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Mokokchung Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mokokchung district, Nagaland
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Alichen B.OMokokchung798601
Alungkima B.OMokokchung798604
Alungtaki B.OMokokchung798604
Aolijen B.OMokokchung798601
Arree Old B.OMokokchung798601
Asangma B.OMokokchung798618
Barakangtsung B.OMokokchung798618
Changki B.OMokokchung798601
Chantongia S.OMokokchung798613
Chare B.OMokokchung798601
Chuchuyimlang S.OMokokchung798614
Chungtia B.OMokokchung798601
Chungtia Yimsen B.OMokokchung798604
Fazl Ali College B.OMokokchung798601
Impur S.OMokokchung798615
Khari B.OMokokchung798604
Khensa B.OMokokchung798617
Opangkong S.OMokokchung798617
Paper Nagar S.OMokokchung798623
Phangsang B.OMokokchung798613
S. E. Colony B.OMokokchung798601
Salulamang B.OMokokchung798614
Sungratsu B.OMokokchung798615
Tamlu B.OMokokchung798618
Tronger B.OMokokchung798601
Tuli S.OMokokchung798618
Ungar B.OMokokchung798614
Ungma B.OMokokchung798601
V. K. Town B.OMokokchung798601
Wamaken B.OMokokchung798618
Waromung B.OMokokchung798604
Yaongyimsen B.OMokokchung798613
Yisemyong B.OMokokchung798614

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