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East Sikkim Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under East Sikkim district, Sikkim
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahoo Busty B.OEast Sikkim737135
Amba B.OEast Sikkim737133
Aritar B.OEast Sikkim737133
Assam Lingzey B.OEast Sikkim737135
Bardang B.OEast Sikkim737134
Bering B.OEast Sikkim737106
Bermiok B.OEast Sikkim737134
Bermiok B.OEast Sikkim737113
Beyong B.OEast Sikkim737134
Bhusuk B.OEast Sikkim737103
Bojoghari B.OEast Sikkim737103
Changayshanti B.OEast Sikkim737106
Chujachen B.OEast Sikkim737131
Dalapchand B.OEast Sikkim737131
Deorali S.OEast Sikkim737102
Dhajey B.OEast Sikkim737102
Dikchu S.OEast Sikkim737107
Dipudara Nhpc Complex B.OEast Sikkim737134
Duga B.OEast Sikkim737132
East Pendam B.OEast Sikkim737132
Gangkha Busty B.OEast Sikkim737134
Gangtok Bazar S.OEast Sikkim737101
Gangtok H.OEast Sikkim737101
Gnathang B.OEast Sikkim737102
Gor B.OEast Sikkim737107
Karthok B.OEast Sikkim737106
Kateng Bokrang B.OEast Sikkim737132
Khamdong B.OEast Sikkim737134
Kokalay B.OEast Sikkim737134
Kyanglasha B.OEast Sikkim737102
Latuk B.OEast Sikkim737131
Lingdok B.OEast Sikkim737103
Lingdum B.OEast Sikkim737102
Lingee B.OEast Sikkim737134
Lingmoo B.OEast Sikkim737134
Lingtam B.OEast Sikkim737131
Lingzey B.OEast Sikkim737134
Linkey B.OEast Sikkim737106
Luing B.OEast Sikkim737103
Lumlingthyang B.OEast Sikkim737107
Lunsing B.OEast Sikkim737134
Majitar S.OEast Sikkim737136
Makha S.OEast Sikkim737138
Mamring B.OEast Sikkim737132
Maney Dara B.OEast Sikkim737132
Middle Camp B.OEast Sikkim737135
Namcheybong B.OEast Sikkim737106
Namphing B.OEast Sikkim737134
Namthang B.OEast Sikkim737132
Nandok B.OEast Sikkim737135
Nazitam B.OEast Sikkim737134
Neya B.OEast Sikkim737134
North Regu B.OEast Sikkim737131
Pabyiok B.OEast Sikkim737102
Pacheykhani B.OEast Sikkim737106
Upper Pendam B.OEast Sikkim737132
West Pendam B.OEast Sikkim737134
Yangyang B.OEast Sikkim737134

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