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Tonk Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Tonk district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aligarh S.O (Tonk)Tonk304023
Aliyari B.OTonk304502
Ambapura Colony Daulta B.OTonk304804
Amli B.OTonk304023
Antoli B.OTonk304503
Anwan B.OTonk304802
Arniya Kedar B.OTonk304001
Avikanagar S.OTonk304501
Awara B.OTonk304502
Bagari B.OTonk304801
Bagdawa B.OTonk304801
Bahad B.OTonk304025
Balithal B.OTonk304024
Balunda B.OTonk304802
Bambore B.OTonk304001
Banasthali Vidya Peeth S.OTonk304022
Banetha B.OTonk304024
Bansera B.OTonk304505
Banthali B.OTonk304802
Baori B.OTonk304505
Baroni B.OTonk304021
Barwas B.OTonk304505
Bassi B.OTonk304505
Beejwad B.OTonk304507
Bhanwata B.OTonk304505
Bharni B.OTonk304001
Bhartala B.OTonk304025
Bhasu B.OTonk304505
Bheepur B.OTonk304504
Bilota B.OTonk304023
Bisalpur B.OTonk304505
Borkhandi B.OTonk304504
Bosariya B.OTonk304024
Botunda B.OTonk304804
Budha Dewal B.OTonk304503
Chainpura B.OTonk304504
Chainpuria B.OTonk304021
Chanani B.OTonk304021
Chandlai B.OTonk304001
Chandli B.OTonk304803
Chandsen B.OTonk304501
Chandwar B.OTonk304802
Charnet B.OTonk304802
Chaturbhujpura B.OTonk304022
Chavandia B.OTonk304504
Chhan B.OTonk304001
Chogai B.OTonk304801
Choru B.OTonk304023
Chosla B.OTonk304504
Dabar Kalan B.OTonk304507
Dabardumba B.OTonk304505
Dakhiya B.OTonk304001
Dangarthal B.OTonk304021
Dardahind B.OTonk304001
Dardaturki B.OTonk304801
Datob B.OTonk304502
Datwas B.OTonk304025
Dehlod B.OTonk304025
Deoli B.OTonk304023
Deoli Bazar S.OTonk304804
Deoli Bhanchi B.OTonk304001
Deoli Gaon B.OTonk304804
Deoli S.O (Tonk)Tonk304804
Deshma B.OTonk304504
Dewarawas B.OTonk304802
Dholi B.OTonk304504
Dhuwan B.OTonk304001
Diggi S.OTonk304504
Dodwari B.OTonk304001
Dungri Kalan B.OTonk304502
Duni S.O (Tonk)Tonk304802
Galod B.OTonk304001
Ganeti B.OTonk304505
Ganwar B.OTonk304502
Gaonri B.OTonk304804
Geroli B.OTonk304001
Ghad B.OTonk304802
Ghas B.OTonk304001
Gothara B.OTonk304024
Govt.College Tonk S.OTonk304001
Gurai B.OTonk304802
Hamirpur B.OTonk304505
Harchandera B.OTonk304001
Hatuna B.OTonk304021
Hedri Pura B.OTonk304023
Hisampur B.OTonk304507
Indokia B.OTonk304505
Indoli B.OTonk304502
Jamdoli B.OTonk304025
Jaulan B.OTonk304021
Jharli B.OTonk304503
Jhilai S.OTonk304025
Jhirana B.OTonk304504
Jhundwa B.OTonk304024
Jugalpura B.OTonk304021
Jumma Masjid Tonk S.OTonk304001
Juniya B.OTonk304802
Kabra B.OTonk304001
Kacholia B.OTonk304503
Kachrawata B.OTonk304024
Kadila B.OTonk304501
Kakalwad B.OTonk304505
Kakor B.OTonk304024
Kalmanda B.OTonk304501
Kantoli B.OTonk304502
Kanwara B.OTonk304802
Kaseer B.OTonk304804
Kashipura B.OTonk304801
Kathmana B.OTonk304801
Khandewat B.OTonk304021
Khandwa B.OTonk304021
Khareda B.OTonk304505
Khareda Bujurg B.OTonk304025
Khatoli B.OTonk304024
Khelniya B.OTonk304024
Khirgi B.OTonk304025
Kholiya B.OTonk304023
Kookar B.OTonk304502
Kuharakalan B.OTonk304502
Kunder B.OTonk304023
Kurar B.OTonk304502
Lalwadi B.OTonk304025
Lamba B.OTonk304001
Lamba Hari Singh S.OTonk304503
Lamba Kalan B.OTonk304505
Lawa B.OTonk304504
Lawadar B.OTonk304001
Laxmipura B.OTonk304505
Loharwara B.OTonk304801
Luhara B.OTonk304021
Mahapura B.OTonk304025
Maleda B.OTonk304507
Malikpur B.OTonk304504
Malpura S.OTonk304502
Mandawar B.OTonk304001
Mandawara B.OTonk304023
Mandolai B.OTonk304502
Mehandwas B.OTonk304001
Mehrun B.OTonk304502
Moar B.OTonk304502
Mohammed Garh B.OTonk304024
Mohammed Pura B.OTonk304023
Mor Bhatiyan B.OTonk304505
Morla B.OTonk304503
Mundia B.OTonk304021
Mundia Kalan B.OTonk304505
Nagar B.OTonk304502
Nagarfort B.OTonk304024
Naner B.OTonk304504
Nasirda S.OTonk304507
Natwara B.OTonk304021
Nayagaon B.OTonk304025
Newai RS S.OTonk304021
Newai S.OTonk304021
Nimera B.OTonk304504
Niwaria B.OTonk304803
Nohata B.OTonk304025
Pachewar B.OTonk304502
Pahari B.OTonk304021
Palai B.OTonk304024
Palai B.OTonk304022
Palda B.OTonk304001
Panwalia B.OTonk304502
Panwar S.OTonk304803
Parana B.OTonk304021
Parli B.OTonk304502
Pasrotia B.OTonk304001
Payga B.OTonk304023
Pchala B.OTonk304023
Peeplu S.OTonk304801
Phuleta B.OTonk304024
Phyawadi B.OTonk304801
Polyada B.OTonk304803
Purani Tonk S.OTonk304001
Quafala Bazar Tonk S.OTonk304001
Raholi B.OTonk304022
Raj.State Tennries Ltd. B.OTonk304001
Rajkot B.OTonk304802
Rajmahal B.OTonk304804
Rajpura B.OTonk304502
Rajwas B.OTonk304021
Ranipura B.OTonk304024
Ranoli B.OTonk304801
Reendliya B.OTonk304502
Reendliya Rampura B.OTonk304502
Roop Pura B.OTonk304024
Roopwas B.OTonk304024
Sandera B.OTonk304801
Sankhana B.OTonk304001
Santhali B.OTonk304802
Sanwaria B.OTonk304502
Sanwatgarh B.OTonk304803
Satwara B.OTonk304802
Seedra B.OTonk304021
Shop B.OTonk304023
Siras B.OTonk304021
Sirohi B.OTonk304025
Sitapura B.OTonk304802
Sitarampura B.OTonk304504
Soda B.OTonk304504
Soda Baori B.OTonk304504
Sohela B.OTonk304021
Sonwa B.OTonk304001
Soran B.OTonk304001
Sunara B.OTonk304022
Sunthra B.OTonk304024
Sureli B.OTonk304024
Takholi B.OTonk304001
Thadoli B.OTonk304505
Thanwala B.OTonk304507
Tilanju B.OTonk304502
Titaria B.OTonk304507
Titonli(Badagaon) B.OTonk304025
Todarai Singh S.OTonk304505
Tonk Raj H.OTonk304001
Tonkrawas B.OTonk304802
Tordisagar B.OTonk304502
Uniara Khurd B.OTonk304502
Uniara S.OTonk304024
Wazirpura B.OTonk304001
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