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Mammit Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mammit district, Mizoram
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ailawng B.OMammit796501
Boraibazar B.OMammit796471
Damparengpui B.OMammit796431
Dampui B.OMammit796441
Dapchhuah B.OMammit796410
Darlak B.OMammit796441
Darlung B.OMammit796501
Hmunpui B.OMammit796410
Hnahva B.OMammit796431
Kanghmun B.OMammit796501
Kanhmunbazar B.OMammit796471
Mualkhang B.OMammit796410
N.Chhippui B.OMammit796431
N.Sabual B.OMammit796441
Parvatui B.OMammit796431
Phaileng S.OMammit796431
Phuldungsei B.OMammit796431
Pukzing B.OMammit796431
Rawpuichhip B.OMammit796410
Reiek S.OMammit796501
Rengdil B.OMammit796441
Rulpuihlim B.OMammit796501
S.Sabual B.OMammit796501
Sairang S.OMammit796410
Saithah B.OMammit796431
Serhmun B.OMammit796441
Silsury B.OMammit796431
Tlangkhang B.OMammit796441
Tuidam B.OMammit796441
Tuipuibari B.OMammit796431

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