichacherra B.OSouth Tripura799105
Jalaya B.OSouth Tripura799104
Jalefa Bazar B.OSouth Tripura799145
Jamjuri B.OSouth Tripura799013
Jitendranagar B.OSouth Tripura799105
Joalikhamar B.OSouth Tripura799013
Jolaibari S.OSouth Tripura799141
Kakraban S.OSouth Tripura799105
Kalabon B.OSouth Tripura799125
Kalashi Bazar B.OSouth Tripura799141
Kanchannagar B.OSouth Tripura799144
Karbook B.OSouth Tripura799104
Kasari B.OSouth Tripura799150
Kathalcherri B.OSouth Tripura799145
Kathaliacherra B.OSouth Tripura799144
Khilpara B.OSouth Tripura799114
Killarbazar B.OSouth Tripura799114
Kishoreganj B.OSouth Tripura799105
Kupilong B.OSouth Tripura799114
Kurma B.OSouth Tripura799101
Kusumara B.OSouth Tripura799105
Kwaifunga B.OSouth Tripura799141
Lakshipati B.OSouth Tripura799013
Laxmicherra B.OSouth Tripura799144
Lebacherra B.OSouth Tripura799104
Lowgang B.OSouth Tripura799144
Ludhua B.OSouth Tripura799145
Ludhua Tea Estate B.OSouth Tripura799145
Madhabnagar B.OSouth Tripura799156
Madhya Pillak B.OSouth Tripura799141
Magurcherra B.OSouth Tripura799143
Maharani B.OSouth Tripura799013
Mahuamillan B.OSouth Tripura799101
Malbassa B.OSouth Tripura799101
Manikya B.OSouth Tripura799114
Manpather B.OSouth Tripura799144
Manubazar S.OSouth Tripura799143
Matai B.OSouth Tripura799155
Mogpuskarini B.OSouth Tripura799105
Muhuri Ratanpur B.OSouth Tripura799142
Muhuripur S.OSouth Tripura799142
Murapara B.OSouth Tripura799013
Nagrai B.OSouth Tripura799101
Nalua B.OSouth Tripura799156
Paharpur B.OSouth Tripura799101
Paikhola B.OSouth Tripura799125
Palatana B.OSouth Tripura799105
Palku B.OSouth Tripura799101
Paschim Mogpuskarini B.OSouth Tripura799105
Paschim Paticherri Colony B.OSouth Tripura799125
Paschim Pillak B.OSouth Tripura799141
Paschim Pipariakhola B.OSouth Tripura799155
Paticherri B.OSouth Tripura799104
Pitra Bazar B.OSouth Tripura799114
Puran Rajbari B.OSouth Tripura799157
Purba Manikya Dewan B.OSouth Tripura799104
Purba Manu B.OSouth Tripura799144
Rachakishoreganj B.OSouth Tripura799144
Radhakishorepur H.OSouth Tripura799120
Raima B.OSouth Tripura799104
Raiyabari B.OSouth Tripura799114
Rajapur B.OSouth Tripura799125
Rajarbag B.OSouth Tripura799114
Rajnagar Colony B.OSouth Tripura799114
Rajnagar S.O (South Tripura)South Tripura799150
Rangamati B.OSouth Tripura799101
Rangamura B.OSouth Tripura799153
Rangkhang B.OSouth Tripura799101
Rani B.OSouth Tripura799105
Rupaicherri B.OSouth Tripura799145
Sabroom S.OSouth Tripura799145
Sakbari B.OSouth Tripura799141
Salgara B.OSouth Tripura799114
Samarendraganj B.OSouth Tripura799156
Samukcherra B.OSouth Tripura799105
Santirbazar S.OSouth Tripura799144
Sarasima B.OSouth Tripura799155
Sarbong B.OSouth Tripura799101
Satchand B.OSouth Tripura799143
Siddhinagar B.OSouth Tripura799157
Silacharri B.OSouth Tripura799104
Silghati B.OSouth Tripura799105
Sindukpathar B.OSouth Tripura799143
Sonaicherri B.OSouth Tripura799145
South Bharat Ch.Nagar B.OSouth Tripura799155
South Krishnagar B.OSouth Tripura799156
South srirampur B.OSouth Tripura799157
Srinagar B.OSouth Tripura799143
Subashnagar B.OSouth Tripura799155
Suknacherri B.OSouth Tripura799104
Taidubari B.OSouth Tripura799101
Tainani B.OSouth Tripura799125
Takmacherra B.OSouth Tripura799125
Tebaria B.OSouth Tripura799015
Tekkatulsi B.OSouth Tripura799143
Tepania B.OSouth Tripura799114
Thakurcherra B.OSouth Tripura799141
Thelakum B.OSouth Tripura799114
Tirthamukh B.OSouth Tripura799104
Tripureswari Colony S.OSouth Tripura799013
Tuichama B.OSouth Tripura799104
Upendranagar B.OSouth Tripura799105
Urrat Takmacherra B.OSouth Tripura799144
Uttar Bharat Ch Nagar B.OSouth Tripura799155
Uttar Brojendranagar B.OSouth Tripura799114
Uttar Chellagonj B.OSouth Tripura799104
Uttar Debipur B.OSouth Tripura799144
Uttar Sonaicherri B.OSouth Tripura799155

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