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Moga Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Moga district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajitwal B.OMoga142053
Alamwala Kalan B.OMoga142038
Aminwala B.OMoga142042
Balkhandi B.OMoga152028
Baraghar B.OMoga142038
Baude B.OMoga142039
Bhagike B.OMoga142039
Bilaspur (Moga) S.OMoga142039
Bir Raoke B.OMoga142037
Budh Singh Wala B.OMoga142001
Budh Singh Wala B.OMoga142038
Bughipura B.OMoga142011
Bukan Wala B.OMoga142048
Butter S.OMoga142040
Chak Kannian Kalan B.OMoga142058
Chand Nau B.OMoga142001
Chand Purana B.OMoga142038
Channu Wala B.OMoga142038
Charik B.OMoga142001
Chotian Kalan B.OMoga142048
Chugawan B.OMoga142054
Chuhar Chak B.OMoga142053
Chuhar Chak Khurd B.OMoga152028
Dadahur B.OMoga142048
Dagru B.OMoga142048
Dala S.OMoga142011
Darapur B.OMoga142048
Daroli Bhai B.OMoga142048
Datewala B.OMoga142043
Daudhar B.OMoga142053
Daulatpur Nicha B.OMoga142048
Dhalle Ke B.OMoga142001
Dharamkot S.OMoga142042
Dholewala B.OMoga142042
Dhudike S.OMoga142053
Dhurkot B.OMoga142011
Dhurkot Ransih B.OMoga142055
Didarewala B.OMoga142046
Dina B.OMoga142046
Dosanjh B.OMoga142001
Fateh Garh Panjtoor B.OMoga142043
Fatehgarh Korotana B.OMoga142042
Ganji Gulab Singh B.OMoga142057
Gargrah B.OMoga142043
Gaziana B.OMoga142055
Ghall Kalan S.OMoga142048
Ghaloti B.OMoga142043
Gholia Kalan B.OMoga142056
Gholia Khurd S.OMoga142056
Gtr Moga S.OMoga142001
Guru Teg Bahadur Garh S.OMoga142049
Himmatpura B.OMoga142039
Indergarh B.OMoga142058
Industrial Area Moga S.OMoga142001
Jai Singh Wala B.OMoga142038
Jaimal Wala B.OMoga142001
Jalalabad East B.OMoga142042
Janer B.OMoga142043
Jhandiana B.OMoga142048
Jhandiana Sarki B.OMoga142053
Jita Singh Wala B.OMoga142057
Joge Wala B.OMoga142048
Kaila B.OMoga142042
Kaleke B.OMoga142038
Kalia Wala Karmuka B.OMoga142048
Kapure B.OMoga142054
Karahewala B.OMoga142043
Karyal B.OMoga142042
Kawan B.OMoga142042
Khai B.OMoga142046
Khosa Pando B.OMoga142048
Khosa Randhir B.OMoga152028
Khote B.OMoga142046
Khukhrana B.OMoga142048
Killi Chahal B.OMoga142053
Kishan Garh B.OMoga142045
Kishanpura S.O (Moga)Moga142058
Kokri Heron B.OMoga142054
Kokri Kalan S.OMoga142054
Kokri Khurd B.OMoga142054
Korewala Kalan B.OMoga142048
Kot Ise Khan S.OMoga142043
Kot Sadar Khan B.OMoga142042
Kotla Mehar Singh wala B.OMoga142038
Kotla Rai Ka B.OMoga142057
Kussa B.OMoga142039
Ladhai Ke B.OMoga142038
Lande B.OMoga142049
Lande Ke B.OMoga142001
Langeana Kalan B.OMoga142038
Langeana Khurd B.OMoga142038
Lohara B.OMoga142039
Lohara B.OMoga142043
Lohgarh B.OMoga142042
Loponke B.OMoga142037
Machike B.OMoga142039
Madheke B.OMoga142055
Madhoke B.OMoga142053
Mahesari B.OMoga142048
Mahla Kalan B.OMoga142038
Malliana B.OMoga142037
Malliana B.OMoga142040
Mandar Kalan B.OMoga142043
Mandhiran Wala B.OMoga142038
Manoke S.OMoga142045
Mari Mustafa B.OMoga142049
Matwani B.OMoga142053
Maur Nau Abad B.OMoga142057
Mehal B.OMoga142043
Mehna B.OMoga142011
Mehron B.OMoga142011
Minian B.OMoga142039
Moga H.OMoga142001
Moga Kty S.OMoga142001
Nangal B.OMoga142039
Nasirewala B.OMoga142058
Nathoke B.OMoga142038
Nathowala Jadid B.OMoga142053
Nathuwala West B.OMoga142038
Nidhan Wala B.OMoga142048
Nihal Singh Wala S.OMoga142055
Nurpur Hakkiman B.OMoga142042
Pandori Arian B.OMoga142042
Patto Hira Singh S.OMoga142046
Phulewala B.OMoga142056
Purana Moga S.OMoga142001
Purane Wala B.OMoga142054
Qadarwala B.OMoga142043
Rajeana B.OMoga142038
Raman B.OMoga142039
Ramuwala Harchoke B.OMoga142040
Ramuwala Kalan B.OMoga142040
Ramuwala Nawan B.OMoga142040
Ranian B.OMoga142056
Ransih Khurd B.OMoga142055
Raoke Kalan B.OMoga142037
Rattian B.OMoga142048
Rauli B.OMoga142001
Raunta B.OMoga142045
Rode B.OMoga142049
Sada Singh Wala B.OMoga142048
Saffuwala B.OMoga142048
Saho Ke B.OMoga151208
Saidoke B.OMoga142055
Salina B.OMoga142048
Samadh Bhai S.OMoga142057
Sangatpura B.OMoga142057
Sekha Kalan B.OMoga142049
Singhe Wala B.OMoga142001
Smalsar B.OMoga142049
Sukha Nand B.OMoga142049
Takhan Wadh B.OMoga142053
Takhupura B.OMoga142055
Tarewala B.OMoga142001
Thaman Wala B.OMoga142048
Tharaj B.OMoga142057
Thathi Bhai B.OMoga142049
Varoke B.OMoga142049
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