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Churu Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Churu district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajeetsar B.OChuru331504
Allayala B.OChuru331304
Alsar B.OChuru331802
Amarsar B.OChuru331517
Anandsinghpura B.OChuru331304
Asalkheri B.OChuru331001
Asalsar B.OChuru331504
Aspalsar Bara B.OChuru331403
B.S.Road Churu S.OChuru331001
Bachharara Bara B.OChuru331022
Badabar B.OChuru331507
Badela B.OChuru331803
Badsar B.OChuru331518
Bagsara B.OChuru331518
Baijwa B.OChuru331303
Baila B.OChuru331403
Bain B.OChuru331304
Bairasar B.OChuru331517
Bairasar Chhota B.OChuru331023
Balera B.OChuru331503
Bamania B.OChuru331506
Bamboo B.OChuru331517
Banara B.OChuru331304
Bandhnau B.OChuru331403
Bandwa B.OChuru331802
Barjangsar B.OChuru331411
Bewar B.OChuru331301
Bhadasar B.OChuru331403
Bhagela B.OChuru331023
Bhainsali B.OChuru331301
Bhalau Tal B.OChuru331304
Bhaleri B.OChuru331304
Bhamasi B.OChuru331001
Bhamreed B.OChuru331305
Bhanin B.OChuru331304
Bhanipura S.OChuru331411
Bhanuda B.OChuru331022
Bharang B.OChuru331302
Bharpalsar B.OChuru331802
Bhasina B.OChuru331518
Bhawandesar B.OChuru331802
Bhimsana B.OChuru331701
Bhimsar B.OChuru331506
Bhojan B.OChuru331301
Bhojasar B.OChuru331411
Bhojasar B.OChuru331505
Bhojasar Upadhiyan B.OChuru331403
Bhuchawas B.OChuru331304
Bhukhredi B.OChuru331022
Bhuwari B.OChuru331023
Bidasar S.OChuru331501
Bikamsara B.OChuru331403
Billu Bass Rampura B.OChuru331403
Binadesar B.OChuru331802
Binasar B.OChuru331031
Binjawas B.OChuru331305
Birami Khalsa B.OChuru331701
Biramsar B.OChuru331022
Biran B.OChuru331301
Bobasar Bidawtan B.OChuru331507
Boghera B.OChuru331403
Bukalsar Bara B.OChuru331411
Bungi B.OChuru331023
Buntia B.OChuru331001
Chainpura Chhota B.OChuru331023
Chalkoi Banirotan B.OChuru331304
Chand Gothi B.OChuru331305
Changoi B.OChuru331304
Charanwasi B.OChuru331022
Charia B.OChuru331506
Charla B.OChuru331517
Charwas S.OChuru331503
Chhapar S.OChuru331502
Chubakia Tal B.OChuru331023
Churu City S.OChuru331001
Churu Collectorate S.OChuru331001
Churu H.OChuru331001
Dadrewa B.OChuru331023
Dandu B.OChuru331001
Dariba B.OChuru331501
Daudsar B.OChuru331022
Deepsar B.OChuru331022
Depalsar B.OChuru331021
Derajsar B.OChuru331402
Devipura B.OChuru331023
Dewani B.OChuru331502
Dhadhar B.OChuru331001
Dhadharia Charnan B.OChuru331001
Dhana Bhakran B.OChuru331304
Dhandheru Bhamuwan B.OChuru331802
Dhani Asha B.OChuru331304
Dhani Bari B.OChuru331701
Dhani D.S.Pura B.OChuru331021
Dhani Kumharan B.OChuru331304
Dhani Mozi B.OChuru331023
Dhani Pachera B.OChuru331403
Dhanoti Chhoti B.OChuru331701
Dhanoti Kalan B.OChuru331701
Dhatri B.OChuru331505
Dhigarla B.OChuru331023
Dhingi B.OChuru331023
Dhirasar B.OChuru331001
Dhirwas B.OChuru331302
Dokwa B.OChuru331023
Dudhwakha R.S. B.OChuru331029
Dudhwakhara S.OChuru331029
Dulrasar B.OChuru331022
Dunkar B.OChuru331501
E.G.Ratangarh S.OChuru331022
G.G.Sujangarh S.OChuru331507
Gajusar B.OChuru331403
Gajuwas B.OChuru331304
Galar B.OChuru331701
Ghanau B.OChuru331023
Ghanghu B.OChuru331001
Ghantaghar Churu S.OChuru331001
Ghantel B.OChuru331001
Ginari Patta Lohasana B.OChuru331001
Girwarsar B.OChuru331517
Gogasar S.OChuru331504
Golsar B.OChuru331022
Gopalpura B.OChuru331503
Gopalpura Road Sujangarh S.OChuru331507
Gopalpuria B.OChuru331022
Gorisar B.OChuru331022
Gothya Bari B.OChuru331023
Guleria B.OChuru331507
Gulpura B.OChuru331023
Gvm Sardarshahr S.OChuru331403
Gwalisar B.OChuru331023
Hady R.S. B.OChuru331023
Hadyal Village B.OChuru331029
Hamirwas S.OChuru331305
Hamusar B.OChuru331022
Hansiyawas B.OChuru331023
Harasar B.OChuru331505
Harpalu Tal B.OChuru331305
Hudera B.OChuru331022
Inderpura B.OChuru331029
Inyara B.OChuru331517
Jaisinghsar B.OChuru331402
Jaitasar B.OChuru331411
Jaitputa B.OChuru331023
Jaitsisar B.OChuru331411
Jakhasar B.OChuru331803
Jaleu B.OChuru331022
Janau Khari B.OChuru331303
Jandwa B.OChuru331022
Jasasar B.OChuru331001
Jasrasar B.OChuru331001
Jaswantpura B.OChuru331303
Jeeli B.OChuru331518
Jegania B.OChuru331802
Jetasar B.OChuru331802
Jharia B.OChuru331001
Jharsar Chhota B.OChuru331023
Jharsar Kandhlan B.OChuru331304
Jigsana Tal B.OChuru331304
Jindrasar B.OChuru331507
Jodhasar B.OChuru331811
Jogalsar B.OChuru331518
Joglia B.OChuru331802
Jori B.OChuru331304
Jothran B.OChuru331304
Kaklasar B.OChuru331402
Kalana Tal B.OChuru331303
Kalari B.OChuru331301
Kalubas S.OChuru331803
Kalwas B.OChuru331304
Kalwasia B.OChuru331411
Kalyanpura B.OChuru331403
Kalyansar B.OChuru331518
Kangar B.OChuru331504
Kanjan B.OChuru331701
Kanuta B.OChuru331507
Kanwari B.OChuru331506
Karansar B.OChuru331403
Karwasar B.OChuru331001
Katar Chhoti B.OChuru331517
Khairubari B.OChuru331301
Khandwa B.OChuru331001
Khansoli B.OChuru331001
Kharia Kaniram B.OChuru331506
Khejara B.OChuru331403
Khinchiwala B.OChuru331506
Khinwasar B.OChuru331001
Khotari B.OChuru331022
Khudera Charnan B.OChuru331022
Khuri B.OChuru331506
Kohina B.OChuru331304
Kolasar B.OChuru331507
Kotwad Tal B.OChuru331304
Kusumdesar B.OChuru331022
Lachharsar B.OChuru331802
Ladhasar B.OChuru331022
Ladria B.OChuru331029
Lakhau B.OChuru331001
Lakhlan B.OChuru331023
Lalgarh S.O (Churu)Churu331518
Lambor Bari B.OChuru331023
Laseri B.OChuru331023
Lilaki B.OChuru331023
Lilawati B.OChuru331303
Lodsar B.OChuru331507
Loha B.OChuru331022
Lohsana Bara B.OChuru331029
Lohsana Chhota B.OChuru331029
Loonasar B.OChuru331802
Luhara B.OChuru331517
Lunchh B.OChuru331022
Magrasar B.OChuru331507
Mahalana Utarada B.OChuru331023
Mainasar B.OChuru331506
Malkasar B.OChuru331411
Malsar B.OChuru331411
Malsisar B.OChuru331507
Malwas B.OChuru331701
Meghsar B.OChuru331021
Meghsar B.OChuru331302
Mehari Rajviyan B.OChuru331403
Mehrasar Chachera B.OChuru331403
Mehrasar Uppadhiyan B.OChuru331302
Melusar B.OChuru331022
Melusar B.OChuru331304
Modawasi B.OChuru331023
Molisar B.OChuru331031
Momasar S.OChuru331801
Morthal B.OChuru331029
Moti Chowk Sardarshahr S.OChuru331403
Mundi Tal B.OChuru331023
Mundra B.OChuru331518
Murdakia B.OChuru331506
Nakrasar B.OChuru331001
Narwa R.S. B.OChuru331023
Narwasi Village B.OChuru331023
Nawan B.OChuru331301
Naya Bass Sujangarh S.OChuru331507
Neema B.OChuru331305
Nesal B.OChuru331303
Nethwa B.OChuru331304
Noowan B.OChuru331022
Norangpura B.OChuru331303
Norangsar B.OChuru331506
Nosaria B.OChuru331022
Nuhand B.OChuru331305
Nyama B.OChuru331506
Nyangal Bari B.OChuru331023
Nyangal Chhoti B.OChuru331023
Pabusar B.OChuru331022
Paharsar B.OChuru331023
Pandreu Tal B.OChuru331304
Pandreu Tibba B.OChuru331304
Parawa B.OChuru331518
Parewara B.OChuru331517
Parihara S.O (Churu)Churu331505
Parsneu B.OChuru331802
Patel Chowk Sadulpur S.OChuru331023
Patlisar Bara B.OChuru331403
Payali B.OChuru331022
Phogan B.OChuru331402
Pichkai Tal B.OChuru331403
Pithisar B.OChuru331001
Power House Ratangarh S.OChuru331022
Pulasar S.OChuru331402
Punras B.OChuru331304
Punsisar B.OChuru331302
Ragha Chhoti B.OChuru331023
Raipuria B.OChuru331031
Raiyatunda B.OChuru331302
Rajaldesar Bazar S.OChuru331802
Rajaldesar S.OChuru331802
Rajas B.OChuru331304
Rajasar Bikan B.OChuru331403
Rajiasar B.OChuru331505
Rajpura B.OChuru331029
Rampura Bass B.OChuru331001
Rampura Beri S.OChuru331301
Ramsara B.OChuru331001
Ramsara Tal B.OChuru331701
Ramsisar B.OChuru331403
Ranasar Bikan B.OChuru331504
Rangaisar B.OChuru331403
Ransar B.OChuru331001
Ransisar B.OChuru331411
Ratan Nagar S.OChuru331021
Ratangar RS S.OChuru331022
Ratangarh H.OChuru331022
Ratansara B.OChuru331022
Ratnadesar B.OChuru331505
Ratusar B.OChuru331403
Rawantsar Kunjla B.OChuru331303
Reda B.OChuru331517
Redi Bhurawas B.OChuru331304
Roopalisar B.OChuru331022
Sabji Mandi Sardarshahar S.OChuru331403
Sadasar B.OChuru331411
Sadu Bari B.OChuru331517
Sadulpur City S.OChuru331023
Sadulpur S.OChuru331023
Sahanali Bari B.OChuru331022
Sahjusar B.OChuru331001
Sahwa S.OChuru331302
Salasar S.OChuru331506
Sandan B.OChuru331506
Sandwa S.OChuru331517
Sangasar B.OChuru331022
Sankhan Tal B.OChuru331303
Sankhu Fort S.OChuru331303
Sarayan B.OChuru331304
Sardarpura B.OChuru331305
Sardarshahar S.OChuru331403
Sarothia B.OChuru331518
Sarsar B.OChuru331402
Satra S.OChuru331031
Satyun B.OChuru331029
Sawai Bari B.OChuru331403
Sehla B.OChuru331022
Seowa B.OChuru331304
Shobhasar B.OChuru331506
Sidhmukh S.OChuru331701
Simla B.OChuru331403
Simsia B.OChuru331802
Sirsala B.OChuru331029
Sirsali B.OChuru331029
Sitsar B.OChuru331506
Somasi B.OChuru331001
Somasisar B.OChuru331302
Sonpalsar B.OChuru331403
Station Road Churu S.OChuru331001
Sudsar S.OChuru331811
Sujangarh RS S.OChuru331507
Sujangarh S.OChuru331507
Sulkhania B.OChuru331303
Suratpura B.OChuru331023
Taranagar Bazar S.OChuru331304
Taranagar S.OChuru331304
Tehandesar B.OChuru331517
Thanmathoi B.OChuru331023
Thathawata B.OChuru331022
Thirpali Bari B.OChuru331305
Tidiasar B.OChuru331022
Togawas B.OChuru331304
Tolasar B.OChuru331411
Udasar Bidawtan B.OChuru331402
Udsar B.OChuru331403
Udwala B.OChuru331517
Untawalia B.OChuru331021
Utalad B.OChuru331517

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