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Sawai Madhopur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajnoti B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Akhaigarh B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Alanpur S.OSawai Madhopur322021
Alapur B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Amargarh Chaur B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Amavragarh B.OSawai Madhopur322212
Ancher B.OSawai Madhopur322703
Aniyala B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Aruda PSSK B.OSawai Madhopur322218
Atunkalan B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Aulwada B.OSawai Madhopur322034
Badagaon Didayach B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Badhkalan B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Badila B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Badolas B.OSawai Madhopur322034
Badwas B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Bagdoli B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Bagina B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Baglai B.OSawai Madhopur322205
Baharnwanda Khurd B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Bairada B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Balaria B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Baler B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Baman Baroda B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Bamanwas S.OSawai Madhopur322211
Bapui B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Bara Gao Sarwar B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Barnala B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Barnawada B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Barod B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Baroli B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Batoda B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Behted B.OSawai Madhopur322028
Bhadlav B.OSawai Madhopur322029
Bhadoti B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Bhagwatgarh S.OSawai Madhopur322701
Bhahraonda Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Bhanwar B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Bhanwara B.OSawai Madhopur322212
Bhedola B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Bhooka B.OSawai Madhopur322028
Bhoori Pahari B.OSawai Madhopur322033
Bichhi Doona B.OSawai Madhopur322033
Bichhoch B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Bichpuri B.OSawai Madhopur322212
Bichpuri Gujran B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Binega B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Binjari B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Binjari B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Bonli S.OSawai Madhopur322023
Borda B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Bucholai B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Chakeri S.OSawai Madhopur322034
Chandanholi B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Chauth Ka Barwara S.OSawai Madhopur322702
Chhan B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Chharoda B.OSawai Madhopur322029
Chhawa B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Chitara B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Choti Udai B.OSawai Madhopur322205
Chuli B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Dabar B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Dakwa B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Dangarwada B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Datasuti P T B.OSawai Madhopur322215
Datooli B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Daulatpura B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Dhamun Khurd B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Dhanoli B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Didwadi B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Doongri B.OSawai Madhopur322033
Dubbi B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Dumoda B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Dungarwada B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Endwa B.OSawai Madhopur322029
Falsawata B.OSawai Madhopur322028
Galad Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Gambhira B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Gandawar B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Gangapur Bazar S.OSawai Madhopur322201
Gangapur H.OSawai Madhopur322201
Ghimeera B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Goth Bihari B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Gothra B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Gotod B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Gungorad B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Hathdoli B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Hindupura B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Isharda S.OSawai Madhopur322703
Jadawata B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Jahra B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Jastana B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Jatwara Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322701
Jhanun B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Jhopra B.OSawai Madhopur322701
Jinapur B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Jiwad B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Jiwali B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Jolanda B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Jonla B.OSawai Madhopur322701
Kakrala B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Karmoda B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Khandar S.OSawai Madhopur322025
Khandeep B.OSawai Madhopur322205
Khandeola B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Khanpur Baroda B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Khatupura B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Kherli B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Khijuri B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Khirni S.OSawai Madhopur322024
Khoontala B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Kodyai B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Kolada B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Kosra Chhareta Tod B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Koyla B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Krishi Upaj Mandi Gangapur S.OSawai Madhopur322201
Kundera S.OSawai Madhopur322029
Kuredi B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Kushalpura B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Kustala B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Kyarda Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Lahsoda B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Lakhanpur B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Lalpur Umri B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Liwali B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Lorwara B.OSawai Madhopur322701
Mahanandpur B.OSawai Madhopur322205
Mahapura B.OSawai Madhopur322704
Maharajpura B.OSawai Madhopur322243
Mahukala S.OSawai Madhopur322202
Mai Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Mainpura B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Makholi B.OSawai Madhopur322034
Maksudanpura B.OSawai Madhopur322033
Malarna R S S.OSawai Madhopur322033
Malrna Chaur S.OSawai Madhopur322030
Malrna Doongar S.OSawai Madhopur322028
Mamdoli B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Mandal B.OSawai Madhopur322204
Medi B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Meena Baroda B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Meena Koleta B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Mehrawar B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Mitrapura B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Mohcha B.OSawai Madhopur322205
Moran B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Morpa B.OSawai Madhopur322028
Mui B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Narauli Chaur B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Narayanpur Tatwara B.OSawai Madhopur322203
Naypur B.OSawai Madhopur322025
New Mandi Gangapur S.OSawai Madhopur322201
Nimod B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Nimod B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Nindarda B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Nogaon B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Padana B.OSawai Madhopur322034
Padri B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Palasod B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Pancholas B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Panwdera B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Pawata Gaddi B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Phalodi B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Phalodi Quarry S.OSawai Madhopur322026
Phoolwada Popat B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Phulwada B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Piloda S.OSawai Madhopur322205
Pipalda B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Pipalwada B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Piplai S.OSawai Madhopur322214
Radhopura B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Railway Colony Gangapur S.OSawai Madhopur322201
Raipur B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Rajmana B.OSawai Madhopur322702
Ramdi B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Rampura PSSK B.OSawai Madhopur322026
Ranila B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Rathod B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Rawal B.OSawai Madhopur322029
Rawanjana Chaur B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Rawanjana Doongar B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Redawat B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Rendayal Gurjar B.OSawai Madhopur322220
Riwali B.OSawai Madhopur322212
Salempur B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Sancholi B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Sankara B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Sarsop B.OSawai Madhopur322703
Sawaimadhopur Bazar S.OSawai Madhopur322021
Sawaimadhopur H.OSawai Madhopur322001
Sawaimadhopur Town S.OSawai Madhopur322021
Selu B.OSawai Madhopur322034
Seva B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Shafipura B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Shayampura B.OSawai Madhopur322029
Sherpur Khilchipur B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Sherpur PSSK B.OSawai Madhopur322001
Shesha B.OSawai Madhopur322024
Shiwar S.OSawai Madhopur322704
Shyaroli B.OSawai Madhopur322219
Singor Kalan B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Sitod B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Soorwal S.OSawai Madhopur322027
Sukar B.OSawai Madhopur322212
Sumel B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Sunari B.OSawai Madhopur322027
Sundery B.OSawai Madhopur322214
Talawada B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Talwada B.OSawai Madhopur322025
Tapur B.OSawai Madhopur322703
Taranpur B.OSawai Madhopur322030
Toksi B.OSawai Madhopur322202
Tundila B.OSawai Madhopur322211
Udaikalan B.OSawai Madhopur322201
Udgaon B.OSawai Madhopur322023
Wazirpur S.OSawai Madhopur322219

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