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West Nimar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under West Nimar district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhapuri B.OWest Nimar451332
Adhawan B.OWest Nimar451001
Ahirkheda B.OWest Nimar451113
Amlatha B.OWest Nimar451228
Andad B.OWest Nimar451335
Anjangaon B.OWest Nimar451113
Ashapur B.OWest Nimar451224
Aurangpura B.OWest Nimar451001
Bablai B.OWest Nimar451221
Baddiya B.OWest Nimar451225
Badel B.OWest Nimar451115
Badgaon B.OWest Nimar451001
Badgaon B.OWest Nimar451113
Badi B.OWest Nimar451228
Badud B.OWest Nimar451111
Badwell B.OWest Nimar451224
Bagda Bujurg B.OWest Nimar451113
Bagod B.OWest Nimar451220
Balakwada B.OWest Nimar451001
Balkhad B.OWest Nimar451228
Balsamund B.OWest Nimar451228
Balwada B.OWest Nimar451115
Balwadi B.OWest Nimar451001
Bamandi B.OWest Nimar451228
Bamkhal B.OWest Nimar451001
Bamnala B.OWest Nimar451331
Banher B.OWest Nimar451441
Banjhar B.OWest Nimar451331
Barjhar B.OWest Nimar451115
Barud Tanda B.OWest Nimar451001
Barwaha S.OWest Nimar451115
Baswa B.OWest Nimar451111
Bawi B.OWest Nimar451220
Bediya S.OWest Nimar451113
Behrampur B.OWest Nimar451331
Bhagawa B.OWest Nimar450554
Bhagwanpur B.OWest Nimar451441
Bhagyapur B.OWest Nimar451441
Bhairukheda B.OWest Nimar450771
Bhampura B.OWest Nimar451225
Bhanbarad B.OWest Nimar451111
Bhatalpura B.OWest Nimar451331
Bhikangaon S.OWest Nimar451331
Bhilgaon B.OWest Nimar451228
Bhoinda B.OWest Nimar451660
Bhomwada B.OWest Nimar450551
Bhudari B.OWest Nimar451220
Bhulgaon B.OWest Nimar451113
Birul B.OWest Nimar451331
Bistan S.OWest Nimar451441
Borawa B.OWest Nimar451228
Chainpur B.OWest Nimar451332
Chandanpuri B.OWest Nimar451001
Chhirwa B.OWest Nimar451113
Chichali (N) B.OWest Nimar451660
Chiriya B.OWest Nimar451332
Choli B.OWest Nimar451221
Choti Kasrawad B.OWest Nimar451228
Choti Khargone B.OWest Nimar451221
Damkheda B.OWest Nimar451441
Dariya Mahal S.OWest Nimar451115
Dasnawal B.OWest Nimar451335
Dasnawal B.OWest Nimar451442
Dayalpura B.OWest Nimar451335
Deola B.OWest Nimar451331
Dhakalgaon B.OWest Nimar451111
Dhargaon B.OWest Nimar451221
Dhulkot B.OWest Nimar451441
Dodwan B.OWest Nimar451111
Dogawa B.OWest Nimar451228
Dongargaon B.OWest Nimar451442
Gandhawal B.OWest Nimar451440
Ghatyabedi B.OWest Nimar451220
Ghegaon B.OWest Nimar451442
Ghugharya Khedi B.OWest Nimar451335
Gogawa S.OWest Nimar451335
Golwadi B.OWest Nimar451442
Goradiya B.OWest Nimar451332
Goul B.OWest Nimar450551
Hirapur B.OWest Nimar451111
Igriya B.OWest Nimar451332
Itawadi B.OWest Nimar451224
Jagatpura B.OWest Nimar451115
Jethway B.OWest Nimar451115
Jhigadi B.OWest Nimar451115
Kabri B.OWest Nimar451441
Kaldha B.OWest Nimar451331
Kamodwada B.OWest Nimar451335
Kanapur B.OWest Nimar451113
Kanjhar B.OWest Nimar451331
Karahi S.OWest Nimar451220
Karondiya B.OWest Nimar451221
Kasrawad S.OWest Nimar451228
Katargaon B.OWest Nimar451225
Katkut B.OWest Nimar451115
Kavdiya B.OWest Nimar451221
Keli B.OWest Nimar451442
Khadakwani B.OWest Nimar451660
Khal Bujurg B.OWest Nimar451660
Khamkheda B.OWest Nimar451335
Khangwada B.OWest Nimar451111
Kharadi B.OWest Nimar451224
Khargone H.OWest Nimar451001
Khargone Municipal Col. S.OWest Nimar451001
Khargone Tawnhall S.OWest Nimar451001
Khedi Bujurg B.OWest Nimar451113
Kithud B.OWest Nimar451115
Kodlya Khedi B.OWest Nimar451225
Kogawan B.OWest Nimar451225
Kothakhurd B.OWest Nimar451001
Kukdhal B.OWest Nimar451001
Lalkheda B.OWest Nimar451331
Lehaku B.OWest Nimar451442
Likhi B.OWest Nimar451440
Lohari B.OWest Nimar451001
Lonara B.OWest Nimar451442
Machalpur B.OWest Nimar451225
Maheshwar S.OWest Nimar451224
Makshi B.OWest Nimar451224
Maltar B.OWest Nimar451660
Mardana B.OWest Nimar451113
Matmur B.OWest Nimar451224
Mehatwada B.OWest Nimar451224
Methawa B.OWest Nimar451220
Mohammadpur B.OWest Nimar451335
Mongargaon B.OWest Nimar451441
Mukhatyra B.OWest Nimar451115
Multhan B.OWest Nimar451335
Nagjhiri B.OWest Nimar451001
Nandgaon B.OWest Nimar451440
Nandia B.OWest Nimar451115
Nandra B.OWest Nimar451225
Nargaon B.OWest Nimar451331
Navghatkhedi B.OWest Nimar451115
Naya B.OWest Nimar451115
Nimarani B.OWest Nimar451660
Ojhara B.OWest Nimar451228
Padlya B.OWest Nimar451220
Padlya B.OWest Nimar451332
Pandhaniya B.OWest Nimar451001
Pathrad B.OWest Nimar451225
Penpur B.OWest Nimar451441
Pipalgaon B.OWest Nimar451228
Pipaljhopa B.OWest Nimar451441
Pipari B.OWest Nimar451440
Piplya Buzurg S.OWest Nimar451225
Piprad B.OWest Nimar451331
Piprata B.OWest Nimar451001
Pitnagar B.OWest Nimar451113
Rahatkot B.OWest Nimar451113
Raibidpur B.OWest Nimar451440
Rasgaon B.OWest Nimar451442
Ratanpur B.OWest Nimar451115
Ratanpur B.OWest Nimar451332
Rawerkhedi B.OWest Nimar451113
Regwa B.OWest Nimar451228
Rehgaon B.OWest Nimar451335
Rodia B.OWest Nimar451113
Sagur Bhagur B.OWest Nimar451331
Saikhedi B.OWest Nimar451331
Sanawad S.OWest Nimar451111
Satajana B.OWest Nimar451111
Satawad B.OWest Nimar451440
Satkut B.OWest Nimar451228
Satrati B.OWest Nimar451660
Segaon S.O (West Nimar)West Nimar451442
Sejgaon B.OWest Nimar451225
Selda B.OWest Nimar451331
Shakargaon B.OWest Nimar451331
Shivana B.OWest Nimar451332
Shri Khandi B.OWest Nimar451440
Singun B.OWest Nimar451001
Sinkheda B.OWest Nimar451001
Siptan B.OWest Nimar451001
Sirwel B.OWest Nimar451441
Somakhedi B.OWest Nimar451221
Sundrel B.OWest Nimar451331
Surpala B.OWest Nimar451440
Talakpura B.OWest Nimar451440
Temla B.OWest Nimar451001
Temrani B.OWest Nimar451001
Thangaon B.OWest Nimar451221
Tharwar B.OWest Nimar451115
Thibgaon B.OWest Nimar451335
Tinsya B.OWest Nimar451331
Umaria Chowki B.OWest Nimar451115
Umarkhali B.OWest Nimar451441
Un S.O (West Nimar)West Nimar451440
Vani B.OWest Nimar451220
Vithnera B.OWest Nimar451335
Zirnia S.OWest Nimar451332

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