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Champhai Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Champhai district, Mizoram
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Bethel B.OChamphai796321
Biate B.OChamphai796370
Bungzung B.OChamphai796320
Chalrang B.OChamphai796310
Champhai S.OChamphai796321
Chawngtlai B.OChamphai796310
Chhawkhlei B.OChamphai796321
Chhawrtui B.OChamphai796310
Dulte B.OChamphai796310
Dungtlang B.OChamphai796320
Farkawn B.OChamphai796320
Hmunhmeltha B.OChamphai796321
Hnahlan B.OChamphai796321
Hrianghmun B.OChamphai796290
Hruaikawn B.OChamphai796321
Kawlbem B.OChamphai796290
Kawlkulh B.OChamphai796310
Mualcheng B.OChamphai796370
Muallung B.OChamphai796320
Murlen B.OChamphai796321
N.Chalrang B.OChamphai796310
N.Khawbung B.OChamphai796321
Ne Khawdungsei B.OChamphai796290
Neihdawn B.OChamphai796310
Ngopa S.OChamphai796290
Ngur B.OChamphai796321
Puilo B.OChamphai796310
Riangtlei B.OChamphai796310
Ruantlang B.OChamphai796321
Rullam B.OChamphai796310
S.Khawbung S.OChamphai796320
Samthang B.OChamphai796320
Sazep B.OChamphai796320
Selam B.OChamphai796290
Sesih B.OChamphai796321
Teikhang B.OChamphai796290
Tlangsam B.OChamphai796321
Tualcheng B.OChamphai796321
Tualpui B.OChamphai796310
Tualte B.OChamphai796310
Vaikhawtlang B.OChamphai796290
Vanchengpui B.OChamphai796310
Vangchhia B.OChamphai796320
Vangtlang B.OChamphai796310
Vanzau B.OChamphai796320
Vapar B.OChamphai796321
Vaphai B.OChamphai796320
Vengthlang B.OChamphai796321
Zote 'e' B.OChamphai796321

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