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Fatehgarh Sahib Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Fatehgarh Sahib district, Punjab
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adampur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Amloh S.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Balhari Kalan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Bassi S.O (Fatehgarh Sahib)Fatehgarh Sahib140412
Bhamarsibuland B.OFatehgarh Sahib140405
Bhari S.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Bharpurgarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Bhatmajra B.OFatehgarh Sahib140701
Bhedwala B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Bilaspur B.OFatehgarh Sahib141421
Buras B.OFatehgarh Sahib140602
Chari B.OFatehgarh Sahib141801
Chinarthal Kalan S.OFatehgarh Sahib147104
Dhangerian B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Dhundan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Dulwan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140802
Fatehgarh Sahib S.OFatehgarh Sahib140407
Ghumandgarhj B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Hargana B.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Harlalpur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Jallah B.OFatehgarh Sahib140405
Jatana Ucha B.OFatehgarh Sahib141801
Kaulgarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Khalaspur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Khamano Kalan S.OFatehgarh Sahib141801
Khanian B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Khera B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Kheri Noudh Singh B.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Khumna B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Kotla Ajner B.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Kotla Badla B.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Kumbh B.OFatehgarh Sahib147301
Lataur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Lohar Majra Kalan B.OFatehgarh Sahib141411
Lohar Majra Khurd B.OFatehgarh Sahib140802
Machrai Kalan B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Makrampur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Malkomajra B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Mannupur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Mullepur B.OFatehgarh Sahib147001
Mullepur Kalan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140405
Nabipur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Nandpur Kalaur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Naraingarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Nogawan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140412
Nogawan B.OFatehgarh Sahib140417
Noorpur B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Pamaur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Panjola B.OFatehgarh Sahib147101
Pharaur B.OFatehgarh Sahib141801
Rajindergarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Ramgarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib147202
Rampur Landiali B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Reona Ucha B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Roorki B.OFatehgarh Sahib147104
RR Sirhind S.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Rupalheri B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Sadhugarh B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Saidpura B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Sainipur B.OFatehgarh Sahib140405
Salana B.OFatehgarh Sahib147301
Samaspur B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Sangatpur Sodhian S.OFatehgarh Sahib140405
Sanghol S.OFatehgarh Sahib140802
Shahpur B.OFatehgarh Sahib147301
Shamaspur Singhan B.OFatehgarh Sahib141801
Sirhind City S.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Sirhind S.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Talania B.OFatehgarh Sahib140406
Tanda Badha B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203
Tibbi B.OFatehgarh Sahib147203

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