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Ropar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ropar district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agampur B.ORopar140118
Anand Pur Sahib S.ORopar140118
Bajrur B.ORopar140119
Bandelhari B.ORopar140125
Barsalpur B.ORopar140102
Bass Bhabour B.ORopar140126
Behrampur B.ORopar140125
Bhallan B.ORopar140126
Bhallari B.ORopar140126
Bhanam B.ORopar140126
Bhanupali S.ORopar140133
Dhamana B.ORopar140119
Dumna B.ORopar140102
Jhaj B.ORopar140117
Kainaur B.ORopar140102
Kalwan B.ORopar140117
Kiratpur Sahib S.ORopar140115
Kotla Nihang B.ORopar140001
Lutheri S.ORopar140102
Makari B.ORopar140117
Morinda S.ORopar140101
Rollumajra B.ORopar140102

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