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West Sikkim Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under West Sikkim district, Sikkim
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Arithang B.OWest Sikkim737111
Arubotay B.OWest Sikkim737121
Bhaluthang B.OWest Sikkim737111
Budang B.OWest Sikkim737121
Buriakhop B.OWest Sikkim737121
Chakung B.OWest Sikkim737121
Chingthang B.OWest Sikkim737111
Chumbong B.OWest Sikkim737121
Darap B.OWest Sikkim737113
Dentam B.OWest Sikkim737113
Gayzing S.OWest Sikkim737111
Gerathang B.OWest Sikkim737111
Hee Gaon B.OWest Sikkim737113
Kaluk B.OWest Sikkim737113
Karjee B.OWest Sikkim737111
Karmatar B.OWest Sikkim737113
Khechuperi B.OWest Sikkim737113
Legship B.OWest Sikkim737111
Lingchom B.OWest Sikkim737111
Majitar B.OWest Sikkim737121
Malbasey B.OWest Sikkim737121
Mechi Aching B.OWest Sikkim737113
Namphu B.OWest Sikkim737113
Naya Bazar S.O (West Sikkim)West Sikkim737121
Uttarey B.OWest Sikkim737113
Yangtey B.OWest Sikkim737111
Yangthang B.OWest Sikkim737111
Yuksom B.OWest Sikkim737113
Zoom B.OWest Sikkim737121

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