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Rupnagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Rupnagar district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ballamgarh B.ORupnagar140108
Balongi B.ORupnagar160055
Barwa B.ORupnagar140117
Basali B.ORupnagar140117
Bassian Brahman B.ORupnagar140413
Bazidpur B.ORupnagar140111
Behlolpur B.ORupnagar160014
Behrampur Bet B.ORupnagar140111
Behrampur Zimidari B.ORupnagar140108
Bela S.O (Rupnagar)Rupnagar140111
Bhago Majra B.ORupnagar140307
Bhairon Majra B.ORupnagar140111
Bhaku Majra B.ORupnagar140112
Bhallian B.ORupnagar140111
Bhamnara B.ORupnagar140101
Bhaowal B.ORupnagar140119
Bharatgarh Canal Colony B.ORupnagar140114
Bharatgarh S.ORupnagar140114
Bhoje Majra B.ORupnagar140111
Burmajra B.ORupnagar140103
Chaklan B.ORupnagar140102
Chamkaur Sahib S.ORupnagar140112
Chanauli B.ORupnagar140117
Chandigarh Sector 55 S.ORupnagar160055
Chandigarh Sector 56 S.ORupnagar160055
Chandigarh Sector 59 S.ORupnagar160059
Chandigarh Sector 60 S.ORupnagar160059
Chandigarh Sector 61 S.ORupnagar160062
Chandigarh Sector 62 S.ORupnagar160062
Chandigarh Sector 65 S.ORupnagar160062
Chandigarh Sector 67 S.ORupnagar160062
Chandigarh Sector 71 S.ORupnagar160071
Chintgarh B.ORupnagar140103
Cholta Khurd B.ORupnagar140301
Chudiala Sudan B.ORupnagar140307
Daon B.ORupnagar160055
Daroli B.ORupnagar140133
Daun Majra B.ORupnagar140301
Dhanauri B.ORupnagar140103
Dhangrali B.ORupnagar140101
Dharamgarh B.ORupnagar140306
Dher B.ORupnagar140133
Dhobeta B.ORupnagar140124
Dhurali B.ORupnagar140306
Factory Area Nangal S.ORupnagar140126
Fertilizer Factory Nangal S.ORupnagar140126
Ganugwal S.ORupnagar140123
Garangan B.ORupnagar140413
Gardley B.ORupnagar140114
Geega Majra B.ORupnagar140307
Ghanauli S.ORupnagar140113
Gharuan S.ORupnagar140413
Gohlani B.ORupnagar140126
Hafizabad B.ORupnagar140111
Jandbari B.ORupnagar140133
Jandpur B.ORupnagar140301
Jatana B.ORupnagar140111
Jatauli B.ORupnagar140117
Jhallian Khurd B.ORupnagar140001
Jhandian B.ORupnagar140119
Jhingran Kalan B.ORupnagar140103
Jhinjari B.ORupnagar140116
Kahanpur Khui B.ORupnagar140117
Kaishanpura B.ORupnagar140103
Katlaur B.ORupnagar140112
Katta Sabour B.ORupnagar140117
Khamera B.ORupnagar140133
Kharar S.O (Rupnagar)Rupnagar140301
Khera Kalmout B.ORupnagar140117
Kheri Salabatpur B.ORupnagar140111
Kotla Power House S.ORupnagar140116
Kumbra B.ORupnagar140308
Labour Colony Nangal S.ORupnagar140124
Landran S.ORupnagar140307
Lodhi Majra B.ORupnagar140113
Machhli Kalan B.ORupnagar140602
Machhlikalan B.ORupnagar140307
Makrauna Kalan B.ORupnagar140102
Malikpur B.ORupnagar140001
Manakpur B.ORupnagar140125
Manauli S.ORupnagar140306
Mandigobindgarh It S.ORupnagar147301
Mandigobindgarh S.ORupnagar147301
Mangewal B.ORupnagar140123
Massewal B.ORupnagar140115
Mauli Baidwan B.ORupnagar140308
Mian Pur S.ORupnagar140108
Minisectt Ropar S.ORupnagar140001
Mojowal B.ORupnagar140126
Mote Majra B.ORupnagar140306
Mundhon Kalan B.ORupnagar140103
Nangal Dam S.ORupnagar140124
Nangal Nikku B.ORupnagar140124
Nangal Sirsa B.ORupnagar140113
Nangal Talwara B.ORupnagar140124
Nangal Township S.ORupnagar140124
Naya Nangal Sector 2 S.ORupnagar140126
Naya Shehar B.ORupnagar140301
Nuhon Colony Ropar S.ORupnagar140113
Nurpur Bedi S.ORupnagar140117
Pabhat B.ORupnagar140603
Paharpur Samloh B.ORupnagar140116
Parol B.ORupnagar140901
Pathreri Jattan B.ORupnagar140108
Phool Khurd B.ORupnagar140001
Pratap Nagar Nangal S.ORupnagar140125
Purkhali B.ORupnagar140108
Raipur Kalan B.ORupnagar140306
Rangilpur B.ORupnagar140108
Rattangarh Ii B.ORupnagar140101
Rauli Jhinjri B.ORupnagar140117
Roorkee Pukhta B.ORupnagar140301
Ropar H.ORupnagar140001
Saheri B.ORupnagar140101
Sainfalpur B.ORupnagar140108
Samana Kalan B.ORupnagar140102
Sandhwan B.ORupnagar140112
Sihon Majra B.ORupnagar140103
Singh Bhagwantpur B.ORupnagar140108
Sohana S.ORupnagar140308
Sotal B.ORupnagar140103
Sukhshal B.ORupnagar140126
Swamipur B.ORupnagar140126
T.C.Kharar B.ORupnagar140301
Tajpura B.ORupnagar140101
Takhatgarh S.ORupnagar140119
Tewar B.ORupnagar140301
Thaluh B.ORupnagar140123
Thana B.ORupnagar140117
Thermal Plant Colony Ropar S.ORupnagar140001
Tibba Taparian B.ORupnagar140119
Tira B.ORupnagar160014

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