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North Tripura Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under North Tripura district, Tripura
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agnipassa B.ONorth Tripura799260
Algapur B.ONorth Tripura799253
Amtilla B.ONorth Tripura799261
Anandabazar B.ONorth Tripura799271
Andharcherra B.ONorth Tripura799263
Baburbazar S.ONorth Tripura799281
Bagbassa B.ONorth Tripura799253
Baithangbari B.ONorth Tripura799254
Bakbaki B.ONorth Tripura799251
Balehar B.ONorth Tripura799280
Balicherra B.ONorth Tripura799262
Balidhum B.ONorth Tripura799254
Barhaldi B.ONorth Tripura799271
Baruakandi B.ONorth Tripura799251
Belianchief B.ONorth Tripura799269
Betcherra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Bhadrapally B.ONorth Tripura799277
Bhagabannagar B.ONorth Tripura799279
Bhagyapur B.ONorth Tripura799251
Bhatisonaimuri B.ONorth Tripura799264
Bilthai B.ONorth Tripura799260
Bindulal Karbaripara B.ONorth Tripura799273
Birchandranagar B.ONorth Tripura799280
East Huruah B.ONorth Tripura799253
East Kamesawar B.ONorth Tripura799253
East Kanchanbari B.ONorth Tripura799264
Emrapassa B.ONorth Tripura799290
Fatikcherra B.ONorth Tripura799290
Fatikroy S.ONorth Tripura799290
Fulbari B.ONorth Tripura799262
Fultali B.ONorth Tripura799280
Gakulnagar B.ONorth Tripura799290
Ganganagar B.ONorth Tripura799290
Garchirampara B.ONorth Tripura799271
Gobindapur B.ONorth Tripura799251
Goldharpur B.ONorth Tripura799279
Gournagar B.ONorth Tripura799279
Govidabari B.ONorth Tripura799263
Gulakpur T.E B.ONorth Tripura799277
Halflongcherra S.ONorth Tripura799254
Hiracherra B.ONorth Tripura799281
Hmungchuan B.ONorth Tripura799269
Hmunpui B.ONorth Tripura799269
Huruah B.ONorth Tripura799251
Ichabpur B.ONorth Tripura799277
Ichailalcherra B.ONorth Tripura799251
Ichaisonapur B.ONorth Tripura799251
Indurail B.ONorth Tripura799260
Irani B.ONorth Tripura799281
Jagannathpur B.ONorth Tripura799280
Jalabazar B.ONorth Tripura799260
Jalebassa B.ONorth Tripura799260
Jampui S.ONorth Tripura799269
Janata College B.ONorth Tripura799260
Joyasree B.ONorth Tripura799270
Jubarajnagar B.ONorth Tripura799254
Juri R.F B.ONorth Tripura799260
Kacharicherra B.ONorth Tripura799256
Kadamtala S.O (North Tripura)North Tripura799261
Kailashahar Air Port B.ONorth Tripura799279
Kailashahar S.ONorth Tripura799277
Kakrirpar B.ONorth Tripura799253
Kalacherra B.ONorth Tripura799251
Kalagangar Par B.ONorth Tripura799261
Kalagong B.ONorth Tripura799269
Kalapania B.ONorth Tripura799271
Kalishahan B.ONorth Tripura799277
Kameswargaon B.ONorth Tripura799253
Kanchanbari S.ONorth Tripura799288
Kanchancherra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Kanchanpur S.O (North Tripura)North Tripura799270
Kangrai B.ONorth Tripura799269
Karaicherra B.ONorth Tripura799263
Karamcherra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Khedacherra B.ONorth Tripura799256
Kheranjuri B.ONorth Tripura799262
Kirtantali B.ONorth Tripura799279
Krishnapur B.ONorth Tripura799253
Krishnatilla B.ONorth Tripura799263
Kumarghat S.ONorth Tripura799264
Kurit B.ONorth Tripura799261
Lalcherra Colony B.ONorth Tripura799253
Laljuri B.ONorth Tripura799270
Laljuri East B.ONorth Tripura799288
Latiapur B.ONorth Tripura799281
Machmara B.ONorth Tripura799263
Manuvelly B.ONorth Tripura799277
Masauli B.ONorth Tripura799288
Nabincherra B.ONorth Tripura799263
Nalkata B.ONorth Tripura799263
Narendranagar B.ONorth Tripura799256
Nayapara N.D B.ONorth Tripura799251
Nepaltilla B.ONorth Tripura799288
Noagaon Bazar B.ONorth Tripura799290
Noorpur B.ONorth Tripura799277
North Padmabil B.ONorth Tripura799260
Notting Chedrra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Pabiacherra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Padmabil B.ONorth Tripura799260
Padmapur B.ONorth Tripura799253
Paiturbazar S.ONorth Tripura799279
Panichowkibazar S.ONorth Tripura799277
Panisagar S.ONorth Tripura799260
Paschim Radhapur B.ONorth Tripura799254
Paschimchandrapur B.ONorth Tripura799251
Paschimratacherra B.ONorth Tripura799290
Pearacherra B.ONorth Tripura799261
Pechardahar B.ONorth Tripura799280
Pecharthal S.ONorth Tripura799263
Pekucherr B.ONorth Tripura799260
Phuldengsai B.ONorth Tripura799269
Piplacherra B.ONorth Tripura799256
Pratyekroy B.ONorth Tripura799251
Premtala B.ONorth Tripura799261
Purba Betcherra B.ONorth Tripura799264
Radhapur B.ONorth Tripura799253
Raghna B.ONorth Tripura799251
Rahumcherra B.ONorth Tripura799260
Rajbari S.ONorth Tripura799253
Rajkandi B.ONorth Tripura799290
Rajnagar Laxmipur B.ONorth Tripura799254
Rakhalgang B.ONorth Tripura799261
Ramgunapara B.ONorth Tripura799263
Rangauti B.ONorth Tripura799281
Rangrung B.ONorth Tripura799277
Ranibari B.ONorth Tripura799261
Ratacherra B.ONorth Tripura799290
Rowabazar B.ONorth Tripura799260
Sabual B.ONorth Tripura799269
Sadhanasram B.ONorth Tripura799277
Saidarpar B.ONorth Tripura799290
Sailo B.ONorth Tripura799269
Sakaibari B.ONorth Tripura799251
Sakhan Serhmun B.ONorth Tripura799271
Samrurpar B.ONorth Tripura799277
Sanicherra B.ONorth Tripura799262
Sarala B.ONorth Tripura799261
Satnala B.ONorth Tripura799270
Sayedabari B.ONorth Tripura799264
Sibnagar B.ONorth Tripura799270
Sonamukhi S.O (North Tripura)North Tripura799280
Sonarurbassa B.ONorth Tripura799251
South Ganganagar B.ONorth Tripura799253
South Unokoti B.ONorth Tripura799264
Sreerampur B.ONorth Tripura799277
Suknacherra B.ONorth Tripura799270
Tachai B.ONorth Tripura799277
Tapaspalli B.ONorth Tripura799277
Tarakpur B.ONorth Tripura799261
Taraninagar B.ONorth Tripura799288
Tarapur B.ONorth Tripura799290
Teghari B.ONorth Tripura799290
Thana Road B.ONorth Tripura799251
Tilthai B.ONorth Tripura799260
Tilthai Nutanbazar B.ONorth Tripura799260
Tlangsang B.ONorth Tripura799269
Tripura Damcherra S.ONorth Tripura799256
Tripura Ganganagar B.ONorth Tripura799253
Tripura Tillabazar B.ONorth Tripura799281
Tuichama B.ONorth Tripura799271
Ugalcherra B.ONorth Tripura799263
Ujan Dodhpur B.ONorth Tripura799288
Ujan Sailenbari B.ONorth Tripura799260
Uptakhali B.ONorth Tripura799260
Uttar Radhanagar B.ONorth Tripura799290
West Nalkata B.ONorth Tripura799264
West Panisagar B.ONorth Tripura799260
Zaithang B.ONorth Tripura799253
Zarultali B.ONorth Tripura799279

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