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Barmer Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Barmer district, Rajasthan
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajit B.OBarmer344021
Akadara B.OBarmer344034
Akoda B.OBarmer344012
Alamsar B.OBarmer344702
Alamsariya B.OBarmer344704
Alpura B.OBarmer344031
Antia B.OBarmer344702
Arang B.OBarmer344701
Arniyali B.OBarmer344704
Arthandi B.OBarmer344021
Arti B.OBarmer344706
Asada B.OBarmer344022
Asadi B.OBarmer344011
Asarwa [Araba] B.OBarmer344026
Asotra B.OBarmer344022
Atimalani B.OBarmer344001
Babuguleria B.OBarmer344502
Bachhrau B.OBarmer344708
Badnava B.OBarmer344032
Bagawas B.OBarmer344026
Baitu Bhimji B.OBarmer344034
Baitu Chimanji B.OBarmer344034
Baitu Panji B.OBarmer344034
Baitu S.OBarmer344034
Bakhasar B.OBarmer344706
Balai B.OBarmer344701
Balasar B.OBarmer344701
Balau B.OBarmer344012
Balau Jati B.OBarmer344026
Balera B.OBarmer344012
Balewa B.OBarmer344011
Balotra IA S.OBarmer344022
Balotra S.OBarmer344022
Balotra SB S.OBarmer344022
Bamarla B.OBarmer344704
Bamarwala B.OBarmer344706
Bamnore Amarshah B.OBarmer344704
Bamseen B.OBarmer344021
Band B.OBarmer344033
Bandasar B.OBarmer344501
Bandhada B.OBarmer344011
Bandra B.OBarmer344035
Banta B.OBarmer344031
Baori Kallan B.OBarmer344702
Barmer Agore B.OBarmer344001
Barmer Coll S.OBarmer344001
Barmer DB S.OBarmer344001
Barmer H.OBarmer344001
Barmer PR S.OBarmer344001
Barmer RS S.OBarmer344001
Batadu B.OBarmer344035
Bhachbhar B.OBarmer344502
Bhadkha B.OBarmer344001
Bhadresh B.OBarmer344011
Bhag Bhare Ki Beri B.OBarmer344704
Bhagwa B.OBarmer344043
Bhakharpura B.OBarmer344031
Bhalgaon B.OBarmer344706
Bhalikhal B.OBarmer344704
Bhalisar B.OBarmer344704
Bhalron Ka Bada B.OBarmer344021
Bhandiyawas B.OBarmer344032
Bhanwar B.OBarmer344706
Bhanwarlai B.OBarmer344001
Bhata B.OBarmer344801
Bhawaria B.OBarmer344706
Bhedana B.OBarmer344031
Bherudi B.OBarmer344704
Bhilon Ka Par B.OBarmer344502
Bhimarl R.S. B.OBarmer344034
Bhimarlai B.OBarmer344034
Bhimda B.OBarmer344035
Bhimthal B.OBarmer344704
Bhinyad B.OBarmer344701
Bhojaria B.OBarmer344702
Bhojasar B.OBarmer344034
Bhunia B.OBarmer344704
Bhunka B.OBarmer344022
Bhurtia B.OBarmer344035
Binjasar B.OBarmer344702
Binjrad B.OBarmer344702
Bisarniya B.OBarmer344704
Bisasar B.OBarmer344706
Bishala Agore B.OBarmer344011
Bishala S.OBarmer344011
Bissukallan B.OBarmer344701
Bithuja B.OBarmer344022
Bola B.OBarmer344001
Boli B.OBarmer344704
Booth Jetmal B.OBarmer344708
Booth Rathodan B.OBarmer344702
Boothia B.OBarmer344501
Bore Charnan B.OBarmer344704
Borwa B.OBarmer344703
Budiwara B.OBarmer344022
Bukar B.OBarmer344502
Burhan Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Chadi B.OBarmer344502
Chadon Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344033
Chalkana B.OBarmer344704
Chandesara B.OBarmer344034
Chandi Ka Par B.OBarmer344501
Chawa B.OBarmer344703
Chetrodi B.OBarmer344011
Chhotu B.OBarmer344033
Chidiya B.OBarmer344034
Chilanadi B.OBarmer344032
Chinchrasar B.OBarmer344706
Chitar Ka Par B.OBarmer344035
Chochra B.OBarmer344701
Chohtan S.OBarmer344702
Chokhala B.OBarmer344035
Chuli B.OBarmer344011
Dabar B.OBarmer344011
Daboi B.OBarmer344031
Dakha B.OBarmer344022
Dandali B.OBarmer344033
Dangaria B.OBarmer344031
Dedawas B.OBarmer344031
Dedusar B.OBarmer344702
Deedhas B.OBarmer344021
Deora B.OBarmer344044
Derasar B.OBarmer344001
Detani B.OBarmer344502
Devandi B.OBarmer344044
Dhanau B.OBarmer344702
Dhani Jan Singh Ki Beri B.OBarmer344701
Dhanne Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344033
Dhanwa B.OBarmer344801
Dharasar B.OBarmer344702
Dharna B.OBarmer344801
Dharvi Kallan B.OBarmer344701
Dharvi Khurd B.OBarmer344701
Dhiran B.OBarmer344043
Dhok B.OBarmer344702
Dhorimana S.OBarmer344704
Doli Rajguran B.OBarmer344026
Dolikallan B.OBarmer344026
Dudhiya Kallan B.OBarmer344708
Dudhu B.OBarmer344704
Dudhwa B.OBarmer344034
Dudhwakhurd B.OBarmer344012
Ed Sindhari B.OBarmer344033
Ekal B.OBarmer344706
Fogera B.OBarmer344011
Gadra Road S.OBarmer344501
Gagaria B.OBarmer344502
Gandhavkallan B.OBarmer344031
Gangala B.OBarmer344001
Gangasara B.OBarmer344706
Garal B.OBarmer344001
Gardia B.OBarmer344502
Gehun B.OBarmer344001
Gida B.OBarmer344037
Gidan B.OBarmer344706
Girab B.OBarmer344011
Go R.S. B.OBarmer344034
Godawas B.OBarmer344026
Gohar Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Golia Bhailan B.OBarmer344044
Golia Jet B.OBarmer344033
Goliar B.OBarmer344012
Gopari B.OBarmer344032
Gora B.OBarmer344704
Gudamalani S.OBarmer344031
Gudanal B.OBarmer344044
Gumane Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Gunga S.OBarmer344705
Gwalnada B.OBarmer344026
Hadwa B.OBarmer344705
Hapon Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344001
Harkhali B.OBarmer344035
Harpalia B.OBarmer344706
Harsani B.OBarmer344011
Hathala B.OBarmer344706
Hathitala B.OBarmer344708
Hathma B.OBarmer344001
Hire Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344037
Hodu B.OBarmer344033
Hudon Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344035
Indrana B.OBarmer344044
Indroi B.OBarmer344001
Intada B.OBarmer344702
Ishrol B.OBarmer344708
Itwaya B.OBarmer344801
Jagsa B.OBarmer344022
Jaisar B.OBarmer344702
Jaisindh R.S. B.OBarmer344501
Jaisindhar B.OBarmer344501
Jajwa B.OBarmer344037
Jakhada B.OBarmer344037
Jakhdon Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344708
Jalikheda B.OBarmer344031
Jalila B.OBarmer344702
Jalipa B.OBarmer344001
Janiyana B.OBarmer344022
Janpalia B.OBarmer344706
Jasa Ka Gaon B.OBarmer344701
Jasai B.OBarmer344001
Jasol S.OBarmer344024
Jaton Ka Bera B.OBarmer344706
Jaydu B.OBarmer344001
Jethantri B.OBarmer344027
Jhak B.OBarmer344035
Jhampli Kallan B.OBarmer344705
Jhankali B.OBarmer344701
Jharpa B.OBarmer344706
Jogasar B.OBarmer344033
Juna Lakhwara B.OBarmer344702
Juna Mitha Kheda B.OBarmer344801
Junapatrasar B.OBarmer344012
Junejon Ki Basti B.OBarmer344701
Junwa Jagir B.OBarmer344031
Kabooli B.OBarmer344704
Kachhabe Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344502
Kagau B.OBarmer344001
Kalewa B.OBarmer344032
Kaludi B.OBarmer344022
Kalyanpur S.O (Barmer)Barmer344026
Kamon Ka Bada B.OBarmer344021
Kamthai B.OBarmer344033
Kanana B.OBarmer344027
Kanasar B.OBarmer344701
Kankhi B.OBarmer344801
Kankrala B.OBarmer344027
Kanod B.OBarmer344034
Kantal Ka Par B.OBarmer344502
Kaprau B.OBarmer344702
Kapurdi B.OBarmer344001
Karmawas B.OBarmer344021
Kartia B.OBarmer344704
Kashmir B.OBarmer344701
Katarla B.OBarmer344704
Kathadi B.OBarmer344043
Kavas S.OBarmer344035
Kekar B.OBarmer344704
Kelnoor B.OBarmer344702
Keshumbla Bhatian B.OBarmer344037
Khadeen B.OBarmer344001
Khandap B.OBarmer344043
Khaniyani B.OBarmer344501
Khanoda B.OBarmer344032
Khara Mahechan B.OBarmer344033
Khara Rathodan B.OBarmer344001
Kharantia Khurd B.OBarmer344703
Kharapar B.OBarmer344034
Kharchi B.OBarmer344502
Kharda BS B.OBarmer344032
Khardi B.OBarmer344032
Khari B.OBarmer344704
Kharia Kallan B.OBarmer344502
Kharia Khurd B.OBarmer344033
Kharia Rathodan B.OBarmer344702
Kharia Tala B.OBarmer344001
Kharwa B.OBarmer344027
Khattu B.OBarmer344034
Khejadiyali B.OBarmer344021
Khimpsar B.OBarmer344037
Khokhsar B.OBarmer344032
Khudal B.OBarmer344705
Khudala B.OBarmer344033
Khudasa B.OBarmer344001
Kitnod B.OBarmer344022
Kitnoria B.OBarmer344704
Koja B.OBarmer344704
Koliyana B.OBarmer344704
Kolu B.OBarmer344034
Konra B.OBarmer344702
Korna B.OBarmer344026
Kosariya B.OBarmer344035
Koslu B.OBarmer344033
Kotari B.OBarmer344021
Kothala B.OBarmer344704
Kotra B.OBarmer344701
Kudi B.OBarmer344032
Kumpalia B.OBarmer344032
Kundal B.OBarmer344043
Kundanpura B.OBarmer344706
Kundawa B.OBarmer344704
Kurla B.OBarmer344001
Kuship B.OBarmer344044
Lakhwara B.OBarmer344702
Langera B.OBarmer344001
Lapundara Tarli B.OBarmer344037
Leelma B.OBarmer344501
Leelsar B.OBarmer344708
Loharwa B.OBarmer344704
Lolawa B.OBarmer344033
Lukhu B.OBarmer344704
Lunada B.OBarmer344035
Lunukhurd B.OBarmer344011
Madhasar B.OBarmer344034
Madpura Barwala B.OBarmer344035
Madpura Sani B.OBarmer344035
Magne Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344001
Mahabar B.OBarmer344001
Mahilawas B.OBarmer344043
Majal B.OBarmer344021
Malpura B.OBarmer344001
Malwa B.OBarmer344011
Mandali B.OBarmer344026
Mandawala B.OBarmer344033
Mangle Ki Beri B.OBarmer344033
Mangta B.OBarmer344704
Manki B.OBarmer344704
Manpura Kharda B.OBarmer344037
Maori B.OBarmer344044
Marudi B.OBarmer344001
Mate Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Medusar B.OBarmer344501
Mehlu B.OBarmer344708
Meli Bandha B.OBarmer344044
Mewanagar S.OBarmer344025
Mithara Khurd B.OBarmer344704
Mitharau B.OBarmer344702
Mithe Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Mithoda B.OBarmer344801
Mithra Khurd B.OBarmer344001
Mokalsar S.OBarmer344043
Mokhab B.OBarmer344701
Moolani B.OBarmer344706
Moothali B.OBarmer344044
Motisara B.OBarmer344043
Munabao B.OBarmer344501
Mungda B.OBarmer344022
Mungeria B.OBarmer344701
Nagana B.OBarmer344026
Nagarda B.OBarmer344701
Nagarnava B.OBarmer344031
Nand B.OBarmer344011
Navatala Bakhasar B.OBarmer344706
Navatala Jetmal B.OBarmer344702
Nehron Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Nehron Ki Dhani B.OBarmer344033
Neori B.OBarmer344026
Netrad B.OBarmer344702
Newai B.OBarmer344032
Nimbalkot B.OBarmer344033
Nimbla B.OBarmer344701
Nokh B.OBarmer344001
Nokhada B.OBarmer344033
Nosar B.OBarmer344033
Ogala B.OBarmer344704
Pachpadra City S.OBarmer344032
Pachpadra Salt B.OBarmer344032
Padarli B.OBarmer344044
Padru S.OBarmer344801
Panawara B.OBarmer344034
Panchala B.OBarmer344501
Pandhi Ka Niwan B.OBarmer344706
Pandhi Ka Par B.OBarmer344502
Panoria B.OBarmer344704
Panyala Kallan B.OBarmer344033
Para B.OBarmer344001
Paradia B.OBarmer344702
Pareu B.OBarmer344032
Parlu S.OBarmer344027
Patau Khurd B.OBarmer344032
Patodi B.OBarmer344032
Patodi Navatala B.OBarmer344032
Pau B.OBarmer344801
Phagalia B.OBarmer344706
Piprali B.OBarmer344031
Punion Ka Tala B.OBarmer344037
Punion Ki Basti B.OBarmer344703
Punjasar B.OBarmer344702
Purawa B.OBarmer344704
Pusad B.OBarmer344701
Rabasar B.OBarmer344702
Radwa B.OBarmer344012
Rajdal B.OBarmer344705
Rakhi B.OBarmer344043
Ramania B.OBarmer344043
Ramdeoria B.OBarmer344708
Ramjan Ki Gaffan B.OBarmer344702
Rampura B.OBarmer344021
Ramsar Ka Kua B.OBarmer344703
Ramsar S.O (Barmer)Barmer344502
Ranasar B.OBarmer344502
Ranasar Kallan B.OBarmer344704
Ranasar Khurd B.OBarmer344033
Raniadashipura B.OBarmer344026
Ranideshipura B.OBarmer344021
Ranigaon S.OBarmer344012
Ratanpura B.OBarmer344031
Ratasar B.OBarmer344702
Rateu B.OBarmer344035
Ratri B.OBarmer344021
Rawatsar S.O (Barmer)Barmer344703
Redana B.OBarmer344001
Richholi B.OBarmer344032
Rohidi B.OBarmer344501
Rohila B.OBarmer344704
Rohila West B.OBarmer344704
Rohili B.OBarmer344035
Sada B.OBarmer344033
Sadecha B.OBarmer344033
Saiyon Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Sajan Ka Par B.OBarmer344502
Sajiyali Pk B.OBarmer344032
Salaria B.OBarmer344706
Samdari RS S.OBarmer344021
Samdari S.OBarmer344021
Sanau B.OBarmer344012
Sanawara S.OBarmer344708
Sanjata B.OBarmer344703
Sanpa Manji B.OBarmer344033
Santara B.OBarmer344034
Sanwa B.OBarmer344702
Sanwlore B.OBarmer344012
Sarana B.OBarmer344022
Sarla B.OBarmer344706
Sarli B.OBarmer344703
Sarnu B.OBarmer344703
Sarupe Ka Tala B.OBarmer344702
Sarwadi Purohitan B.OBarmer344026
Sata B.OBarmer344706
Sathuni Purohitan B.OBarmer344032
Sedwa S.OBarmer344706
Sella B.OBarmer344043
Setrau B.OBarmer344502
Sewali B.OBarmer344021
Sewaniyala B.OBarmer344703
Shahar B.OBarmer344037
Shahdad Ka Par B.OBarmer344501
Shiv S.OBarmer344701
Shivkar B.OBarmer344001
Shobhala B.OBarmer344702
Shobhala Jetmal B.OBarmer344702
Shobhala Jetmal II B.OBarmer344033
Shohda B.OBarmer344037
Sillore B.OBarmer344027
Simarkhiya Khara B.OBarmer344032
Simarkhiya Purohitan B.OBarmer344032
Sindhari S.OBarmer344033
Sindhasawa Chauhan B.OBarmer344031
Sindhasawa Harniyan B.OBarmer344031
Siner B.OBarmer344044
Sinhaniya B.OBarmer344706
Sinhar B.OBarmer344706
Sinli Jagir B.OBarmer344022
Sinyani B.OBarmer344001
Siwana S.OBarmer344044
Sodiyar B.OBarmer344708
Somarad B.OBarmer344702
Somesara B.OBarmer344034
Sonari B.OBarmer344704
Soorpura B.OBarmer344026
Sriramwala B.OBarmer344702
Sundra B.OBarmer344501
Sura B.OBarmer344011
Swamy Ka Gaon B.OBarmer344705
Swau Moolraj B.OBarmer344037
Swau Padamsingh S.OBarmer344037
Taku Beri B.OBarmer344703
Tamliyar B.OBarmer344502
Tamlore B.OBarmer344501
Tanu Mansingh B.OBarmer344701
Tapra B.OBarmer344022
Taratara B.OBarmer344012
Taratara Math B.OBarmer344012
Thapan B.OBarmer344044
Thob B.OBarmer344032
Thumbali B.OBarmer344026
Thumbali B.OBarmer344701
Tilwara B.OBarmer344022
Tirsinghdi B.OBarmer344032
Udasar B.OBarmer344704
Umarlai B.OBarmer344027
Undari Juni B.OBarmer344031
Undkha B.OBarmer344012
Undu B.OBarmer344701
Unroad B.OBarmer344011
Uparla B.OBarmer344702
Uttarl R.S. B.OBarmer344001
Uttarlai Mines B.OBarmer344035
Uttarni B.OBarmer344034

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