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Firozpur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Firozpur district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abohar Mandi S.OFirozpur152116
Abohar S.OFirozpur152116
Ahmad Dhandi B.OFirozpur152022
Alamgarh B.OFirozpur152116
Amir Khas B.OFirozpur152024
Arif Ke B.OFirozpur152021
Arniwala Sheikh Subhan S.OFirozpur152124
Aslamwala B.OFirozpur152124
Bakainwala B.OFirozpur152128
Balluana S.OFirozpur152117
Bazidpur B.OFirozpur152004
Bazidpur Bhooma B.OFirozpur152116
Bazidpur Kattianwali B.OFirozpur152122
Behak B.OFirozpur152123
Behak Gujjaran B.OFirozpur142044
Bhagoo B.OFirozpur152116
Bhangali Kalan B.OFirozpur142052
Bhangar Khera B.OFirozpur152132
Bhanger B.OFirozpur142052
Bharana B.OFirozpur152005
Bhinder S.O (Firozpur)Firozpur142041
Bhungal B.OFirozpur152117
Bsf Campus Chak Araian B.OFirozpur152024
Burj Mohar B.OFirozpur152116
Canal Colony Ferozepur S.OFirozpur152003
Cantt Railway Station Ferozepu S.OFirozpur152001
Chak Badhoke B.OFirozpur152033
Chak Banwala B.OFirozpur152123
Chak Gulam Rasool Wala B.OFirozpur152024
Chak Haraj B.OFirozpur152002
Chak Janisar B.OFirozpur152033
Chak Kherewala B.OFirozpur152033
Chak Mahantan Wala B.OFirozpur152022
Chak Saidoke B.OFirozpur152024
Chak Sotrian B.OFirozpur152123
Chanan Khera B.OFirozpur152117
Chhanga Khurd B.OFirozpur152023
Chhanga Rai Uttar B.OFirozpur152022
Chimnewala B.OFirozpur152123
Chowk Arya Samaj Ferozepur S.OFirozpur152002
Chuchak Wind B.OFirozpur142047
Chugatte Wala B.OFirozpur152005
Churiwala Dhanna B.OFirozpur152122
Dabwala Kalan B.OFirozpur152124
Dalmir Khera B.OFirozpur152132
Danewala B.OFirozpur152128
Danger Khera B.OFirozpur152122
Dastul Sahib B.OFirozpur152004
Datta B.OFirozpur142041
Dhab Kokerian B.OFirozpur152117
Dhandian B.OFirozpur142047
Dhanna Shahid B.OFirozpur142050
Dharampura B.OFirozpur152128
Dharangwala B.OFirozpur152122
Dhigan Wali B.OFirozpur152132
Dhindsa B.OFirozpur142052
Dhippanwali B.OFirozpur152124
Dhira Patra B.OFirozpur152003
Diwan Khera B.OFirozpur152128
Dod R.S. B.OFirozpur152002
Dodewala B.OFirozpur152116
Dulchike B.OFirozpur152002
Dutaran Wala B.OFirozpur152116
Faridewala B.OFirozpur152005
Fatehgarh Sabrah B.OFirozpur142044
Fatttuwala B.OFirozpur152003
Fazilka S.OFirozpur152123
Ferozepur City S.OFirozpur152002
Ferozepur H.OFirozpur152001
Ferozeshah S.OFirozpur142052
Gaddan Dob B.OFirozpur152117
Gandhi Nagar Fazilka S.OFirozpur152123
Ghall Khurd B.OFirozpur142052
Ghallu B.OFirozpur152122
Ghattianwali Jattan B.OFirozpur152124
Ghubaya B.OFirozpur152024
Giddranwali B.OFirozpur152132
Gill B.OFirozpur142060
Gobindgarh B.OFirozpur152117
Govt Seed Form B.OFirozpur152116
Guddar Dhandi B.OFirozpur152022
Gumjal B.OFirozpur152132
Guruharsahai S.OFirozpur152022
Hamad B.OFirozpur152023
Haraj B.OFirozpur142050
Haripura B.OFirozpur152128
Hasta Kalan B.OFirozpur152123
Hazara Singh Wala B.OFirozpur152023
Himatpura B.OFirozpur152116
Itanwali B.OFirozpur142052
Jalalabad (T) S.OFirozpur152024
Jalalabad (W) S.OFirozpur152024
Jandwala B.OFirozpur152123
Jandwala B.OFirozpur152022
Jandwala Bhimeshah B.OFirozpur152124
Jandwala Hanumanta B.OFirozpur152132
Jandwala Mira Sangla B.OFirozpur152128
Jaurki Andhewali B.OFirozpur152123
Jhanda Bagga Purana B.OFirozpur152028
Jhariwala B.OFirozpur152022
Jhatre B.OFirozpur152028
Jhok Tehal Singh B.OFirozpur152002
Jhoke Harihar B.OFirozpur152003
Jhottianwali B.OFirozpur152124
Jhummianwali B.OFirozpur152122
Jhurar Khera B.OFirozpur152116
Jiwan Araian B.OFirozpur152024
Jodhpur B.OFirozpur152117
Kabbar Wacha B.OFirozpur142060
Kamal Wala B.OFirozpur152121
Kamal Wala B.OFirozpur152021
Kandhwala Amarkot B.OFirozpur152124
Kandwala Amarkot B.OFirozpur152116
Karma B.OFirozpur152023
Karmuwala B.OFirozpur142052
Karni Khera B.OFirozpur152123
Kassoana B.OFirozpur142050
Katehra B.OFirozpur152121
Kera Khera B.OFirozpur152117
Khai Pheme Ki B.OFirozpur152003
Khairpur B.OFirozpur152116
Kheowali Dhab B.OFirozpur152121
Khippanwali B.OFirozpur152121
Khosa Dal Singh B.OFirozpur152005
Khuban B.OFirozpur152116
Khui Khera S.OFirozpur152121
Khuiyan Server S.OFirozpur152128
Khunder Uttar B.OFirozpur152023
Khuranj B.OFirozpur152033
Kikar Khera B.OFirozpur152116
Killianwali B.OFirozpur152128
Kirianwali B.OFirozpur152123
Kohar Singh Wala B.OFirozpur152002
Kohrianwali B.OFirozpur152122
Koil Khera B.OFirozpur152128
Kokri Wehniwal B.OFirozpur142041
Kot Karor Kalan B.OFirozpur142060
Krishna Nagari Abohar S.OFirozpur152116
Kular B.OFirozpur152116
Kundal B.OFirozpur152117
Ladhuka B.OFirozpur152123
Ladhuwala Uttar B.OFirozpur152024
Lakho Ke Behram B.OFirozpur152023
Lalle B.OFirozpur142050
Lamochar Kalan B.OFirozpur152024
Loham B.OFirozpur142060
Lohgarh Thakran B.OFirozpur152005
Longodeva B.OFirozpur152028
Machhi Bugra B.OFirozpur142052
Mahalam B.OFirozpur152002
Mahianwala Kalan B.OFirozpur142047
Mahuana Bodla B.OFirozpur152124
Makhu Canal Colony B.OFirozpur142044
Makhu S.OFirozpur142044
Mallanwala S.OFirozpur152021
Malloke B.OFirozpur142047
Mallukpur B.OFirozpur152117
Malluwalia Wala B.OFirozpur152021
Mamdot S.OFirozpur152023
Mamu Khera B.OFirozpur152121
Mana Singh Wala B.OFirozpur142052
Manawan S.OFirozpur152028
Mandi Amin Ganj S.OFirozpur152033
Mandi Ladhuka B.OFirozpur152123
Mansoor Deva B.OFirozpur152028
Markhai B.OFirozpur142047
Maste Ke B.OFirozpur152002
Maujgarh S.OFirozpur152132
Mauzam B.OFirozpur152123
Mehar Singh Wala B.OFirozpur142047
Mehma B.OFirozpur152002
Mehrana B.OFirozpur152116
Mudki S.OFirozpur142060
Mullianwali B.OFirozpur152124
Muradwala Dal Singh B.OFirozpur152122
Nai Abadi Abohar S.OFirozpur152116
New Grain Market Abohar S.OFirozpur152116
Nihal Khera S.OFirozpur152122
Nukerian B.OFirozpur152033
Nurpur Sethan B.OFirozpur152004
Pakka Kale Wala B.OFirozpur152024
Pakkan B.OFirozpur152124
Palla Megha B.OFirozpur152002
Pandori Khatrian B.OFirozpur142050
Panjawan Mandal B.OFirozpur152132
Panje Ke Uttar B.OFirozpur152024
Panjkosi B.OFirozpur152128
Panniwala Mohala B.OFirozpur152132
Patel Nagar B.OFirozpur152004
Patrewala B.OFirozpur152128
Patti Sadiq B.OFirozpur152116
Pheroke B.OFirozpur142047
Piareana B.OFirozpur142052
Pindi B.OFirozpur152022
Pir Mohamad B.OFirozpur142044
Raipura B.OFirozpur152116
Rajanwali B.OFirozpur152116
Rajpura B.OFirozpur152116
Ramgarh B.OFirozpur152117
Rampura B.OFirozpur152116
Ramsara B.OFirozpur152116
Rana B.OFirozpur152123
Ratta Khera B.OFirozpur152033
Ratta Khera Pb. Singh B.OFirozpur142052
Roharian Wali B.OFirozpur152122
Roop Nagar B.OFirozpur152128
Rukanpura B.OFirozpur152116
Rukna Begu B.OFirozpur152004
Rukne Wala B.OFirozpur152021
S.B.S Engg Colleger Ferozpeur S.OFirozpur152004
Sabuana B.OFirozpur152123
Sabzi Mandi Ferozepur City S.OFirozpur152002
Sadar Bazar S.O (Firozpur)Firozpur152001
Sahitya Sadan Abohar S.OFirozpur152116
Saidanwala B.OFirozpur152004
Sandhe Hasham B.OFirozpur152005
Sanehar B.OFirozpur152028
Santuwala B.OFirozpur142047
Sappanwali B.OFirozpur152128
Sardarpura B.OFirozpur152116
Sarhali B.OFirozpur142044
Sayadwala B.OFirozpur152128
Sayianwala B.OFirozpur152004
Sekhwan B.OFirozpur142050
Shah Abu Bakkar B.OFirozpur142043
Shahwala B.OFirozpur142047
Shahzadi B.OFirozpur142052
Shajrana B.OFirozpur152121
Shakur B.OFirozpur142052
Sharienwala B.OFirozpur152022
Shatirwala B.OFirozpur152121
Shazada Sant Singh B.OFirozpur142047
Sherewala B.OFirozpur152116
Shergarh B.OFirozpur152132
Sherkhan Wala S.OFirozpur152005
Shianpari B.OFirozpur142044
Sitto Gunno B.OFirozpur152116
Sodhi Nagar B.OFirozpur152005
Sodhiwala B.OFirozpur142050
Sohangarh Thakkran B.OFirozpur152022
Sudh Singh Wala B.OFirozpur152021
Sulhani B.OFirozpur142050
Tahliwal Bodla B.OFirozpur152124
Tahliwala Jattan B.OFirozpur152124
Talwandi Bhai S.OFirozpur142050
Talwandi Jallekhan B.OFirozpur152028
Talwandi Mallian B.OFirozpur142041
Thatha Kishan Singh B.OFirozpur142047
Thethar Kalan B.OFirozpur142052
Tibbi Khurd B.OFirozpur152023
Toot B.OFirozpur152004
Tootwala B.OFirozpur152132
Tumber Bhan B.OFirozpur142050
Usman Khera B.OFirozpur152132
Valtoha B.OFirozpur142047
Wahabwala B.OFirozpur152116
Wakilanwali B.OFirozpur142047
Wara Bhai Ka B.OFirozpur142052
Wara Waryam Singh B.OFirozpur142050
Waryam Khera B.OFirozpur152116
Zira S.OFirozpur142047

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