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Patiala Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Patiala district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aero Kalan B.OPatiala147111
Agol B.OPatiala147202
Ajnoda Kalan B.OPatiala147201
Ajrawar B.OPatiala140701
Allowal B.OPatiala147001
Anaj Mandi Nabha S.OPatiala147201
Arno B.OPatiala147105
Bakshiwala B.OPatiala147001
Balbera B.OPatiala147101
Banur S.OPatiala140601
Barsat B.OPatiala147201
Basantpura B.OPatiala140401
Bazidpur B.OPatiala140412
Beharjach B.OPatiala147105
Behmna B.OPatiala147101
Behru B.OPatiala147111
Bhadson S.OPatiala147202
Bhagrana B.OPatiala140602
Bhankarpur B.OPatiala140201
Bhankharpur B.OPatiala140201
Bhankher B.OPatiala147103
Bhapal B.OPatiala140401
Bhari Panaich B.OPatiala147202
Bhedwal B.OPatiala140401
Bhunerheri B.OPatiala147111
Bhupindra State Press S.OPatiala147001
Bibipur B.OPatiala147101
Binaheri B.OPatiala147201
Buzark B.OPatiala147102
Chalela B.OPatiala147001
Chalheri B.OPatiala140401
Chamaru B.OPatiala140401
Chappar B.OPatiala147021
Charaso Kartarpur B.OPatiala147101
Chatt B.OPatiala140601
Chhatt B.OPatiala140603
Chintawala B.OPatiala147201
Civil Lines Patiala S.OPatiala147001
D C W S.OPatiala147003
Dadu Majra B.OPatiala140602
Daftari Wala B.OPatiala147105
Dakala B.OPatiala147001
Dakaunda B.OPatiala147104
Dandrala Dhindsa B.OPatiala147201
Dappar B.OPatiala140506
Daunkalan B.OPatiala147021
Dayalpur Sodhian B.OPatiala140601
Dayalpur Sodhian B.OPatiala140603
Dedna B.OPatiala147102
Devigarh S.OPatiala147111
Devinagar B.OPatiala147111
Dhablan B.OPatiala147201
Dhainthal B.OPatiala147101
Dhakauli B.OPatiala140603
Dhanetha B.OPatiala147101
Dhankansu Kalan B.OPatiala140401
Dhingi B.OPatiala147201
Dhudan Sadhan B.OPatiala147111
Dhuman B.OPatiala140602
Duggal B.OPatiala147105
Dukhniwaran Sahib S.OPatiala147001
Duttal B.OPatiala147105
Fatehpur B.OPatiala147202
Gadapur B.OPatiala140417
Gajewas B.OPatiala147101
Gajjumajra B.OPatiala147001
Galwati B.OPatiala147201
Ghagga S.OPatiala147102
Ghanur S.OPatiala140702
Gharam B.OPatiala147111
Gholumajra B.OPatiala140506
Godaya B.OPatiala147201
Gopalpur B.OPatiala140701
Govt. Printing Press S.OPatiala147004
Gtc Nabha B.OPatiala147201
Gulhar B.OPatiala147105
Gunike B.OPatiala147201
Gurbax Colony S.OPatiala147003
Gurlzarpur B.OPatiala147105
Guruteghbahadurgarh S.OPatiala147021
Harayu Khurd B.OPatiala147105
Harchandpura B.OPatiala147102
Harpalpur B.OPatiala140701
IA Rajpura S.OPatiala140401
IFP Rajpura S.OPatiala140401
Jalalpur B.OPatiala140506
Jandmangoli B.OPatiala140417
Jangipur B.OPatiala140506
Janherian B.OPatiala147021
Jasso Majra B.OPatiala147202
Jaurian Bhattian S.OPatiala147001
Jhandi B.OPatiala147001
Jhansla B.OPatiala140601
Jindalpur B.OPatiala147202
Jogewal B.OPatiala147105
Jogipur B.OPatiala147021
Julkan B.OPatiala147111
Kakrala B.OPatiala147201
Kakrala B.OPatiala147102
Kaleh Majra B.OPatiala147201
Kalyan B.OPatiala147001
Kamalpur B.OPatiala147101
Karala B.OPatiala140601
Karhali B.OPatiala147101
Kartarpur B.OPatiala147105
Kauli S.OPatiala140701
Khadauli B.OPatiala140401
Khanaura B.OPatiala147202
Khanewal B.OPatiala147105
Khanpur B.OPatiala140701
Khelan B.OPatiala140401
Khera Gajju B.OPatiala140602
Kheri Gurna B.OPatiala140417
Kheri Mandlan B.OPatiala147021
Kotla B.OPatiala140401
KSM Rajpura S.OPatiala140401
Kularan B.OPatiala147101
Kulbanoo B.OPatiala147102
Kulburchan B.OPatiala147101
Kutbanpur B.OPatiala147101
Lachru Kalan B.OPatiala140702
Lang B.OPatiala147001
Law Court S.OPatiala147001
Lohsimbly B.OPatiala140401
Lubana B.OPatiala147201
Mahadian B.OPatiala140406
Majithia Enclave S.OPatiala147005
Mallewal B.OPatiala147202
Manakpur S.OPatiala140602
Mandauli B.OPatiala140701
Mandaur B.OPatiala147201
Mangewal B.OPatiala147202
Marori B.OPatiala147101
Marru B.OPatiala140702
Massingan B.OPatiala147111
Matrauda B.OPatiala147202
Medical College S.O (Patiala)Patiala147001
Miranpur B.OPatiala147111
Model Town S.O (Patiala)Patiala147001
Nabha S.OPatiala147201
Nagal Charbar B.OPatiala140601
Nahar Industry Jalalpur B.OPatiala140506
Nainkalan B.OPatiala147001
Nandpur Kesho B.OPatiala147001
Nanhera B.OPatiala140417
Narru B.OPatiala140701
New Lal Bagh Colony S.OPatiala147001
New Officer Colony S.OPatiala147001
New Rakhra B.OPatiala147201
Nial B.OPatiala147105
Passiana B.OPatiala147001
Patiala City S.OPatiala147001
Patiala H.OPatiala147001
Patran S.OPatiala147105
Pola B.OPatiala140401
Prem Nagar S.O (Patiala)Patiala147004
Ragho Majra Patiala S.OPatiala147001
Raisal B.OPatiala147202
Rajgarh B.OPatiala147201
Rajla B.OPatiala147101
Rajpura H.OPatiala140401
Rajpura Township S.OPatiala140401
Ramgarh B.OPatiala147201
Ramgarh B.OPatiala140601
Ranbirpura B.OPatiala147001
Rohta B.OPatiala147201
Roshanpur B.OPatiala147111
Sadharanpur B.OPatiala147102
Sakrali B.OPatiala147202
Samana S.OPatiala147101
Sanaur S.OPatiala147103
Sandharsi B.OPatiala140417
Saphera B.OPatiala147001
Sarala Kalan B.OPatiala140702
Sehra B.OPatiala140701
Shahi Samadhan S.OPatiala147001
Shambhu S.OPatiala140417
Shambu Kalan B.OPatiala140417
Shamdoo B.OPatiala140401
Sheran Wala Gate Patiala S.OPatiala147001
Shergarh B.OPatiala147105
Shutrana B.OPatiala147105
Sidhuwal B.OPatiala147001
Suhron B.OPatiala140401
Sular B.OPatiala147001
Taipur B.OPatiala147105
Talwandi Malik B.OPatiala147101
Tarkheri B.OPatiala147104
Tepla B.OPatiala140417
Thuha B.OPatiala140417
Thuhi B.OPatiala147201
Tiet S.OPatiala147004
Tisimbly B.OPatiala140501
Tohra B.OPatiala147104
Tripri S.OPatiala147004
Ugani B.OPatiala140401
University(Patiala) S.OPatiala147002
Untsar B.OPatiala140417
Urban Estate S.O (Patiala)Patiala147002
Urdan B.OPatiala140602
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