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Umaria Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Umaria district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Akhdar B.OUmaria484660
Amiliha B.OUmaria484001
Badchhad B.OUmaria484661
Baderi B.OUmaria484661
Badwar B.OUmaria484661
Bakeli B.OUmaria484001
Balhaud B.OUmaria484665
Bandhwatola B.OUmaria484552
Banka B.OUmaria484660
Baroda B.OUmaria484660
Bharaula B.OUmaria484661
Bharewa B.OUmaria484661
Bhundi B.OUmaria484661
Bijauri B.OUmaria484665
Bilaspur B.OUmaria484660
Birsinghpur Pali S.OUmaria484551
Chandia S.OUmaria484660
Chansura B.OUmaria484661
Chauri B.OUmaria484001
Checheria B.OUmaria484551
Chhatwai B.OUmaria484001
Chilhari B.OUmaria484661
Dhamokhar B.OUmaria484661
Dhanwar B.OUmaria484661
Ghunghuti B.OUmaria484551
Gobarde B.OUmaria484665
Gopalpur B.OUmaria484555
Harrwah B.OUmaria484660
Indwar B.OUmaria484661
Jarha B.OUmaria484555
Jhall B.OUmaria484661
Jobi B.OUmaria484661
Kachharwar B.OUmaria484661
Kanchanpur B.OUmaria484555
Karkeli B.OUmaria484661
Kathar B.OUmaria484665
Khalaundh B.OUmaria484661
Kothari B.OUmaria484661
Lorha B.OUmaria484660
Mahroi B.OUmaria484661
Majmanikala B.OUmaria484661
Manpur S.O (Umaria)Umaria484665
Mudgudi B.OUmaria484661
Narwar B.OUmaria484660
Naugawan B.OUmaria484665
Nigahri B.OUmaria484661
Nowrozabad S.OUmaria484555
Padkhuri B.OUmaria484661
Padwar B.OUmaria484661
Panpatha B.OUmaria484661
Panwar B.OUmaria486661
Pathari B.OUmaria484555
Pathrahta B.OUmaria484660
Pinaura B.OUmaria484555
Rahta B.OUmaria484555
Raipur B.OUmaria484551
Salaiya B.OUmaria484001
Saraswahi B.OUmaria484661
Semra B.OUmaria484665
Sgtps Pali S.OUmaria484552
Shahpur B.OUmaria484001
Sundardadar B.OUmaria484552
Tala B.OUmaria484661
Tikuri B.OUmaria484661
Umaria Bakeli B.OUmaria484661
Umaria S.OUmaria484661

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