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Aizawl Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Aizawl district, Mizoram
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aibawk S.OAizawl796190
Aiduzawl B.OAizawl796261
Aizawl H.OAizawl796001
Armed Veng B.OAizawl796007
Armed Veng S.OAizawl796008
Baktawng B.OAizawl796161
Bawngkawn S.OAizawl796014
Bethlehem B.OAizawl796007
Buhban B.OAizawl796261
Bukpui B.OAizawl796007
Bungkawn B.OAizawl796005
Chaltlang B.OAizawl796012
Chandmary S.OAizawl796007
Changzawl B.OAizawl796261
Chawlhhmun B.OAizawl796009
Chhingchhip B.OAizawl796161
College Veng B.OAizawl796005
Cti Sesawng B.OAizawl796017
Daido B.OAizawl796261
Darlawn S.OAizawl796111
Dawrpui S.OAizawl796001
Dinthar B.OAizawl796009
Durtlang S.OAizawl796025
Electric Veng B.OAizawl796007
Govt. Complex B.OAizawl796009
Hmuifang B.OAizawl796190
Hmuntha B.OAizawl796161
Hriphaw B.OAizawl796471
Hualngohmun B.OAizawl796005
Hualtu B.OAizawl796161
Muallungthu B.OAizawl796005
Mualmawi B.OAizawl796005
Mualpheng B.OAizawl796261
Mualpui B.OAizawl796005
Muthi B.OAizawl796014
N.Chaltlang B.OAizawl796007
N.E.Bualpui B.OAizawl796261
N.Hlimen B.OAizawl796007
N.Khawlek B.OAizawl796261
N.Lungleng B.OAizawl796005
N.Serzawl B.OAizawl796111
N.Tinghmun B.OAizawl796111
New Vervek B.OAizawl796111
Nisapui B.OAizawl796007
Palsang B.OAizawl796111
Pawlrang B.OAizawl796261
Phaileng 'E' B.OAizawl796017
Phuaibuang B.OAizawl796261
Phullen B.OAizawl796261
Phulpui B.OAizawl796190
Ptc Lungverh B.OAizawl796410
Ramhlun S.OAizawl796012
Ramthar B.OAizawl796007
Rangvamual B.OAizawl796009
Ratu B.OAizawl796111
Republic Veng B.OAizawl796005
Ruallung B.OAizawl796261
S hlimen B.OAizawl796005
Sabualkawn B.OAizawl796005
Saichal B.OAizawl796261
Sailam B.OAizawl796190
Sailutar B.OAizawl796111
Saitual S.OAizawl796261
Sakawrdai B.OAizawl796111
Sakawrtuichhun B.OAizawl796009
Samlukhai B.OAizawl796190
Sateek B.OAizawl796190
Sawleng B.OAizawl796017
Selesih B.OAizawl796014
Seling B.OAizawl796161
Serkhan B.OAizawl796007
Sesawng B.OAizawl796017
Sialsuk S.OAizawl796230
Sihfa B.OAizawl796261
Sihphir S.OAizawl796036
Suangpuilawn B.OAizawl796261
Sumsuih B.OAizawl796190
Tachhip B.OAizawl796190
Tanhril B.OAizawl796009
Thakthingbazar B.OAizawl796005
Thentlang B.OAizawl796161
Thiak B.OAizawl796190
Thingdawlmelriat B.OAizawl796005
Thingsat B.OAizawl796111
Thingsulthliah S.OAizawl796161
Thingthelh B.OAizawl796007
Tlangnuam S.OAizawl796015
Tlungvel B.OAizawl796161
Tualbung B.OAizawl796261
Tuirial H.E.P B.OAizawl796101
Tuithiang B.OAizawl796007
Vaitin B.OAizawl796111
Vaivakawn S.OAizawl796009
Vanbawng B.OAizawl796261
Vervek B.OAizawl796111
Zamuang B.OAizawl796471
Zanlawn B.OAizawl796014
Zawlnuam S.OAizawl796471
Zawngin B.OAizawl796261
Zemabawk S.OAizawl796017
Zohmun B.OAizawl796111
Zuangtui B.OAizawl796017

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