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Jaipur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jaipur district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A C Jobner S.OJaipur303329
Ajmer Road S.OJaipur302006
Akhepura B.OJaipur302013
Akoda B.OJaipur303338
Akodiya B.OJaipur303901
Alisar B.OJaipur303801
Amarpura B.OJaipur303804
Amarsar S.OJaipur303601
Amba Bari S.OJaipur302039
Amer Clark Hotel S.OJaipur302018
Amer Road S.OJaipur302002
Amer S.OJaipur302028
Amloda B.OJaipur303120
Anantpura B.OJaipur303302
Anantpura B.OJaipur303712
Anantpura B.OJaipur303704
Andhi S.OJaipur303001
Antela B.OJaipur303119
Arjun Lal Sethi Nagar S.OJaipur302004
Arp Dhelana B.OJaipur303908
Asalpur B.OJaipur303604
Ashok Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302001
Astikalan B.OJaipur303602
Awania B.OJaipur303007
Badapadampura B.OJaipur303903
Badhal S.OJaipur303602
Badi Jori B.OJaipur303103
Badodia B.OJaipur303103
Badwa B.OJaipur303305
Bagawas Ahiran B.OJaipur303119
Bagawas B.OJaipur303603
Bagawas Choriyasi B.OJaipur303119
Bagru S.OJaipur303007
Bagwara B.OJaipur303805
Bajaj Nagar S.OJaipur302015
Bajrangpura B.OJaipur303119
Banar B.OJaipur303105
Bandha Jamwaramgarh B.OJaipur303109
Banethi B.OJaipur303105
Bani Park S.OJaipur302016
Bansa B.OJaipur303806
Bapu Nagar S.OJaipur302015
Barkat Nagar S.OJaipur302015
Barnagar B.OJaipur303106
Barodiya B.OJaipur303908
Bas Badwa B.OJaipur303302
Baseri Khurd B.OJaipur303603
Basna B.OJaipur302028
Bassi Naga B.OJaipur303706
Bassi S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur303301
Beelwa B.OJaipur303903
Beelwadi B.OJaipur303102
Begas B.OJaipur303007
Behlod B.OJaipur303120
Benada B.OJaipur303301
Beri B.OJaipur303105
Bhabroo S.OJaipur303119
Bhadwa B.OJaipur303328
Bhainsawa B.OJaipur303603
Bhainslana B.OJaipur303107
Bhaislana B.OJaipur303328
Bhalloji B.OJaipur303110
Bhambhoria B.OJaipur302026
Bhamod B.OJaipur303003
Bhamori B.OJaipur303706
Bhankari B.OJaipur303110
Bhankrota B.OJaipur303006
Bhankrota S.OJaipur302026
Bhanpur Kalan B.OJaipur302028
Bhato Ki Gali B.OJaipur303701
Bhawani B.OJaipur303001
Bhojpura B.OJaipur303328
Bhonawas B.OJaipur303106
Bhopawa B.OJaipur303807
Bhura Tiba S.OJaipur302001
Bhuri Baraja B.OJaipur303107
Bhurthal B.OJaipur303704
Bhutera B.OJaipur303712
Bichi B.OJaipur303006
Bichoon B.OJaipur303604
Bidara B.OJaipur303103
Bilanderpur B.OJaipur303803
Bilochi B.OJaipur303805
Bilod B.OJaipur302028
Bilwa B.OJaipur302022
Bindayaka B.OJaipur302012
Birsana B.OJaipur303001
Bishangarh B.OJaipur303104
Bobadi B.OJaipur303120
Bobas B.OJaipur303338
Booj B.OJaipur303109
Boraj B.OJaipur303338
Buchara B.OJaipur303106
Burthal B.OJaipur303012
C.P.M.G S.OJaipur302001
Chainpura B.OJaipur303348
Chaksu S.OJaipur303901
Chakwada B.OJaipur303005
Chandamakalan B.OJaipur303006
Chandlai B.OJaipur303903
Chandpole Bazar S.OJaipur302001
Chandwaji B.OJaipur303104
Chanwandia B.OJaipur303301
Charanwas B.OJaipur303804
Chatarpura B.OJaipur303701
Chaturbhuj B.OJaipur303108
Cheethwari B.OJaipur303805
Chetawala B.OJaipur303704
Chhandel Kalan B.OJaipur303901
Chhapra Kalan (Shahpura) B.OJaipur303103
Chhapra Khurd B.OJaipur303103
Chhardera B.OJaipur303105
Chharsa B.OJaipur303120
Chhitoli B.OJaipur303102
Chimanpura B.OJaipur303105
Chimanpura B.OJaipur303103
Chinoi B.OJaipur303801
Chitanu Kalan B.OJaipur303104
Chittora B.OJaipur303904
Chittora Renwal S.OJaipur303904
Chomu S.OJaipur303702
Chonp B.OJaipur303805
Choru B.OJaipur303005
Collectorate S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302016
Crpf Campus Lalwas S.OJaipur302027
Dabach B.OJaipur303006
Dabla Kalan B.OJaipur303904
Dadiya B.OJaipur303905
Danau Kalan B.OJaipur303302
Dangaarwara B.OJaipur303001
Dantala Meena B.OJaipur303120
Dantil B.OJaipur303001
Dantil B.OJaipur303107
Dantli B.OJaipur303012
Dantri B.OJaipur303008
Daulatpura B.OJaipur303805
Dehar Ka Balaji S.OJaipur302039
Dehmi Kalan B.OJaipur303007
Deogaon B.OJaipur303301
Deogudha B.OJaipur303701
Deota B.OJaipur303105
Dev Ka Harwada B.OJaipur303104
Deva Ka Bas B.OJaipur303602
Devan B.OJaipur303103
Devipura B.OJaipur303103
Dhamana B.OJaipur303009
Dhand B.OJaipur302028
Dhandholi B.OJaipur303008
Dhani Boraj B.OJaipur303328
Dhankya B.OJaipur302012
Dhanota B.OJaipur303804
Dharampura B.OJaipur303305
Dheendha B.OJaipur303328
Dhoblai B.OJaipur303712
Dhodsar B.OJaipur303712
Dhola B.OJaipur303120
Dhola Ka Bas B.OJaipur303801
Dholi B.OJaipur303806
Dhula B.OJaipur303305
Didawata B.OJaipur303006
Doodhali B.OJaipur303301
Doongri Khurd B.OJaipur303603
Doongrikalan B.OJaipur303603
Dosara B.OJaipur303006
Dudu S.OJaipur303008
Durgapura S.OJaipur302018
Durjania Was B.OJaipur303706
Dwarikapura B.OJaipur303107
Dwarikapuri S.OJaipur302016
Etwa Bhopji S.OJaipur303804
Faliawas B.OJaipur303012
Fatehpura Khurd B.OJaipur303106
Footalo B.OJaipur303001
Gadota B.OJaipur303007
Gagardoo B.OJaipur303008
Gandhi Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302015
Gangoti Kalan B.OJaipur303009
Garh B.OJaipur303302
Garwasi B.OJaipur303901
Gathwadi S.OJaipur303120
Gehlota B.OJaipur303008
Ghasipura B.OJaipur303103
Ghatiyali B.OJaipur303005
Gidhani B.OJaipur303348
Gohandi B.OJaipur303904
Goner B.OJaipur303905
Gonera B.OJaipur303108
Gopalpura B.OJaipur303006
Gopalpura B.OJaipur303108
Goverdhanpura B.OJaipur303108
Govind Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302002
Govindgarh S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur303712
Govindpura Baseri B.OJaipur303803
Gudha Bersal B.OJaipur303338
Gudhaliya B.OJaipur303602
Gulab Bari B.OJaipur303806
Habaspura B.OJaipur303604
Hadota B.OJaipur303702
Haldiyon Ka Rasta S.OJaipur302003
Hanutia B.OJaipur303601
Hanutpura B.OJaipur303601
Harmada S.OJaipur302013
Harsoli B.OJaipur303603
Harsoli B.OJaipur303008
Harsulia B.OJaipur303904
Hasteda B.OJaipur303712
Hathnoda B.OJaipur303807
Hathod B.OJaipur303706
Hathoj B.OJaipur302012
Heerapura B.OJaipur303904
Heerapura S.OJaipur302021
Hemlyawala B.OJaipur303302
High Court S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302005
Hingonia B.OJaipur303328
Hirnoda B.OJaipur303338
Indergarh B.OJaipur302027
Indra Bazar S.OJaipur302001
Industrial Estate S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302006
Itawa B.OJaipur303602
Jagatpura B.OJaipur303806
Jagatpura S.OJaipur302017
Jahota S.OJaipur303701
Jaichandpura B.OJaipur303120
Jaipur City S.OJaipur302003
Jaipur G.P.O.Jaipur302001
Jaipur R.S. S.OJaipur302006
Jairampura B.OJaipur303701
Jaisingh Pura Khor B.OJaipur302027
Jaisinghpura B.OJaipur303801
Jaisinghpura B.OJaipur303108
Jaisinghpura B.OJaipur303106
Jaisinghpura Bas B.OJaipur302026
Jaitpura I A S.OJaipur303704
Jaitpura Khinchi B.OJaipur303002
Jaje Kalan B.OJaipur303103
Jalsu B.OJaipur303701
Jamdoli S.OJaipur302031
Jamwaramgarh S.OJaipur303109
Janta Colony S.OJaipur302004
Jatanwali B.OJaipur303806
Jatwara B.OJaipur303305
Jawahar Nagar H.OJaipur302004
Jawanpura B.OJaipur303119
Jeetawal B.OJaipur303012
Jhag B.OJaipur303009
Jhajwar B.OJaipur303305
Jhalana Doongri S.OJaipur302004
Jhapda Kalan B.OJaipur303908
Jhar B.OJaipur303305
Jhardla B.OJaipur303006
Jhotwara Industrial Area S.OJaipur302012
Jhotwara S.OJaipur302012
Jobner S.OJaipur303328
Jodhpura B.OJaipur303107
Jodhula B.OJaipur303003
Jorpura B.OJaipur303328
Jorpura Sundariawas B.OJaipur303328
Kacholiya B.OJaipur303301
Kachroda B.OJaipur303338
Kadera B.OJaipur303901
Kaladera S.OJaipur303801
Kalakh B.OJaipur303328
Kali Pahadi B.OJaipur303002
Kalwad S.OJaipur303706
Kalwara B.OJaipur302029
Kalyanpura B.OJaipur303108
Kalyanpura B.OJaipur303503
Kalyanpura Kalan B.OJaipur303105
Kanarpura B.OJaipur303801
Kanipura B.OJaipur303701
Kanota S.OJaipur303012
Kansel B.OJaipur303009
Kansli B.OJaipur303108
Kant B.OJaipur303002
Kant B.OJaipur303103
Kanwarpura B.OJaipur303120
Karansar B.OJaipur303603
Kareda Khurd B.OJaipur303901
Kariri B.OJaipur303803
Karoli B.OJaipur303110
Kashipura B.OJaipur303908
Kazipura B.OJaipur303604
Keshwana B.OJaipur303108
Khadi Bagh B.OJaipur303702
Khajalpura B.OJaipur303903
Khandel B.OJaipur303604
Kharab B.OJaipur303105
Kharkara B.OJaipur303109
Khatipura B.OJaipur303301
Khatipura Road S.OJaipur302006
Khatipura S.OJaipur302012
Khawa B.OJaipur303109
Khedi Milk B.OJaipur303603
Khejroli S.OJaipur303803
Khelana B.OJaipur303106
Khera Raniwas B.OJaipur303908
Khijuria Brahmin B.OJaipur303903
Khora Bisal B.OJaipur302012
Khora Lad Khani B.OJaipur303120
Khora Meena B.OJaipur302028
Khore Shyamdas B.OJaipur303704
Khori B.OJaipur303103
Khudiyala B.OJaipur303008
Kishangarh Renwal B.OJaipur303603
Kishanpole Bazar S.OJaipur302002
Kishanpura B.OJaipur303602
Kishanpura B.OJaipur302012
Kishorpura B.OJaipur303005
Kodi B.OJaipur303328
Kookas B.OJaipur302028
Korsina B.OJaipur303604
Kothoon B.OJaipur303901
Kotkhawada S.OJaipur303908
Kotputli S.OJaipur303108
Krishi Upaj Mandi S.OJaipur302003
Krishna Mandir S.OJaipur302004
Kudli B.OJaipur303005
Kujota B.OJaipur303108
Kumariawas B.OJaipur303903
Kunthada Khurd B.OJaipur303012
Kuthada B.OJaipur303102
Labana B.OJaipur303002
Ladana B.OJaipur303005
Ladera B.OJaipur303008
Lakhana B.OJaipur302029
Lakher B.OJaipur303104
Lalasar B.OJaipur303603
Lalgarh B.OJaipur303301
Lalwas B.OJaipur303109
Langareeyawas B.OJaipur302027
Lasadiya B.OJaipur303005
Legislative Assembly S.OJaipur302005
Let Ka Bas B.OJaipur303103
Loharwada B.OJaipur303807
Luhakna Khurd B.OJaipur303119
Luniawas B.OJaipur303602
Luniawas B.OJaipur302031
M.I.Road S.OJaipur302001
Machwa B.OJaipur303706
Madhorajpura S.OJaipur303006
Mahangi B.OJaipur303109
Mahapura B.OJaipur302029
Mahapura B.OJaipur302026
Mahar Kalan B.OJaipur303806
Mahar Khurd B.OJaipur303806
Mahindra World City S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302037
Mahlan B.OJaipur303007
Malikpur B.OJaipur303712
Malpuria B.OJaipur303901
Malviya Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302017
Malviya Nagar Sector 11 12 S.OJaipur302017
Malyawas B.OJaipur303338
Mamana B.OJaipur303348
Manda Bhim Singh B.OJaipur303604
Manda Bhinda B.OJaipur303712
Mandawari B.OJaipur303005
Mandha B.OJaipur303110
Mandi B.OJaipur303005
Mandlia Meda B.OJaipur303901
Mandore B.OJaipur303009
Manoharpur S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur303104
Manoharpura B.OJaipur303301
Manota B.OJaipur303109
Manpura Machedi B.OJaipur303805
Mansar Khedi B.OJaipur303301
Mansarovar S.OJaipur302020
Markhi B.OJaipur303601
Marwa B.OJaipur303348
Mathasula B.OJaipur303109
Med S.OJaipur303003
Meena Wala B.OJaipur302012
Mehandwas B.OJaipur303005
Mohabatpura B.OJaipur303904
Mohanpura B.OJaipur303905
Mohanpura B.OJaipur303108
Mohanpura B.OJaipur303301
Mokhampura B.OJaipur303604
Molaheda B.OJaipur303108
Mordha B.OJaipur303108
Morija S.OJaipur303805
Moti Doongari Road S.OJaipur302004
Mozmabad S.OJaipur303009
Mrec Jaipur S.OJaipur302017
Muhana B.OJaipur302029
Mukandpura B.OJaipur302026
Mundia Rampura B.OJaipur302012
Mundiagaarh B.OJaipur303603
Mundota B.OJaipur303706
Mundoti B.OJaipur303328
Murlipura B.OJaipur303328
Murlipura S.OJaipur302039
N.C.R.Building S.OJaipur302005
Nabhawala B.OJaipur303507
Nanan B.OJaipur303008
Nangal Bharda B.OJaipur303807
Nangal Govind B.OJaipur303602
Nangal Jaisabohra B.OJaipur302012
Nangal Koju B.OJaipur303804
Nangal Ladi B.OJaipur303701
Nangal Panditpura B.OJaipur303108
Nangal Purohit B.OJaipur303704
Nangal Purohitan B.OJaipur302013
Nangal Soosawatan B.OJaipur302028
Nangal Turkan B.OJaipur303712
Naraina S.OJaipur303348
Narayan Vihar S.OJaipur302020
Nareda S.OJaipur303105
Narera B.OJaipur303005
Natata B.OJaipur302028
Nathawala B.OJaipur303103
Naupura B.OJaipur303801
Naurangpura B.OJaipur303003
Nawalpura B.OJaipur303104
Naya Bas B.OJaipur303806
Nayan B.OJaipur303601
Nayla B.OJaipur303012
Neemera B.OJaipur302012
Neendar B.OJaipur302013
Neendar Banar B.OJaipur302012
Neota B.OJaipur302029
Newar B.OJaipur303305
Nimera B.OJaipur303005
Nimodiya B.OJaipur303901
NIMS University S.OJaipur303121
Nithara B.OJaipur303103
Niwana B.OJaipur303804
Niwaroo B.OJaipur302012
P.W.D.Office S.OJaipur302006
Pachala B.OJaipur303005
Pachar B.OJaipur303706
Padasoli B.OJaipur303008
Padasoli B.OJaipur303305
Pahandia B.OJaipur303904
Palawalan Jatan B.OJaipur303301
Paldi B.OJaipur303003
Panchudala B.OJaipur303110
Panchyawala S.OJaipur302034
Panditpura B.OJaipur303106
Paniyala B.OJaipur303108
Panwalia B.OJaipur303904
Paota(Jaipur) S.OJaipur303106
Papad B.OJaipur303012
Parwan B.OJaipur303005
Pathredi B.OJaipur303107
Pawana B.OJaipur303108
Peepla B.OJaipur303904
Phagi S.OJaipur303005
Phulera Bazar S.OJaipur303338
Phulera S.OJaipur303338
Pragpura S.OJaipur303107
Pratap Nagar Housing Board S.OJaipur302033
Pratap Nagar Sector 11 S.OJaipur302033
Pratapura B.OJaipur303801
Punana B.OJaipur303701
Purani Basti S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302001
Purshottampura B.OJaipur303105
R.A.C. S.OJaipur302003
Radahkishanpura B.OJaipur303701
Radawas B.OJaipur303601
Radoli B.OJaipur303908
Raghunathpura B.OJaipur303107
Raghunathpura B.OJaipur303701
Rahori B.OJaipur302027
Raikaranpura B.OJaipur303105
Raipur B.OJaipur303001
Raisar B.OJaipur303109
Raithal B.OJaipur303801
Raj Bhawan S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302006
Raja Park Colony S.OJaipur302004
Rajasthan Secretariate S.OJaipur302005
Rajasthan State Hotel S.OJaipur302001
Rajasthan University S.OJaipur302004
Rajnauta S.OJaipur303110
Rajpura B.OJaipur303305
Rajpurawas Tala B.OJaipur303002
Rambura Dabari B.OJaipur303704
Ramganj Bazar S.OJaipur302003
Ramjipura B.OJaipur303603
Ramnagar B.OJaipur303908
Rampura B.OJaipur303106
Rampura B.OJaipur303103
Rampura Roopa S.OJaipur302015
Rampura Unti B.OJaipur303007
Ramsinghpura B.OJaipur303108
Raopura B.OJaipur303804
Rasili B.OJaipur303008
Rehlana B.OJaipur303008
Renwal S.OJaipur303603
Road No-5 Vkia S.OJaipur302013
Rojda B.OJaipur302012
Rojdi B.OJaipur303338
Roop Was B.OJaipur302027
Roopa Hedi Kalan B.OJaipur303908
Roopahedi Khurd B.OJaipur303908
Rundal B.OJaipur303805
S.D.M.Hospitial S.OJaipur302015
S.F.S.Mansarovar S.OJaipur302020
S.M.S.Hospital S.OJaipur302004
Saipura B.OJaipur302027
Saiwad B.OJaipur303103
Saiwar B.OJaipur302027
Sakhoon B.OJaipur303008
Sali B.OJaipur303008
Salt Colony B.OJaipur303604
Sambhar Lake H.OJaipur303604
Sambharia B.OJaipur303903
Samod S.OJaipur303806
Samred Kalan B.OJaipur303109
Sandarsar B.OJaipur303801
Sanganer Bazar S.OJaipur302029
Sangteda B.OJaipur303108
Sankotra B.OJaipur303001
Sanwali B.OJaipur303009
Sanwalia B.OJaipur303901
Sanwarda B.OJaipur303348
Sarund B.OJaipur303105
Sawai Madhosinghpura B.OJaipur303901
Sewa B.OJaipur303008
Sewapura B.OJaipur303805
Shaakar Khawda B.OJaipur303901
Shahpura H.OJaipur303103
Shardulpura B.OJaipur303338
Shastri Nagar H.OJaipur302016
Shivdaspura S.OJaipur303903
Shivsinghpura B.OJaipur303806
Shri Ram Ki Nangal B.OJaipur302022
Shyam Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302019
Silki Doongari B.OJaipur303901
Sindhi Colony S.OJaipur302016
Singot Kalan B.OJaipur303803
Singot Khurd B.OJaipur303803
Sinodia B.OJaipur303008
Sinodiya B.OJaipur303328
Sinwar B.OJaipur302012
Sirohi B.OJaipur303104
Sirohi Kalan B.OJaipur303008
Sirsali B.OJaipur303702
Sirsi B.OJaipur302012
Sitapura Industrial Area S.OJaipur302022
Sothana B.OJaipur303102
Sriram Ki Nangal B.OJaipur303905
Srirampura B.OJaipur303348
Station Road S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302006
Suderpura Dhadha B.OJaipur303107
Sujatnagar B.OJaipur303107
Suklawas B.OJaipur303105
Sumel B.OJaipur302031
Sunderpura B.OJaipur303108
Surana B.OJaipur303120
Surmalikpur B.OJaipur303603
Tala B.OJaipur303120
Talba Bihajar B.OJaipur303003
Tamariya B.OJaipur303901
Tankarda B.OJaipur303702
Taskola B.OJaipur303106
Teetaria B.OJaipur303903
Teja Ka Bas B.OJaipur303338
Teori B.OJaipur303003
Thali B.OJaipur303901
Thali B.OJaipur303001
Theekariya Gujran B.OJaipur303908
Theekariya Meena B.OJaipur303908
Thikariya B.OJaipur303106
Thikariya B.OJaipur302026
Tholai B.OJaipur303001
Thoomli Ka Bas B.OJaipur303901
Tigaria B.OJaipur303804
Tilak Nagar S.O (Jaipur)Jaipur302004
Toda Bhata B.OJaipur303301
Toda Meena B.OJaipur302028
Toonga S.OJaipur303302
Toontoli B.OJaipur303903
Torda Kalan B.OJaipur303106
Tripolia Bazar S.OJaipur302002
Tripolia Chomu S.OJaipur303702
Turkyawas B.OJaipur303602
Tyod B.OJaipur303604
Udaipuria B.OJaipur303509
Udaipuria S.OJaipur303807
Ugariwas B.OJaipur303338
Vaishali Nagar S.OJaipur302021
Veelpur B.OJaipur303104
Vidhani B.OJaipur303905
Vidhyadhar Nagar S.OJaipur302039
Vidyut Bhawan S.OJaipur302005
Virat Nagar S.OJaipur303102
Vishwakarma Industrial Area S.OJaipur302013
Watika S.OJaipur303905
Yaarlipura B.OJaipur303903
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