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Bundi Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Bundi district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajeta B.OBundi323803
Akoda B.OBundi323001
Alod B.OBundi323024
Alphanagar B.OBundi323021
Amli B.OBundi323022
Anghora B.OBundi323614
Antarda B.OBundi323616
Anthada B.OBundi323021
Arnetha B.OBundi323301
Babai B.OBundi323613
Bachola B.OBundi323801
Bada Kheda B.OBundi323603
Badodiya B.OBundi323001
Bajar B.OBundi323021
Balapura B.OBundi323801
Balban B.OBundi323614
Balchand Para Bundi S.OBundi323001
Balkasa B.OBundi323301
Ballop B.OBundi323021
Bamangaon B.OBundi323801
Bamori B.OBundi323803
Bansi B.OBundi323802
Baranaya Gaon S.OBundi323024
Barundhan B.OBundi323021
Basni B.OBundi323025
Basoli B.OBundi323024
Baswada B.OBundi323603
Bhajneri B.OBundi323802
Bhawanipura B.OBundi323024
Bherupura Antri B.OBundi323001
Bherupura Ojhha B.OBundi323803
Bhiya B.OBundi323602
Borda B.OBundi323001
Borda Kachhiyan B.OBundi323803
Borkhandi B.OBundi323001
Budhpura B.OBundi323022
Bundi H.OBundi323001
Chainpuria B.OBundi323801
Chanda Khurd B.OBundi323614
Chardana B.OBundi323301
Chatarganj B.OBundi323023
Chatarpura B.OBundi323001
Chetan B.OBundi323024
Chitawa B.OBundi323602
Dabeta B.OBundi323802
Dabi B.OBundi323022
Dablana B.OBundi323024
Daulatpura B.OBundi323614
Dehit B.OBundi323021
Dei Kheda B.OBundi323603
Dei S.OBundi323802
Dhagaria B.OBundi323603
Dhanesar B.OBundi323022
Dhanugaon B.OBundi323801
Dhowara B.OBundi323024
Dokun B.OBundi323802
Dolara B.OBundi323001
Dora B.OBundi323021
Dugari B.OBundi323802
Gadarda B.OBundi323022
Gamach B.OBundi323602
Gambhira B.OBundi323801
Gendoli B.OBundi323803
Ghat Ka Barana B.OBundi323603
Gothra B.OBundi323024
Guda Deo Ji B.OBundi323802
Guda Gokulpura B.OBundi323025
Guda Turkadi B.OBundi323024
Gudasadawartia B.OBundi323802
Gudha Nathawatan B.OBundi323001
Gumanpura B.OBundi323021
Hindoli S.OBundi323023
Hingonia B.OBundi323301
Indergarh S.O (Bundi)Bundi323613
Jaithal B.OBundi323301
Jajawar B.OBundi323801
Jaloda B.OBundi323301
Jamitpura B.OBundi323021
Jarkhoda B.OBundi323802
Jawharsagar Dam S.OBundi323302
Jetpur B.OBundi323803
Jhakhmund B.OBundi323021
Jhali Ji Ka Barana B.OBundi323803
Kachola B.OBundi323025
Kaithuda B.OBundi323616
Kalpuria B.OBundi323022
Kapren S.OBundi323301
Karwala B.OBundi323602
Karwala Ki Jhopri B.OBundi323301
Karwar S.OBundi323616
Kesoraipatan S.OBundi323601
Kesoraipatan Sugar Factoy S.OBundi323602
Khadipur B.OBundi323022
Khajoori B.OBundi323616
Khanpura B.OBundi323801
Khatkar S.OBundi323803
Khiniya B.OBundi323001
Khyawda B.OBundi323803
Laban B.OBundi323603
Ladpura B.OBundi323021
Lakheri Gaon S.OBundi323615
Lakheri S.OBundi323603
Lalpura B.OBundi323001
Lambakho B.OBundi323022
Laxmipura B.OBundi323021
Leeleda B.OBundi323021
Lesarda B.OBundi323602
Loicha B.OBundi323022
Luharpura B.OBundi323803
Maiza B.OBundi323602
Makhida B.OBundi323603
Mangal B.OBundi323001
Mani B.OBundi323616
Matunda B.OBundi323001
Mendi B.OBundi323024
Mohanpura B.OBundi323613
Morsan B.OBundi323802
Nainwan S.OBundi323801
Namana S.OBundi323022
Nawalpura B.OBundi323614
Nayagaon B.OBundi323803
Neem Ka Kheda B.OBundi323001
Neem Ka Khera B.OBundi323616
Negharh B.OBundi323024
New Colony Bundi S.OBundi323001
Notada B.OBundi323021
Notada B.OBundi323603
Owan B.OBundi323024
Pagaran B.OBundi323025
Papdi B.OBundi323603
Pech Ki Baori B.OBundi323025
Peepliya B.OBundi323803
Phalenda B.OBundi323025
Pholai B.OBundi323803
Phuleta B.OBundi323801
Radi B.OBundi323602
Raithal B.OBundi323803
Rajalawata B.OBundi323801
Rajwas B.OBundi323803
Ramchandra Ji Ka Kheda B.OBundi323024
Ramganj B.OBundi323001
Ramnagar B.OBundi323001
Ranipura B.OBundi323024
Rebarpura B.OBundi323603
Rehana B.OBundi323803
Renthoda B.OBundi323616
Ronija B.OBundi323024
Roteda B.OBundi323301
Sadera B.OBundi323802
Sahan B.OBundi323802
Sahaspuriya B.OBundi323023
Sakhawda B.OBundi323603
Samidhi B.OBundi323801
Sanwatgarh B.OBundi323024
Sarsala B.OBundi323602
Sathur B.OBundi323024
Silore B.OBundi323001
Sisola B.OBundi323801
Songar B.OBundi323602
Soran B.OBundi323024
Sumerganj Mandi S.OBundi323614
Sunwasa B.OBundi323021
Suwania B.OBundi323801
Talab Gaon B.OBundi323001
Talera S.O (Bundi)Bundi323021
Talwas B.OBundi323616
Thana B.OBundi323025
Thikarda B.OBundi323001
Tirath B.OBundi323602
Tonkra B.OBundi323025
Umar S.OBundi323025
Utharana B.OBundi323603
Vijaygarh B.OBundi323025

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