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Mansa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mansa district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adamke B.OMansa151506
Ahlupur B.OMansa151507
Ahmedpur B.OMansa151502
Akkanwali B.OMansa151505
Aklia B.OMansa151510
Alampur Bodla B.OMansa151502
Alampur Mandra B.OMansa151503
Atlakalan B.OMansa151504
Bajjewala B.OMansa151505
Bappiana B.OMansa151502
Bareh B.OMansa151502
Bareta S.OMansa151501
Bhaini Bagha S.OMansa151508
Bhamme Kalan B.OMansa151505
Bhikhi S.OMansa151504
Biroke Kalan B.OMansa151502
Boha S.OMansa151503
Borewal B.OMansa151502
Budhlada S.OMansa151502
Burj Hari B.OMansa151508
Chauke B.OMansa151510
Chenewala B.OMansa151506
Dalel Singh Wala B.OMansa151504
Dalelwala B.OMansa151503
Datewas B.OMansa151502
Dhalewan B.OMansa151502
Dharampura B.OMansa151501
Distt. Couts Mansa S.OMansa151505
Dodra B.OMansa151502
Dulo Wal B.OMansa151505
Fatehpur B.OMansa151506
Fatta Maluka B.OMansa151506
Gehley B.OMansa151505
Ghuddu Wala B.OMansa151506
Grain Market Mansa S.OMansa151505
Gurney Kalan B.OMansa151502
Hamirgarh Dhaipai B.OMansa151504
Hingna B.OMansa151506
Hiron Kalan B.OMansa151504
Hodla Kalan B.OMansa151502
Jatana Kalan B.OMansa151506
Jaurkian B.OMansa151505
Jhanda Kalan B.OMansa151507
Jhanda Khurd B.OMansa151507
Jhanduke B.OMansa151506
Jhunir S.OMansa151506
Joga S.OMansa151510
Karandi B.OMansa151507
Khaira Kalan B.OMansa151507
Khara B.OMansa151505
Khiala Kalan B.OMansa151508
Khiwa Kalan B.OMansa151504
Khiwa Khurd B.OMansa151504
Khokhar Kalan B.OMansa151508
Kishangarh Pharwahi B.OMansa151502
Kot Dharmu B.OMansa151505
Kot Lallu B.OMansa151505
Kotli Kalan B.OMansa151509
Kotra Kalan B.OMansa151504
Kulana B.OMansa151502
Kusla B.OMansa151506
Lakhmir Wala B.OMansa151505
Lallian Wali B.OMansa151506
Maghnia B.OMansa151503
Makha B.OMansa151505
Makha Chelan B.OMansa151504
Malkon B.OMansa151506
Mankhera B.OMansa151507
Mansa S.O (Mansa)Mansa151505
Matti B.OMansa151504
Maur Mandi S.OMansa151509
Mian B.OMansa151505
Mirpur Kalan B.OMansa151507
Moffar B.OMansa151506
Moosa B.OMansa151508
Nahran B.OMansa151507
Nangal Kalan B.OMansa151505
Narinder Pura B.OMansa151505
Phaphre Bhaike B.OMansa151502
Rai Pur B.OMansa151505
Ralla B.OMansa151510
Reond Kalan B.OMansa151503
Saharna B.OMansa151505
Saidewala B.OMansa151503
Samaon B.OMansa151504
Sangha B.OMansa151507
Sardulgarh S.OMansa151507
Tahlian B.OMansa151503
Tamkot B.OMansa151508
Ubha B.OMansa151508
Uddat Saidewala B.OMansa151503
Udit Bhagat Ram B.OMansa151505

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