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Ujjain Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ujjain district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aajdawada B.OUjjain456776
Aajmabad B.OUjjain456441
Akasoda B.OUjjain456222
Amla B.OUjjain456771
Amodiya B.OUjjain456006
Asawata B.OUjjain456771
Aslavada B.OUjjain456337
Badagaon B.OUjjain456337
Badagaon B.OUjjain456776
Badkummed B.OUjjain456661
Baghera B.OUjjain456770
Baledi S.OUjjain456222
Baloda Lakkha B.OUjjain456776
Bamnapati B.OUjjain456222
Banbana B.OUjjain456335
Bangred B.OUjjain456771
Bappiya B.OUjjain456440
Barkheda Buzurg B.OUjjain456443
Barkheda Pitramal B.OUjjain456335
Barkheda Madan B.OUjjain456221
Barnagar Bunglow B.OUjjain456771
Barnagar S.OUjjain456771
Barnagar Town S.OUjjain456771
Batlawdi B.OUjjain456224
Bedavan B.OUjjain456221
Berchha B.OUjjain456440
Bhainsoda B.OUjjain456224
Bhatisuda B.OUjjain456331
Bhatkhedi B.OUjjain456224
Bhatpachlana S.OUjjain456313
Bhikampur B.OUjjain456313
Bichrod B.OUjjain456665
Birakhedi B.OUjjain456771
Birlagram Nagda S.OUjjain456331
Bolasa B.OUjjain456664
Buranabad B.OUjjain456224
Chadawad B.OUjjain456665
Chandesara B.OUjjain456664
Chapakhedi B.OUjjain456224
Chapaner B.OUjjain456224
Chikli B.OUjjain456222
Chintaman Jawasia B.OUjjain456006
Chirola Chhota B.OUjjain456313
Chirola B.OUjjain456313
Chitavad B.OUjjain456443
Dangwada B.OUjjain456222
Delchi Buzurg B.OUjjain456440
Dhabla Hardu B.OUjjain456550
Dharakheda B.OUjjain456443
Dungarkheda B.OUjjain456550
Durgapura B.OUjjain456331
Etawa B.OUjjain456668
Ghattia S.OUjjain456550
Ghinoda B.OUjjain456224
Ghonsla B.OUjjain456550
Ghudawan B.OUjjain456222
Gogakheda B.OUjjain456441
Goyalabujurg B.OUjjain456006
Harnawada B.OUjjain456222
Harsodhan B.OUjjain456661
Hatai B.OUjjain456335
Indokh B.OUjjain456441
Ingoria B.OUjjain456222
Jagoti B.OUjjain456550
Jahagirpur B.OUjjain456337
Jalodia B.OUjjain456771
Jalwa B.OUjjain456550
Jawasia Kumar B.OUjjain456770
Jethal B.OUjjain456006
Jharda S.OUjjain456441
Jhitarkhedi B.OUjjain456550
Jhutawad B.OUjjain456440
Kachnariya B.OUjjain456664
Kachria B.OUjjain456441
Kadoudiya B.OUjjain456668
Kagdikaradia B.OUjjain456006
Kaliadeh B.OUjjain456006
Kaluheda B.OUjjain456006
Kamthana B.OUjjain456313
Kanardi B.OUjjain456770
Kanasia S.OUjjain456770
Kanwas B.OUjjain456224
Kapeli B.OUjjain456668
Karedimataji B.OUjjain456770
Karohan B.OUjjain456006
Kathbarode B.OUjjain456770
Kaytha B.OUjjain456665
Kesaria B.OUjjain456224
Keson B.OUjjain456550
Khachraud Rs S.OUjjain456224
Khachraud S.OUjjain456224
Khajuria B.OUjjain456770
Khandoda B.OUjjain456222
Kharsod Khurd B.OUjjain456222
Kharsodkalan B.OUjjain456313
Khedakhajuria B.OUjjain456443
Khedavada B.OUjjain456776
Kundikheda B.OUjjain456441
Lalgarh B.OUjjain456441
Lekoda Anjana B.OUjjain456337
Lekoda B.OUjjain456006
Lohana B.OUjjain456771
Lotiyajunarda B.OUjjain456441
Madawda B.OUjjain456313
Mahu B.OUjjain456443
Mahudi B.OUjjain456550
Makdavan B.OUjjain456337
Makdone S.OUjjain456668
Makla B.OUjjain456441
Malikhedi B.OUjjain456550
Matana Kalan B.OUjjain456664
Mehatvas B.OUjjain456331
Mehidpur Road S.OUjjain456440
Mehidpur S.OUjjain456443
Molana B.OUjjain456771
Nagda Town S.OUjjain456335
Nagda S.OUjjain456335
Nainawad B.OUjjain456770
Nalva B.OUjjain456222
Nanded B.OUjjain456668
Nandiyasi B.OUjjain456313
Narsingarh B.OUjjain456313
Narwar S.O (Ujjain)Ujjain456664
Nauganwa B.OUjjain456664
Navakheda B.OUjjain456006
Nayapura B.OUjjain456006
Nazarpur B.OUjjain456550
Nimboda B.OUjjain456222
Nogaova B.OUjjain456665
Pachlasi B.OUjjain456224
Palduna B.OUjjain456771
Palsoda Makdavan B.OUjjain456337
Panbihar B.OUjjain456006
Panthpiplai B.OUjjain456006
Parsoli B.OUjjain456550
Paslod B.OUjjain456221
Pat B.OUjjain456550
Peerjhalar B.OUjjain456771
Pipliahama B.OUjjain456006
Piploda Baghla S.OUjjain456337
Piploda Dwarkadhish B.OUjjain456664
Piplu B.OUjjain456771
Ratadia B.OUjjain456006
Rnayarapeer B.OUjjain456441
Rohil Khurd B.OUjjain456335
Roopakhedi B.OUjjain456668
Rui B.OUjjain456006
Run Kheda B.OUjjain456224
Runija S.OUjjain456776
Rupeta B.OUjjain456335
Sagwali B.OUjjain456440
Samgi B.OUjjain456770
Sandla B.OUjjain456337
Semliya B.OUjjain456443
Shakkar Khedi B.OUjjain456443
Shrivatsa B.OUjjain456224
Sijavta B.OUjjain456222
Sodang B.OUjjain456006
Sumrakheda B.OUjjain456665
Sundarabad B.OUjjain456776
Suwasa B.OUjjain456337
Tajpur S.O (Ujjain)Ujjain456661
Takwasa B.OUjjain456006
Talod B.OUjjain456006
Tarana S.OUjjain456665
Tilawad B.OUjjain456668
Tulaheda B.OUjjain456550
Tutiya Khedi B.OUjjain456440
Ujjain Bherugarh S.OUjjain456003
Ujjain City S.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Danigate S.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Factory B.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Govt. Engg. CollegeB.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Gujrati Samaj S.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Kothi S.OUjjain456010
Ujjain M.L.Nagar S.OUjjain456010
Ujjain Madhonagar S.OUjjain456010
Ujjain Pandariba S.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Qumri Marg S.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Rishi Nagar S.OUjjain456010
Ujjain Shri Mahakal B.OUjjain456006
Ujjain Daulatganj S.OUjjain456001
Ujjain H.OUjjain456001
Ujjain Vikram University S.OUjjain456010
Ujjainiya B.OUjjain456550
Undasa B.OUjjain456006
Unhel S.OUjjain456221
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