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Tarn Taran Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Tarn Taran district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aima Kalan B.OTarn Taran143301
Algon Khurd B.OTarn Taran143419
Alipur B.OTarn Taran143412
Allowal B.OTarn Taran143111
Amarkot B.OTarn Taran143419
Asal Autar B.OTarn Taran143419
Barwala B.OTarn Taran143416
Bath B.OTarn Taran143406
Beharipura B.OTarn Taran143118
Bhagiari B.OTarn Taran143301
Bhagupura B.OTarn Taran143416
Bhai Ladhu B.OTarn Taran143304
Bhangala B.OTarn Taran143416
Bharowal B.OTarn Taran143401
Bhatte Bhaini B.OTarn Taran143416
Bhikhiwind S.OTarn Taran143303
Bhoprai B.OTarn Taran143416
Bhucher Kalan B.OTarn Taran143302
Bhure Kohna B.OTarn Taran143419
Bhure Nau B.OTarn Taran143419
Bhuse B.OTarn Taran143107
Chabhal S.OTarn Taran143301
Chamba Kalan B.OTarn Taran143408
Chhina Bidhi Chand B.OTarn Taran143305
Chohla Sahib S.OTarn Taran143408
Chuslewar B.OTarn Taran143304
Daburji B.OTarn Taran143006
Dadupura B.OTarn Taran143601
Deo B.OTarn Taran143406
Dhunda B.OTarn Taran143422
Dhundhai Wala B.OTarn Taran143408
Dibbi Pura B.OTarn Taran143419
Dubli B.OTarn Taran143416
Galalipur B.OTarn Taran143415
Gandiwind Dhattal B.OTarn Taran143410
Gharka Buwala B.OTarn Taran143408
Gharyala B.OTarn Taran143416
Goindwal S.OTarn Taran143422
Hothian B.OTarn Taran143118
Jahangir B.OTarn Taran143501
Jalalabad B.OTarn Taran143118
Jalalusman B.OTarn Taran143114
Jaunke B.OTarn Taran143412
Jaura B.OTarn Taran143415
Jhandher M Purkhan B.OTarn Taran143422
Johal Raju Singh B.OTarn Taran143401
Kalia Sanktra B.OTarn Taran143419
Kalsian Kalan B.OTarn Taran143304
Khawaspur B.OTarn Taran143407
Khem Karan S.OTarn Taran143419
Khojkipur B.OTarn Taran143112
Kirtowal B.OTarn Taran143412
Kot Budha B.OTarn Taran143416
Lalpura B.OTarn Taran143411
Mahaneke Jandh B.OTarn Taran143416
Manak Dheke B.OTarn Taran143422
Manawala Kalan B.OTarn Taran143115
Manawala Khurd B.OTarn Taran143413
Munda Pind B.OTarn Taran143407
Nandpur B.OTarn Taran143415
Pakhoke B.OTarn Taran143406
Pandori Gola B.OTarn Taran143401
Pandori Ransingh B.OTarn Taran143401
Pandori Takhtmal B.OTarn Taran143401
Patti S.O (Tarn Taran)Tarn Taran143416
Phulke B.OTarn Taran143411
Pindian B.OTarn Taran143118
Pringri B.OTarn Taran143412
Qilla Kavi Santokh B.OTarn Taran143401
Rampur Bhootwind B.OTarn Taran143118
Rani Villa B.OTarn Taran143409
Rasulpur Kalan B.OTarn Taran143113
Ruriwala B.OTarn Taran143408
Rusulpur B.OTarn Taran143401
Sabhra B.OTarn Taran143416
Saidpur B.OTarn Taran143416
Sakhira B.OTarn Taran143415
Sarhali S.O (Tarn Taran)Tarn Taran143410
Shahbazpura B.OTarn Taran143415
Shaheed B.OTarn Taran143416
Sheikh B.OTarn Taran143415
Sur Singh S.OTarn Taran143302
Takarpura B.OTarn Taran143416
Tarn Taran H.OTarn Taran143401
Thathgarh B.OTarn Taran143009
Thathi Khara B.OTarn Taran143401
Tur B.OTarn Taran143411
Uppal B.OTarn Taran143112
Usman B.OTarn Taran143411
Vain Poin B.OTarn Taran143401
Vairowal Bawian B.OTarn Taran143118
Vairowal S.OTarn Taran143118
Varnala B.OTarn Taran143416
Wan Tara Singh B.OTarn Taran143305
Warah B.OTarn Taran143409

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